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Friday Favorites 10/26/18

Good morning beautiful! Happy FRIYAY!!!! It is finally Friday and I hope you had a great week! Do you have any fun weekend plans? I will be getting ready for our Disney trip, since we leave super early Monday morning!

Michael thinks he is getting sick and I kinda do too. I am bummed…but I know I usually just ‘feel’ like I am getting sick and then never fully get it, because my body is amazing and fights most sicknesses that I feel like I might get. My nose is a little stuffed up, and all day yesterday I was really tired…Michael is the same, but his breathing is a little bad unfortunately. Hopefully it is just nothing and we both beat whatever this is! We really don’t have time to be sick with Disney just three days away!

Today I am sharing some FAVORITES from the week!

Friday Favorites 10/26/18


I just bought these at Famous Footwear on Tuesday. I have them in white/silver, and I got them in this beige/phantom white color (it looks pink in person).

  • THESE everyday leggings.


Okay, I know I shared a super soft pair on one of my other Friday Favorites post a couple weeks ago, but these are literally my everyday attire. I have like 4-5 pairs of these babies. And guess what, they are 40% off from now until Tuesday!!

I am obsessed with oversized sweaters, and this is one of them. I don’t actually have this, but I want it badly! They didn’t have my size the last time I went to Express, but I tried on a size up (small) and it definitely was way too big. I also love it in the black and white color. If we weren’t going to Disney on Monday, I would be making a purchase online to snag these at 40% off!!

I bought it before our Disney trip in July, and still have yet to wear it. It is a little sheer, but it’s SO cute and sparkly. I am packing it again for this trip. Hopefully I get a chance to wear it! 😉

Seriously, this is magic in a bottle. It actually CLEANS your dirty hair. I definitely don’t wash my hair everyday, more like every 3 days (sometimes 4, I know I’m gross), and with woking out everyday my hair can get greasy and just yucky. Usually by the last day before I am going to wash my hair, I use this! I have had such a hard time finding a dry shampoo that doesn’t make my hair feel worse than before using one, but I am very pleased with this product! I had one in the past that I liked, but couldn’t find it again at the store, so I am glad I found this one recently!! You bet I am using this baby today because I really don’t feel like washing my hair today. 

What are some of your favorites this week?

That’s it for today, folks! I hope you all have a fabulous rest of October, & a fun and safe Halloween! I will be back with a new blog post once we are home from Disney World!! Xoxo ♥♥

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