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Friday Favorites: A day in my favorite Disney park!

Hi! We made it to FRIDAY! Woo! I am so happy the weekend is near!

We went to bed last night with snow falling outside, and woke up to snow on the ground which is now turned into freezing rain, which will turn into just rain later I guess..but I do see some more snow flakes out there so I don’t really think the weather people know what’s going on either. I do not like this weather one bit. It is gross. Luckily Michael is a gem and went to get me a coffee last night for the morning so I wouldn’t have to go out in the snow. He even cleaned my car off before he went to work so when the plow man got here this morning all I had to do was move my car….it was VERY much appreciated. Thank you boo!

This morning started with a 45 minute incline walk on my treadmill, followed by a quick 10 minute ab circuit. I am kinda sore from yesterday’s workout, which was a 40 minute HIIT circuit followed by a 3 mile run, 1 mile walk, and then a couple rounds of planks. You know I love me some planks!

For today’s Friday Favorites post, I’m making it Disney related! Because I think you have loved reading my Disney recaps just as much as I have loved typing them (and living them), andddd let’s be real….my “normal” everyday life is kinda boring. 😉

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Friday Favorites: A Day in my favorite Disney park! From favorite picture spots, tea breaks, to favorite rides!


I think you all get it now that my favorite Disney World park is the Magic Kingdom!img_2311

If you followed me along during the trip on my Instagram stories, you probably already know we pretty much went to Magic Kingdom at least once a day. I mean, how could I stay away from the beautiful sight of Cinderella’s Castle?!

Okay, no but really, my FAVORITE beyond favorite thing about Magic Kingdom is that first glimpse of Cinderella’s Castle when walking down Main Street. It is absolutely breath-taking, tear jerking, and MAGICAL. If you don’t shed a tear or two (or feel any sense other than extreme happiness) when you first see Cinderella’s Castle, I would ask if you are okay?!? I’m sure my husband doesn’t get that feeling but rather rolls his eyes at my extreme excitement, squeaking, jumping, and tears…but, he is the one that married me.

My first stop is always to the castle for PICTURES! Because, were you even there if you didn’t have your husband take 500 million pictures of you every single day? NO. The answer is no, you were not there.

And then sometimes, some nice person notices poor Michael slaving over my phone taking photos of me and asks if he wants to get in a picture with me. And sometimes I say yes please. 😉

Our next stop after those glamorous shots is always to Starbucks!! We really lucked out this trip and hardly ever had to wait in a long line in Starbucks, because if you know anything about the Starbucks in Magic Kingdom, you know the lines are always suuuuuuper long. My favorite: Unsweetened Iced Green Tea. (It tastes better in Disney World than here in MA. I promise.) 

We always make our way into Tomorrowland, so naturally I can act “surprised” that we are conveniently walking past The Purple Wall. Which always calls for a PHOTO SHOOT!

We almost always then make our way to The People Mover, unless we have a FastPass for something else…but more likely than not, you can find us on the People Mover catching glimpses of the beauty of Cinderella’s Castle…duhhhh! 😉

We then like to go on Buzz Lightyear. Where I HAPPILY beat Michael not only once but TWO times! Hehehehehe (trying my best at an evil laugh as I am typing this up.) Seriously guys, I never ever can beat that man on this ride, but AT LAST! I am now the champ!! And yes, I know where the photos are in most rides. Judge me. img_2755-1

Our next stop (sometimes) is the Carousel of Progress. Where Michael likes to take a nap for a good 20 minutes. And when he doesn’t nap, he asks me constantly “is that a new part?”, or “is it always like this?” Where I kindly reply in my sincerest voice “yes Michael, you are always sleeping in this ride.” HAHA. Theres a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of everyday…..img_2747-1.jpg

We ALWAYS have to ride my favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom. What’s that ride, you ask? SPACE MOUNTAIN! I love me a fast, dark, scary, ride into space. I lose my voice every time I ride this, and Michael laughs his butt off at me for the rest of the day because “I was even screaming when nothing was happening” (according to him). Also, I greatly apologize to that man in front of Michael for blasting his ears out with my screams. 😉

Our next stop is Under The Sea- Journey of The Little Mermaid, which is a ride I have only been on TWICE. What? Yes. I am surprised too. And I love it, and sing through the whole entire ride.

Every single trip we take to Disney World has to include a ride on It’s A Small World, which always makes me choke up inside because it was my Memere’s favorite ride. I can’t even try to count the number of times I have been on this boat ride and took a picture of every single room to bring home to Memere to show her. “Go on It’s a Small World for me”, she would say to me before every trip we took to Disney, and I always still do as she told me.

And then most of the time we take a ride on Thunder Mountain, where usually Michael takes amazing pictures of us screaming our heads off (well more like ME screaming my head off), but this trip he must have been super duper excited to ride, because he forgot those epic pictures. So, please enjoy some from our trip in July 😉

We then usually make our way over to Pirates of the Caribbean, but I can’t even believe I am typing this…WE DIDN’T RIDE IT this time. What is going on? But what we did go on was Jungle Cruise, which just so happened to be transformed into Jingle Cruise for Christmas time!! Happy dance! 

Other rides we usually like to go on but somehow didn’t this trip are Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain (okay, I kid. I strongly dislike that ride. Michael loves it), Winnie The Pooh (not Michael’s favorite, obviously), Mickey’s PhilharMagic, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (okay, we don’t really like this ride all that much because we find it slower than the other coasters). 

And obviously we like to walk (or skip, dance, and jump if you are me) around the park a bunch of times just to fully get the magical experience.

And since this post alone has taken me over 4 hours to type up between having to go move my car for the plow this morning, drinking my coffee and eating breakfast, to then being set and ready to go to purchase John Crist VIP tickets for his show here in MA in March, and now to being highly distracted by my excitement, I am ready to hit the publish button and get a move on! I am super thankful today we are opening the store up a couple hours late due to the snowy weather so I was able to actually type this up in between all of the distractions!

Have a fabulous weekend, beautiful people! Xoxo ♥♥


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