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Thanksgiving 2018

Hey hey! Happy Monday friends! I can’t believe it is already Monday; crazy how fast the weekend flies by!

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend! It felt really nice to have some time off from work. What about you? Did you enjoy a little break from work too?

I’ve actually been down for the count since Friday. I came down with a fever and some type of cold/flu. My throat has been really sore (still is too, bad bad news), my nose is stuffy, and my whole body aches. Luckily I had Friday off from work, and my Mama let me stay home on Saturday too. (Thanks, Mama!!) I did a whole bunch of lying around on the couch while watching the Hallmark Channel. It was annoying to me because I really don’t like just laying around and doing nothing (you know that makes me go crazy inside when I am being ‘lazy’), but I knew my body needed to just lay down and rest. However, I have been getting my workouts in everyday still, so that made me feel a little better about being so lazy. I actually knew I was going to be sick because during our Thanksgiving when my nose started to bleed for a good 10 minutes (gross). Usually when my nose bleeds it is because: 1. it’s cold and dry out (yes, it is in fact winter here now), and/or 2. before I am getting sick. And, BINGO. I knew at that moment I was going to get sick. After that happened my head was hurting and my sinuses felt like they were going to explode. So, you can imagine how “surprised” I was when I woke up Friday feeling like trash.

Did you do any Black Friday shopping? I actually did really good and only bought a couple things from my favorite shop Walter & Rosie Candle Co.! Also, I must ask, do you shop IN STORE for Black Friday or do you shop ONLINE like me and avoid all of those crazy crowds?! I am actually really proud of myself for not going crazy and for the fact that I didn’t buy all the things especially because I was home all day and could have been on my laptop shopping all day. (I think this is proof that I really wasn’t feeling well.) Now if only I can turn away from all of the Cyber Monday deals that are going on…. Like the Victoria’s Secret PINK $35 and under collection they have going on right now… and the fact that Express has 50% off EVERYTHING online only today….and how A BUNCH of stuff I want are on sale at Nordstrom….MUST LOOK AWAY!!

Okay, enough of the rambles…let’s get into my Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving 2018

My Thanksgiving this year was very nice. Every year for Thanksgiving we go over to my parent’s house, eat, hang out, and run around with the boys. And usually, Michael works all hours of the day and night on this particular holiday which means he normally doesn’t get to celebrate with us, but this year was special because he actually got out of work around 3 and was able to come over to my parent’s house once he was out too!

I didn’t get any pictures of us besides of the food from our Thanksgiving. I know I know, blogger fail. But I didn’t want to be so much on my phone and annoying everyone with saying every second “let’s take a picture”. You know what I mean? I promise I will try to take a bunch of pictures during Christmas! 😉 In the mean time, please enjoy some photos of the food that was served on our Thanksgiving day instead.

The food on our lunch/dinner menu was: turkey (obviously), stuffing, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, rolls, brown sugar carrots, lasagna, garden salad, fruit salad, and steamed broccoli and carrots.

Can you guess what I filled my plate with? 

If you guessed that I filled my plate with salad, fruit salad, and steamed veggies you were RIGHT! 😉 Because obviously, if you’ve been reading for a while, or read any of my blog posts at all, you already know that I eat a mainly raw vegan diet (filled with fruits and veggies) and I LOVE me some plain veggies. I know you may be thinking I am a weirdo with no taste, but if you give me veggies that are drenched in oil with pepper and seasoning I probbbbbably won’t eat them because I don’t like all that extra stuff. I’m a simple girl. The simpler the better!

And of course, there were desserts on the menu. For some reason I didn’t snap a picture of the dessert table either with the desserts that I baked, but it pretty much looked identical to the apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies that I baked for church last week.

I think my apple pie was a hit the most because it was more than half way eaten by the time our Thanksgiving get together was over, and Michael finished it off in no time. I think that is a big hint to me to BAKE more often! I had mentioned before, but I really love baking and definitely want to get back into baking more often than only on holidays. (Especially now since it is getting cold outside!)

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is acceptable to be in FULL ON Christmas mode, right? I think YES! Hopefully I don’t run into anymore Grinch-y people from now until Christmas. Because seriously, don’t ruin my Christmas spirit people!

I had an early doctor’s appointment this morning, which totally made me anxious and nervous. I really don’t like going to any doctor and get super anxious about it. (Like, I was anxious about it last month since I knew it was coming up). If you are anything like me, maybe you like to reschedule or even worse cancel any or all of your doctors appointments, but this year I have been good about it and haven’t cancelled or rescheduled any appointments. Let me tell you, I REALLY was thinking of rescheduling this appointment that I had today because I still don’t feel good, but if I did that I knew I would keep it going and I knew it would be a long while until I could be seen. Luckily I was in and out in no time (which doesn’t usually happen in doctors offices, am I right?) and was back home before the Live with Kelly and Ryan show was over! I was actually laughing at myself inside because I felt SO GOOD that I was brave and went to the doctors like a big girl without whining (too much) about it, and also because it was super easy and quick. I mean, yes I hate going and I especially hate getting my lady parts checked out every year, but GIRLS!! We have to do it!! And I figured that if I always reschedule or even worse not go, I will never get over this tiny fear that I have of going to the doctors. Please, if you are similar to me and really don’t like going to the doctors, please please do yourself a favor and stop it. Just go. You will be happy when it is over and you will be happy that you faced your fear (no matter how silly it is to have a fear of going to the doctors)!!

Anyways, besides that appointment I had this morning, I don’t really have any plans today. I will more likely than not be watching Christmas movies all day, and may catch up on some Real Housewives episodes that I have sitting in my DVR!

How was your Thanksgiving? Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?

I hope you have a fabulous Monday! Xoxo ♥♥

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