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Giving ‘Ohana another chance for dinner!

Hey hey! Good morning and Happy Tuesday to you! I hope your week started off in a fabulous way!

I got my hair done yesterday, spent some time with my sister and nephews, and went shopping at Target for some new Christmas decorations! I think it is safe to say our living room is totally Christmas land and I LOVE IT!

I started my morning off with a great workout! It was a 30 minute circuit followed by a 3 mile run on the treadmill. Did you workout today? If not, I urge you to do just 10 minutes of any exercise and you will feel happier! That’s my little trick that I tell myself if I don’t really want to workout, I tell myself to “just do 10 minutes” and I always want to continue after those 10 minutes are over! 

Since today is technically my Monday, I’m here to spread some CHEER and pretend we are celebrating this lovely (cold and rainy…blah) day by sharing a post from our Disney trip! What do you say to that? 😉 Missed my other Disney posts? Find yesterday’s post on our stay at Animal Kingdom Villas-Kidani Village HERE!

I’m calling this one: Giving ‘Ohana another chance for dinner! 

Okay, so you mayyyy remember me saying after our trip in July that I didn’t think we would dine again at ‘Ohana for dinner, but I really didn’t want to X this one off the list because it was one of our favorites for so long, and I just had a feeling it couldn’t be that bad for a third time, months later. So, before our trip I made us a reservation at Ohana for our first night’s dinner. I prayed and hoped that our dining experience would be different than the last two times we dined here, and the great news I have to deliver to you today is that our dining experience was much better than those two less than stellar experiences!

When we got to ‘Ohana we checked in with the hostess at the check in desk, and I informed her of my “allergies” to gluten and vegan. Note: just like our last couple vacations to Disney, I informed the hostess and the waiter about my “allergy” (I say “allergy” because it is not a confirmed allergy, but a dietary restriction and more like a food intolerance) and I also added a special note of it in my My Disney Experience when making the reservation prior to our trip. Right away when we checked in our experience was already different than the last couple times, solely because there wasn’t a million billion people sitting around waiting with pagers like there usually is. So, we already thought maybe things are looking up around here! Our pager buzzed after only about 10 minutes past our reservation time (and if you have been to ‘Ohana, you know that you could very likely be waiting an hour past your reservation time to be seated), which was exciting since I more likely than not tend to look at Michael and say in my sweetest but whiniest voice “Can it be our turn yet?” and he responds (like the sweet husband he is) “it’s our turn next, I can feel it.” …every single time I ask. 😉

We brought our buzzing pager up to the restaurant podium, and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by Jill, the restaurant manager (you see, things were definitely looking up for us, and I don’t think this was a coincidence) whom I actually explained our sad experiences we had during previously to. She apologized and just like us, had hoped this time dining at ‘Ohana would be better than before as she escorted us to our dinner table, which was perfectly placed where we could see the views of the CASTLE, might I add.

The second we sat at our dinner table our waitress, Suzann, greeted us and took our drink order. She also asked what my allergy was and said she would get the chef right away, but before she was even finished saying those words Chef Tyrone was at our table (I think the manager had gotten him and told him to come by our table) to speak to me about my meal. He informed me that he would get me the allergy friendly gluten free/vegan rolls, along with the vegan appetizer which came with more bread and hummus dip. I told him I would love a salad with the dressing on the side, and the vegetable stir fry without tofu, and with no sauce on it. He also informed me that I would be getting a completely vegan/gluten free dessert.

While I had all of my amazing allergy friendly dishes, Michael indulged in the family style food our waitress and her assistant brought by. Note: having someone in your party who has an allergy slows things down and kind of makes it a little more chaotic, especially at this restaurant because most of the time the assistant brings out the plates of food for the waiter’s/waitress’s tables and I think our waitress’s assistant got a little confused because he saw food on our table but it was in fact only my food that was on the table. So, poor hubby had to wait longer than usual for his food, but he said it was worth the wait.

Michael started with the pineapple coconut bread (which is better at Kona Cafe, please don’t X out the Polynesian’s bread if you don’t like it at Ohana because the rolls at Kona are to die for), and then dug into the appetizer plate of chicken wings, dumplings, lo mean noodles, and vegetable stir fry. For the “main course” our waitress came around with skewers of steak, sweet and sour chicken, and shrimp (he didn’t take the shrimp, he doesn’t eat seafood). He says the meat was delicious and MUCH better than the last couple times we dined there. For his dessert, our waitress brought out the infamous bread pudding with banana caramel sauce and ice cream.

We both agreed that the food at ‘Ohana was MUCH better than the last two times we dined there, and even though the service was still a little all over the place (I blame my “allergy” and the fact that the assistant didn’t really know what was going on), the service was all around better than before. We are happy to report that we are not Xing this restaurant off our Disney dining list and will dine there again! 🙂

I hope you have a beautiful day! Xoxo ♥♥

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