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Thoughts on a Tuesday!

Good morning! Happy Tuesday, and Happy Thanksgiving week!

It’s a very snowy day out there today. And I must admit that it is super pretty and peaceful, but I’d rather have warm sunshine that’s for sure. It definitely feels like winter especially with the way the roads are looking. Yikes.

I hope your weekend was great! It sure does go by fast, but hopefully you get a shortened work week because of the Thanksgiving holiday! I am off on Thursday and Friday, and am definitely looking forward to that. Kind of a bummer I have work Saturday, but I’ll take the little break in between!

I’m coming at you today with just some random thoughts on this fine Tuesday, because it’s been a minute since I shared a bunch of random stuff about my boring daily life. Don’t worry, it you are here for a new Disney post I still have lots to share about our most recent trip and will do so after the Thanksgiving holiday!!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I want to challenge you this week (which, if you ask me you should try to do this every day and not just around this time of year) to really try to NOT complain, and be thankful instead. Remind yourself of all of your blessings and stop focusing on any problems or hardships you may have. I know, it’s tough, but that’s why I am just challenging you to this for only this week! I guarantee there are plenty of reasons as to what you should be thankful for!img_2806

My weekend looked a lot like this: baking, baking, and more baking. No but really, I spent all day Sunday baking and I loved it. I volunteered to bake some goodies and dropped them off yesterday. If you are new around here, you might not know that I really love to bake. I used to bake all the time years ago and then I guess I just kind of stopped baking 24/7, but it really makes my heart happy when I bake for others and put love into baking! I baked an apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. But the thing is, I totally didn’t keep track of time when I baked the brownies and for some reason turned the timer off on my phone…but I was meaning to turn the music off on my phone, obviously not the timer…I didn’t realize it until I went to check said timer to see it was stuck on 15 minutes. So, when that happened I was in utter panic mode and checked the brownies to see that they seemed done baking. I took them out of the oven, let them cool, cut them, but I think I took them out of the pan too soon because they were still real hot and didn’t seem like they were finished. So of course I had Michael pick up another box of brownie mix (thanks boo) because I didn’t want to give away under baked brownies! Luckily Michael is my taste tester and after tasting the brownies he told me they were definitely finished, and definitely were very good. But even though he approved, I made another batch to give away and left those behind for Michael to eat. Haha. I will be baking tomorrow for my family for Thanksgiving. I am thinking I will bake the same: an apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies…and I might throw in there another type of cookies too. But we shall see!

My weekend also included workouts, time spent with Michael, and time spent with my adorable nephews. I’ve been feeling a little blah about myself (we all have those days, right?) so I stepped it up in my workouts and got in a double workout on Sunday and a 40 minute HIIT run yesterday. I also worked out again after eating dinner last night and then quickly regretted that since it kind of upset my tummy. This morning I started with a 20 minute ab circuit and then a 35 minute incline walk/run on the treadmill.

I got to bring Gio to school yesterday AND pick him up and it was the best time ever. I mean, I don’t think my heart could handle anymore cuteness after that. I nearly died when Gio was like “I’ll miss you Auntie. Please come with Mama to pick me up.” I die. And the fact that we hugged and kissed goodbye only to have him walk away and then run back up to me with his arms wide open for another big hug. AWWW!! I just love being an Auntie.

Michael Buble tickets went on sale yesterday!! You know what I am getting for Christmas!! I was ready around 9:40 with my laptop open on the website to purchase tickets and waited in line to enter the sale, but once I got in it seemed that all of the tickets I was trying to buy were sold to someone else in that second so I was getting super anxious and frustrated! But luckily I snagged two (hopefully) not bad seat tickets.michael-buble.jpg

Since we are talking about concerts and things, last week I bought us some John Crist tickets for March and I am sooooo excited. I actually bought us the VIP package where we get to go backstage and meet him and all that. If you haven’t heard of him, you are really missing out and should probably head on over to YouTube or something to see some of his videos. He is hilarious.


Unfortunately, the prices to meet Michael Buble were prettttty pricey, and since Santa didn’t think I had been that nice this year, I won’t be able to meet him. (But oh my gosh, how amazing would that be!?) It is for sure going to be an eventful two months between February and March.

Also, speaking of Michael Buble, I was so excited that he was on Live with Kelly and Ryan this morning and I totally forgot about the english muffin I had toasting in the toaster oven that turned into a BURNT CRISP and no longer looked like an english muffin but literally coal because it was in there for like 20 minutes. Oops. Good thing I had more to toast up once I was less distracted when his segment on the show ended.


I have to go to the grocery store later today and it makes it pretty tricky that it is snowing outside. I really don’t want to wait until the day before Thanksgiving to get everything we need, especially since I am planning on starting to bake for our family get together tomorrow after work, so I must go today. Hopefully the snow will stop and the roads will clear up so we can get to the store later on. Either way, I have an SUV that is pretty good in the snow, and Michael has a truck, so we will get there no matter what.

I started reading Nine Perfect Strangers from Liane Moriarty yesterday. I had pre-ordered it a while back and saw that it was in my Kindle library and was very excited since I have loved all of the other books I’ve read written by her! I am liking it so far and I have a hard time putting it down!51-+rLHp5gL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

Social media has NOT been my friend today. I tried to post something on Facebook earlier this morning that wouldn’t upload, and now I have been trying to upload posts to my Instagram story for over an hour and a half now and it is not working. It is kind of irritating but I am trying to not get frustrated with it. Is social media totally out to get me today or is this happening to anyone else?!


Alright, I think that is enough blabber for today! 😉 Be back hopefully tomorrow!

Have a beautiful day! Xoxo ♥

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