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Dinner at Chef Mickey’s: The time Michael watched football on his phone…

Good morning beautiful people! Happy Tuesday to you! I hope your week started off well and you are feeling happy today! Thank you for coming by my blog, I hope you will stick around, I appreciate you!

I can’t believe it is already Tuesday, which is technically my Monday. Whomp whomp. Crazy how fast the weekend flies by, huh!?  I didn’t really do much yesterday after I hit publish on that blog post, other than work out, relax, go to the grocery store, and hang out with Michael at home. It was perfectly all good with me because my body was super sore and I just needed the rest.

This morning I woke up ready. to. go. with none other than another obé workout! I am totally obsessed!! I did not only one, not two, but THREE classes this morning…one of which was another HIIT class and I was totally on fire by the time those three classes were over. I may have had trouble holding my phone up to take my sweaty selfie to post on Instagram because my arms were literally shaking, haha. Think about how hard it was to wash, blow dry, and straighten my hair today too…ahh!!! 

I am continuing my Disney recap posts from our most recent trip, since it was over a month ago now and I bet you are itching to read all about it, am I right? Missed any of the other Disney recap posts I published? Find Animal Kingdom Villas & breakfast at Boma HERE, dinner at ‘Ohana HERE, my favorite breakfast spot HERE, a day in my favorite park HERE, dinner at Trattoria Al Forno HERE, and our stay at Port Orleans Riverside HERE. I am also working on getting all of my Disney blog posts up in one spot so it is easier for you to find them, per a reader’s suggestion (thank you!)..which I think is a fabulous and very helpful idea!

Dinner at Chef Mickey’s: The time Michael watched football on his phone 😉

You all know by now that Chef Mickey’s is a big favorite of ours when in Disney World, if you don’t already know, well now you know! I wrote about it before here and here, but really…I think I will always blog about our time dining at Chef Mickey’s because it is just THAT good and THAT fun! I promise!

Chef Mickey’s is located inside Disney’s Contemporary Resort and is a buffet style restaurant, offering breakfast from 7am-11:15am, brunch from 11:30am-2:30pm, and dinner from 5pm-9:30pm. As you probably know if you’ve checked out those last posts about this restaurant, we have only dined here for dinner and LOVE our experience every time. Along with the phenomenal buffet options, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald Duck all come around to hang out with you at your table for fun, laughs, and pictures! I mean, could it get any better than dining with the Fab 5?! I think not!

I made our reservations for Chef Mickey’s about 2 days prior (I’m telling you, I hardly did any planning for this trip because I didn’t want to put pressure on us to have to be somewhere when we didn’t want to be there or wanted to do something us), which was not as tricky as I thought it would be honestly. Chef Mickey’s is a more popular restaurant, and usually a bit harder to get reservations at…which is why it is recommended to make your reservations 180 in advance, but if you are like me and are adamant on finding reservations a couple days or even one day prior, I promise that you will. Our reservation was at 7:45pm, and we only had to wait about 10 minutes past our reservation time, which isn’t bad if you think about it…sometimes we are waiting well over a half hour at other character dining reservations. Upon check in, I informed the hostess of my ‘food allergy’ which she then told me to just tell our waiter/waitress, but it was already in the notes when I had made the reservation in My Disney Experience, and in the mean time gave me a Chef Mickey’s allergy dinner guide. (Note: if you didn’t catch any of my previous Disney posts where I had mentioned that you are able to add in an allergy when making the dining reservation on My Disney Experience, which is super simple and helpful! But even when doing that, please make sure you inform your server of your allergies just in case it was overseen.) 

I kept that little menu handy, but when we were sat I explained my dietary restrictions to our waiter and he told me that he would happily get the chef to come over and talk to me about preparing my meals for me.

But, before jumping into that, please take a moment and glance at the picture below…do you notice something hiding behind that cute little Mickey spice holder? Yes. That is Michael’s phone, which just so happened to be propped up on the holder so he could tune into the football game. I mean, you gotta compromise somewhere right? I told him to come to Chef Mickey’s with me and he told me he would be watching football on his phone the whole time. Win win!! 😉 Such a cutie. (I made him take the picture on the left with his face peeking through the Mickey outline because my nephew Gio had done that and his face perfectly fits in the Mickey head…it’s adorable. Haha) 

Chef Lercier (I may be spelling his name wrong, I kept having to glance at his name tag and typed it into my notes several ways…I didn’t want to look like a creeper staring at his name tag all night long) quickly came out to our table to greet us and ask me what I wanted to eat. Of course I told him I wanted a large garden salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and iceberg or romaine lettuce, with balsamic vinegar on the side. I also asked if he had any gluten free/vegan rolls or bread or anything, I would like one of those as well. And of course, if he could steam me up some plain vegetables such as broccoli and carrots that would be golden!

The chef was out in no time after taking my order with a plate FILLED with a beautiful garden salad, exactly how I ordered it, and a plate of two pieces of gluten free/vegan bread & butter, and some balsamic vinegar and oil. (I didn’t use the oil, or the butter.)

As we were munching on our food (oops, forgot to snap pictures of Michael’s food because I was too in love with mine, sorry folks.), the characters started to come around for some fun!

As you can probably see below, I get super excited for each character and basically turn into a five year old child filled with excitement. In the words of Michael, “it’s like I have never seen them before in my life.” You bet, boo!

We started with Pluto, who was a total slobber (haha); hugging me and twirling me around like a ballerina. I had lots of fun with him!

Next up was Donald, who was super adorable!

I mean, let’s be real for a second, Minnie and I were basically twins (did you see my shoes that night? My headband had a polk dot bow also!) and I was so super excited when she came to our table and noticed that we were indeed twinning! She was jumping up and down with excitement…as was I, obviously.

After a couple of characters, Chef Lercier came out with the show stopper of the night. A bowl of HEAVENLY vegetables, all steamed to perfection. I was literally beaming with happiness when he came out with this bowl of deliciousness. Can you tell in my face? I mean, I was smiling like a fool..I was SO EXCITED to eat this bowl of YUM!

Not before long, Goofy made his energetic appearance and was smothering me with hugs!

And, the head mouse himself, Mickey Mouse!!

Michael even paused the football watching to take a picture with Mickey! 😉 Mickey is just too cute in his chef attire to not take a photo with, am I right?! By the time Mickey was done visiting with us, Chef Lercier came out with ANOTHER beautiful dish for me….an entirely vegan/gluten free dessert! There were literally SPARKLES all over the dish and I was freaking out in sparkle heaven!! This dessert was a chocolate cupcake, berries, with lots of sparkles and sprinkles! I was full from all of the deliciousness that had been prepared for me, but I did munch on the berries before leaving!

Once again, it was another fabulous time spent at Chef Mickey’s and I must put in here that Michael was LITERALLY singing Under The Sea while walking out of the restaurant. I think it is safe to say he got really into it that night and was embracing the whole Disney thing for a hot minute. 😉 Haha!

I hope you have an amazing Tuesday!! Xoxo

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