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Weekend Recap & Our Stay At Disney’s Port Orleans Resort-Riverside(Take 2!)

Hellloooo! Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

I am coming to you feeling oh so fabulous since I am still weekend-ing over here and holding on to every last hour of it as much as I can. How was your weekend? Did you do anything festive? It looked like a lot of people on social media were putting up their trees and decorating their homes for Christmas this weekend, but as you all know by now we decorated about like a month ago. HAHA. I just love Christmas so much, I want to celebrate as long as possible! I would keep the tree up all year if I could you know. 😉

My weekend was filled with lots of obé workouts, rest, and time spent with Michael. Saturday started none other than with a couple workouts on replay before going into work (Saturday and Sunday they only have live workouts starting at 8am, and since I need to get my day started before then I have to do some replay workouts). I got my nails done earlier in the day, and then had work until mid afternoon and then spent the rest of the day with Michael.

Yesterday I obviously wanted to get in two workout classes before getting ready for church, so yes this girl woke up at 6am on a Sunday to get her butt in motion with some replay classes on obé. We had church and then once we got home Michael went to jujitsu and I decided to join in on a live HIIT class on obé, funny thing is I thought it was a dance class and then realized it was a HIIT class and got my butt kicked, haha! I am totally loving these workouts and love that I can do them anytime, anywhere, no matter what! Michael and I actually went on an unplanned movie date late in the afternoon when our cable and internet went down (there was like an outage in our area for a while)! We went to see Creed 2 and I LOVED every second of it. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you do!

This morning started with a 30 minute incline walk on the treadmill and then another HIIT class on obé! I knew it was a HIIT class this morning so I prepared myself to get my butt kicked again. I was super sweaty but still smiling afterwards and definitely feel the burn in my whole body. I mayyyy log in for a sweat dance class in a little bit but we will see!

I have another Disney post for you today. Missed any of the other Disney recap posts? Find Animal Kingdom Villas & breakfast at Boma HERE, dinner at ‘Ohana HERE, my favorite breakfast spot HERE, a day in my favorite park HERE, and dinner at Trattoria Al Forno HERE.

Our stay at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort-Riverside (Take 2!)

img_2122-1.jpgIf you remember, we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside during our stay last February during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend, and since our experience wasn’t bad, we decided to stay here for the second half of our most recent trip, which we kind of regretted later on…but I’ll get into that a little later. We left Animal Kingdom Villas-Kidani Village early in the morning on our way to breakfast and the park, so we left our luggage with bell services (before asking what time they expected to bring the bags over to POR just in case it was later in the day, which we would have taken them ourselves). Once we were ready, we checked into Port Orleans Riverside (knowing we were a little early) and went to the food court to get us some food for lunch. If you remember, something I liked about staying at POR in February was the fact that they had a salad bar similar to Gasparilla’s Island Bar at the Grand (but not as good) inside Riverside Mill Food Court, so I knew I was able to eat something at this food court. (Sometimes it is a little tricky getting something vegan/gluten free at quick service spots, especially if you are picky like me). Anyways, I ordered a salad with balsamic vinegar on the side, and Michael ordered a large cheese pizza. Yes, I said a large cheese pizza. Apparently you can order large pizzas at the food court and they are legit large pizzas, which I was so surprised about because the menu only showed personal pizzas and flatbreads…I totally missed the part where it said a LARGE cheese pizza. Haha.

When we were done our lunch, we went to the front desk to see if our room was ready and if our bags had arrived since bell services told us they would arrive at POR around noon. The good news was our room was ready but our bags had not arrived yet, so we went to our room expecting our bags would arrive later on. (The bell services at POR then told us the bags would be arriving around 3pm.) The room we had booked during our stay this trip was just a one king bed room, which was similar layout to the princess royal suite we had stayed in last time, except it wasn’t themed and there was only a king bed (much better) rather than the two beds like the royal suite.

The room seemed clean when we walked in, and was close to the front lobby which we appreciated. The instant turn off when walking into our room was the fact that Disney no longer offers personal sized soaps, shampoo/conditioner, etc. to their guests in moderate and value resorts, which is a TOTAL bummer and a VERY unhygienic. I don’t mean to sound snotty or anything but to walk into a bathroom, look into the shower and see those bottles (which I must add I took this picture below literally the second we walked around our room when checking in, which means we didn’t touch them and that grossness around the bottles is in fact left over from other guests)….totally gross if you ask me, even though I bring my own bath stuff and don’t use theirs (you know, I only bring home the bath soap bars and use them at home daily), the fact that it is like a community bathroom thing totally makes me cringe inside. But, if you are okay with this than more power to ya. I myself do NOT like this at all and was instantly turned off at this point, which made me make the decision that we will no longer be staying in moderate or value resorts when going to Disney…

Another thing that was totally irritating that first day of checking in was the fact that we were waiting in our room for our luggage (because bell services cannot bring your luggage to your room if you are not in there) well past 4pm, which then turned into 5pm, which then made me want to scream because we had FastPasses as well as dinner reservations to get to, and I was in a tank top and shorts. Which means I would be freezing when the sun went down because I am naturally cold all the time, and even though it was still warm in Disney, it was a little chilly at night. All I could think of was the fact that I had MANY spirit jerseys in my suitcase that I couldn’t get to, and I would need to get another spirit jersey when I had new ones in my luggage that was nowhere to be found. We brought this to the manager’s attention and she was very apologetic and tried to locate our bags, but told us there was no way she could tell us what time we would be waiting until for our bags. I then gave bell services permission to bring our luggage to our room once it arrived since we were not going to wait all night for it, and went to dinner anyways.

Luckily the night didn’t turn too chilly and we were able to enjoy our night in the Magic Kingdom despite not having the luxury to change into something else that was in our luggage. *We now know to not do that again. I don’t know why we even did that in the first place because we rented a car and had plenty of space in the back of our SUV to store our luggage before checking in, but I had thought it was easier to have them transfer it over.* We got back to our room around 10:30 that night when BOOM! My MagicBand did not work and we couldn’t get into our room with my band, or on my My Disney Experience app, so I called Guest Services where they tried to reset my band through the phone and then I was told that I would need to go to the front desk at POR, but here’s the kicker: I had to wait until the morning because they were understaffed and couldn’t help me that night. This statement kind of set me back, but luckily we were able to get into our room with Michael’s band (I’m very thankful he didn’t forget it that night). Anyways, we got into our room where we were greeted by our luggage, and a message on our room phone from bell services which was left at 8:50pm telling us that our bags had arrived and they were transferring them to our room. Oooooooh my goodness. Can you imagine if we had stayed in our room for that whole entire day and night just waiting? I am glad we didn’t.

So, after that little luggage and Magic Band fiasco, my thoughts about the resort was already a little sour. Although, I know that it was not their fault about our luggage; our bags just arrived late.

Here’s a big TIP to all of you for when you are traveling!! Bring your own travel size Lysol spray, wipes, and obviously hand sanitizer. I always bring these things with me, and I usually keep them in my carry on luggage so I have them (the wipes and hand sanitizer) handy on the airplane especially, but I am telling you to keep them with you even when checking into your hotel room. The number one reason why you should have this handy with you when checking into your hotel room is because you don’t know how clean or unclean your room is. Period. I mean, I trust (or trusted, after this experience) housekeeping especially in Disney World, but you never know what they have overlooked before you got in there, and if you are touching a nasty remote control and having that said nasty remote control in your bed with you when changing the channels….you MAY have a rude awakening to know that this remote control is NOT CLEAN at all. I say this because I didn’t have my sanitizing stuff with me when we checked into our room because it was in my carry on luggage and it was stuck with bell services, so I only got to clean everything the morning after, and had a VERY GROSS thing happen when I wiped off the remote control to see that white wipe turn BLACK. (If you followed me during our trip on Instagram, you saw the video I shared on my story about it because I was totally disgusted.) This totally put me over the edge, but I was glad I cleaned it and went on a crazy sanitizing/Lysol spraying rant and wiped and sprayed every single thing down even the toilet seat.

Along with that dirty remote control (and probably other things), one morning as we were getting ready to go to breakfast, I noticed something creepy crawling on the floor over near the bathroom of our room. It was like a centipede, which I totally took a video of to share on my Instagram story once again, and just GROSSED ME OUT. Look, I understand it is Florida and there is a chance we could have bugs in our room (or anywhere for that matter) but when I am trying to get ready and see something crawling near my foot I do not feel good about it, and at this point I had really had enough of the frustrations/grossness during this short time we had already been at this resort, if you can understand at all. We went to the front desk to explain what happened and how we unexpectedly had an unwanted creepy crawly guest in our room, amongst the other things, and requested to speak to a manager. I am saying this with no ill feelings at all, but honestly, the manager at Port Orleans Riverside couldn’t have cared less for what we had to say to her..she was totally uninterested in what we were saying, and kind of just looked at us like we were stupid. Now, when I go to Disney World, I don’t want to complain about the room and don’t ever expect to complain about anything in our room or otherwise because it is my favorite place in the whole world and never really had any problems, but these series of events (our luggage, my Magic Band not allowing me to get into our room, the dirty remote control, and now this creepy crawly) were a little bit too much for us in those two or three days we had already spent at this resort. The manager explained to us that she would make sure housekeeping would go in and clean, or that we could switch rooms but would have to wait until 4pm to get a room and she couldn’t guarantee a king bed, OR we could switch resorts if there was any availability at our charge “since it was not a courtesy”. Obviously we didn’t want to have to deal with switching rooms or resorts, so we just had them clean our room and make sure there weren’t anymore bugs crawling around. After we said something to the manager, our room was extremely clean and nice after housekeeping was in there, which was so appreciated. But, every time we have stayed at a Disney resort, our rooms were always nicely cleaned and we never had these problems before. I guess it was just not the best experience at Port Orleans Riverside, and we definitely had a better experience during our last stay there.

As you can see, we probably won’t be staying at Port Orleans Riverside again (unfortunately). We have had many positive experiences at Disney Resorts, and definitely enjoyed our time at Animal Kingdom Villas -Kidani Village during this vacation must better than at Port Orleans Riverside. If you stay at this resort, I truly hope you have a better experience than we had during this stay!

Thanks so much for reading my blog today! I appreciate you!! 🙂

Have a beautiful day! Xoxo ♥♥

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