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A New Workout Program I’m Loving!

Hey heyyyyy party people!! Good morning and happy FRIDAY! I hope you are all just as thrilled as I am that the weekend is near!

Do you have any fun weekend plans? I simply cannot wait for the day I feel better after being sick for what is now a full week. I don’t know about you, but this girl is more than ready to kick this sickness to the curb, but I am definitely looking forward to the weekend also.

Besides being a sick girl this past week, I wanted to come on here today and talk about a new workout program that I started. *Before getting into this, I must add that this post is in NO WAY sponsored in any way or anything like that, and I am making NO MONEY telling you about this. I am just giving you my honest opinion about this program that I started and that I am enjoying because I want to share with the world so that you can do it too!*

If you know anything about me, you know that I love working out, live a healthy lifestyle, and usually workout every single morning. Along with that, if you follow along on my Instagram stories, you probably already know what I’m talking about because I’ve been sharing my sweaty selfies each morning on there, but if not, then this is news to you, and you can find those sweaty post workout selfies below 😉 This workout program is called obé fitness and I am OBSESSED!!

I follow Kelly Ripa on Instagram (obviously) and saw she posted a couple times on her story a while back about this 28 minute online workout class (obé) that she loved, so I followed them, thought about signing up, and finally gave it a go after thinking about it for months and months..and signed up for a 7 day trial Monday night! After the free 7 day trial, it is only $27 a month!! I mean, getting a ton (literally 500+ workouts on demand) of fun workouts ranging from HIIT, dance, yoga, sculpt, circuits, and power for only $27 a month is definitely amazing for my bank account if I do say so myself.

Since I signed up Monday morning, I “scheduled” two classes for myself for the following morning; Define Sculpt and Sweat Circuit both with Liz C. (You can reserve you spot in a class just to remind yourself of it and keep yourself accountable, but you don’t have to. You can log in whenever and join in a class if it is live, or join in an on demand one.) Once I woke up Tuesday morning, even though I felt like total trash, I was ready to sweat this cold/flu/infection away and walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes to wake my body up before logging onto obé to catch the last 15 minutes of Define Power with Melody D, and continued with the Sweat Circuit and Define Sculpt classes with Liz that I planned on doing. It was SO fun and I was sweating my butt off!

Wednesday, I had signed up for not only 2 classes for that morning but 3 despite still feeling like trash again. (Listen to your body, even though I am sick I still feel like I need to sweat it out but slow it down if I need to.) But before logging into my obé account, I walked on the treadmill for about 15 minutes just to get myself warmed up. The classes I did Wednesday morning were Sweat HIIT, Define Sculpt, and Sweat Dance. I can’t remember who taught the Sweat HIIT class but it was killer, and the other two were taught by Katie L. and OMG is she amazing! She literally was having so much fun which made me have so much fun…everything from her energy to the music was a blast! She had me smiling while I was sweating my butt off.

Yesterday (once again listening to my body and taking it slow when needed since I am still sick) I was signed up for Sweat Circuit and Define Sculpt with Adam D., but before logging into my account I walked on the treadmill for a 15 minute walk. The two obé classes I did went by so fast, and by the time my workouts were over my body was on fiiiiiire (in a good way)!! Adam made the time fly by and made the burn feel good by pumping us up.

This morning I was scheduled for Define Sculpt and Sweat Dance with Madelaine O. butttt I am totally so sore from the past couple days’ workouts and especially from yesterdays’ workouts. So, to wake my body up I stretched the second I got out of bed because I knew if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t have been able to move fast or very far today. Haha. Just like every other day this week,  before logging into my obé account I walked on an incline on my treadmill for 30 minutes. I guess the live workout classes from Madelaine this morning are going to be on replay for the week and I must remember to do them again because to say I looked like a crazy lunatic during the Sweat Dance class is an understatement. I was pretty much flailing around like a chicken trying to follow along if you can picture that…I am very thankful I can do these workouts at home where no one can see me act a fool. HAHA. 😉 I am actually also scheduled for Sweat Dance with Katie L. later in the afternoon when I am on my lunch break because I AM OBSESSED with her dance class I took on Wednesday morning, but seeing as I am super sore all over and still sick, I might decide against it…but I know I would feel amazing during the class. She is full of energy and just so fun!

Anyways, my one point of this whole point is that I am REALLY loving these workouts! I know I’ve always just kind of done my own thing and made up my own workouts, but I needed an extra push to level up and work it…and these workouts do exactly that! As you can see, I am still doing the treadmill everyday before jumping into these workout classes, and even though I have been doing 2 or 3 classes in a row, I love that you can do just one and still have had a killer workout. That’s what is great about these workouts! They are 28 minutes and no matter which one you do, you are getting a great workout whether it be a dance class, HIIT class, or a yoga class! I haven’t done a workout this week from them that I haven’t loved (okay, I admit, I might have wanted to scream at my iPad screen a couple times when my body was on fire during certain moves, but that’s not what I’m talkin’ about), and they are never the same unless you do a workout on replay you have done before! I also love that you can log in for the live classes (usually scheduled M-F 6am-2pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-4pm) or look up replays on demand…but the live classes totally pump me up and really make me push during my workout because even though no one can physically see me, it is just helping me keep myself accountable to push my body and level up!

And again, I am getting nothing from blogging about this. I just simply wanted to share because I think a lot of you would LOVE this program just as much as I am! 🙂

What about you? Is there a particular workout program you are loving or a certain workout in general that you love? Have you ever tried obe?

Have a beautiful weekend, loves! Make sure to get your sweat on! Xoxo ♥♥

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