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Our stay at Animal Kingdom Villas-Kidani Village & breakfast at Boma

Hellooo! Good morning to you! Happy Monday!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! My weekend was great! I got my nails and lashes done on Saturday, and the biggest highlight: Michael and I put up our Christmas tree and Christmas decorations yesterday!! Sadly, our star (which we bought 6 years ago when we first moved in together) for our Christmas tree broke so the tree looks kind of unfinished, and we need a new tree skirt…but I’m sure I’ll make a shopping trip today for those things along with some new ornaments and stockings for us. Silly Michael asked me yesterday if it was “too early” to put up our Christmas tree, HAHA. He obviously forgot who he was asking. (Hello, I am a Christmas loooooover! If it were up to me, we would keep up the Christmas decorations ALL YEAR LONG.) 😉 So, besides the shopping I want to do today, I am getting my hair done this morning! Yay! I’m sure Hallmark movies will make their way into my day also.

I don’t really know what is going on, but I am still SO extremely tired and feel kinda sick/run down. That cold/sickness that I was fighting 3 weeks ago before vacation has come back (or never went away?) and I have been feeling awfully since Thursday. Hopefully this will go away quickly because I am over it and I don’t have time for that.

Anyways, let’s get into today’s post! I’m sure you are all eager to hear about our Disney trip, and I am finally here today with a Disney post to share!

I’m calling this one: Our stay at Animal Kingdom Villas- Kidani Village & breakfast at Boma. 

The morning we left, we actually flew out of Providence, R.I. airport, which was new to me and if you know anything about me at all, you may know I don’t really like change and especially the unknown. Okay, so I guess it wasn’t really “unknown” because it was just like any other airport, but I really knew nothing about it… how far away it was, if it was in fact small like our Worcester airport (no, it was larger), and if we were leaving with enough time to spare… so obviously this all had me all anxious and nervous the night before. But, I “woke up” around 2:30 (more like didn’t sleep, and was still up at 2:30) to get ready to head to the airport at 3:30. We reserved a car service to the airport (which is what we usually do if we are flying out of Boston airport too) with All Points Limousine. For anyone local in the MA area, we highly recommend this company and have been using them for at least 3 years now and have never used any other car service company!

We got to the Providence airport a little after 4:30 (guys, our flight was set to board starting at 5, so I was panicked), and with a somewhat longer line at security than I expected (not as long as Orlando airport at all), we pretty much ran to the gate before hopping on the plane to get in our seats. Tip: We almost always purchase Jetblue‘s Even More Space seats (I need my room, or I feel claustrophobic) unless our flight is shorter than 1 hour (like to New York, or from Florida to the Bahamas, etc.) which get to board in group A. I have learned that boarding earlier than others has helped our odds in getting to place our carry on luggages directly over our seats, because sometimes if we wait to board the plane we have to place our bags in the overhead compartments way far away from our seats (which is a PAIN in the butt). Trust me, you don’t want that to happen to you because if that happens you either have to fight with people in the aisle once you land to get to the back of the plane where your luggage is, or wait until the aisle is cleared to get your bags and get yourself off the plane. Another tip: if you are like me and you don’t like flying, sitting as close to the front as possible makes the flight a little bit smoother for you. Granted, you will still feel the turbulence (gross) but it’s similar to roller coasters where if you sit in the back you will feel it more. We usually like to sit in aisle 3 or 4, but if that is taken I take the closest seats to the front (with more leg room). Our flight there was in row 4, but back home was row 12…which was the first extra leg room row with availability closest to the front of the plane. Also, I talked about it before, but I wear my SeaBands. I learned about these babies from Courtney, and even though it may just be in my head (I swear it’s all mental), having that extra compression on my wrists makes me feel more secure (weird, I know), and my stomach doesn’t feel gross or upset on planes.

Since our flight was super early, I was able to see the gorgeous sunrise which is breathtaking to see that high up. I listened to my current favorite, Elevation Worship’s new album during the whole entire flight and just felt so good.

Before we knew it, we landed and were on our way to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge for breakfast!

We ate breakfast at Boma- Flavors of Africa, which is located inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, on the bottom level. Restorations are recommended here, but the good news is I pretty much made our reservation as we were driving up, which I was pumped about since I love this restaurant for breakfast so much! Boma has a DELICIOUS buffet with tons of glorious options for breakfast foodies including made to order omelets, carved ham, pastries, french toast, waffles, and of course…fresh fruit! (And way more, obviously.)

Once we were seated, our waitress came by with some delicious coffee, tropical juice, and water for both Michael and I. She informed us that it was all you can eat and when we were ready, we could go up and fill up our plates with all the food. Before she left our table, I had asked if she could ask the chef for some vegan/gluten free Mickey waffles, which she came out with within 5 minutes. Unfortunately, the waffles were not cooked all the way or something because the inside was uncooked and still waffle mix. But, I was more interested in the delicious fruit they had than anything, so I didn’t even fuss about the waffles. I filled up on a couple plates of fruit and was soooooo happy we were back in Disney, where the fruit is always yummy! Michael filled his plates with all the food.

Once we were finished eating, we left the restaurant with full bellies and happy hearts…and ready to get our vacation started!

During the first half of this trip (which I wish was the whole entire trip instead, but more on that later) we stayed at Animal Kingdom Villas-Kidani Village. I don’t know if you remember, but we’ve stayed here before and LOVE IT beyond words. Unfortunately, we checked in early (11ish), and had to wait for our room to be ready, but once we got the “okay” to head to our room, we went to the wrong room because we were told the wrong room number and wrong parking garage (that was fun), but eventually found our way to “our room”. Once there, my MagicBand was not opening the door, and neither was my My Disney Experience App. So, I had to call Guest Services, but in the mean time Michael was sneaky and tried his band, which worked. So, after being on hold for 10 minutes, I hung up with Guest Services as Michael opened the door to see that there was a cast member on our balcony (which literally felt like they were in our room) painting. Even though the cast member at the front desk told us that “there may be some painters in our view” when checking in, I didn’t expect anyone to literally be on our balcony. So, since I just wasn’t too comfortable with that, I called Guest Services (again) and asked for a different room. They apologized for the misunderstanding about the painters, was on hold for about 20 minutes until we were able to head to our new room. At that point, all I could think of was a child who was WAY OVER TIRED because that is what I felt like and I felt so badly for all children of the world who are too tire and just cry. I literally felt for them, guys. Haha. In my defense, we lugged our luggage around pretty much the whole entire resort for over an hour (if you’ve ever stayed there, you know what I’m talking about, but if not just know the resort is huge and just because your room number “may be on the same floor” it is NOT. You need to go to the opposite side of the resort, to the main level, and take a separate elevator to that floor). Yup, I literally almost had a temper tantrum in the middle of the resort hallway because I was so tired and just felt like it was a never ending hallway of rooms upon rooms upon rooms. I actually imagined myself crying, flailing my arms, and plopping myself onto the floor like a toddler….but don’t worry, that didn’t happen. Michael probably would have left me there. HAHA.

Okay, now get that thought out of your mind…. 😉 At last! We found our “new room” which had no painters on our balcony, but a beautiful view of the Savanna (we always try to book a savanna view whenever staying at Kidani Village, you should too..you won’t regret it)!

We had a welcome letter from the general manager of the resort waiting for us on the bed. (There should be/usually is a welcome letter in all resort rooms.)  Which is very much appreciated….but I wish there was a direct phone number for the manager as well, because when emailing them, you don’t know when you will get a response back, and when you do receive that response back it will more likely than not be when you are back home and when your vacation is way far behind you.

We booked a Deluxe Studio- Savanna View room during this stay, which includes a queen bed (it’s tiny guys, there is no way that bed is a queen. We have a queen at home and we were pretty much on top of each other in that bed…it’s tiny.) and a double size sleeper sofa. Since it is a DVC resort (score: my parent’s are DVC members), there is a microwave, toaster, and pretty much a “mini kitchen”. I LOVE having this, even though we don’t use it and eat out all the time, but just to have an option of heating something up is great.

I loved our room (but only wish the bed was a little tiny bit bigger than it was), and especially loved the bathroom because it was large. There was a separate door for the toilet (which I love) and the shower/tub was super clean and  the sink area was spacious! I loved getting ready in there every morning.

And….waking up to THIS view was amazing!!

Just like all of the other DVC resorts, Animal Kingdom Villas-Kidani Village has a fitness center which I talked about briefly HERE called Survival of the Fittest. This is located outside of the resort near Samawati Springs Pool.

The fitness center has free weights, and weight machines for strength training.

Along with treadmills, ellipticals, and bicycles….which is where I was at. Obviously. 

Side note: I visited the fitness center the first morning waking up in Disney, and got a great 45 minute sweat session done on the elliptical. Since I wore my Apple watch during the whole trip, I paid attention to how much activity we were doing and how much walking we were doing…and on this day I had logged in more than 40,000 steps in one day. Usually I log in somewhere between 10,000-15,000 steps a day when I wear my Apple watch (I don’t wear it often at home, it makes me put too much pressure on myself), but this number was this high pretty much every day. Since I didn’t want to use all of my energy and work out too much before the 10K race on Sunday (thanks to my Mama for reminding me to save some energy for that)...I didn’t visit the fitness center again after that first day. You know I obviously got all in my head about it, but I did work out in our room every day and gots LOTS of walking in daily.

Anyways, staying at Animal Kingdom Villas: Kidani Village is one of my favorites. I wish we could have stayed there during our whole entire trip, because it would have been 100X better, but unfortunately when I booked it they were all sold out for the last 4 nights of our stay. If you have ever thought about staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge or Animal Kingdom Villas-Kidani Village, we DEFINITELY highly recommend it! 🙂

Stay tuned for more of the Disney fun!

Have a beautiful Monday, be extra kind to all today! Xoxo ♥♥

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