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Disney’s Wine & Dine 10K

Good morning! Happy Thursday!! I don’t know about you, but this whole week has been going by terribly slow and I thought all day yesterday was Friday. It’s no fun when you think it’s Friday and it is only Wednesday..haha. 

This morning I am sooooo sore. Both today and yesterday I did two different HIIT workouts and mannnnn is my body feelin’ it! I started yesterday with a 30 minute run on the treadmill, then DeFine Power and Sweat HIIT on obé and yesss it was killer. I was dead. Ok joking I wasn’t dying, but my body was. Haha. This morning started with yet another killer workout! Since I am sore, I stretched before getting on the treadmill for 30 minutes before logging into obé. And yet again, this morning was ANOTHER killer sweat HIIT workout and a define sculpt class. I was littttterally a sweaty mess after that one, but felt so ready to get started with my day!

It is very cold out and it isn’t even technically “winter” yet…like, I am serious it is in the TEENS this morning. So cold. But, on the plus side, when in line at Dunkin’ this morning the person in front of me paid for my coffee and I paid for the person in back of me! I love when people pay it forward and I hope it continued all morning long! 

Today marks 12 days until Christmas!! Michael and I usually participate in 12 days of Christmas which means each day we pull a paper from a little basket of things to do that day, which is cute and fun (for me, haha). I kind of let that go to the side because over the years Michael sort of wasn’t too excited about it, we didn’t have a chance to do it with his work schedule, or we just skipped a couple days and fell behind. SO, don’t you worry boo, I won’t be making my husband do any sort of 12 days of Christmas activities this year. 😉  Some things I usually come up with for us to do during the 12 Days of Christmas is: take Christmas photos together, dance around to Christmas music, make Christmas cookies, make a gingerbread house, go see some Christmas lights (or drive by some), buy a new Christmas ornament, surprise each other with a small gift (under $10), write each other a Christmas love note, etc…. As you can see, I already thought up ideas for this year, but I think I will keep these handy for another year! If you are participating in this, I would love to hear about it! I think it is so fun!

Disney’s Wine & Dine 10K 

It’s been a long time coming guys, and I apologize it has taken me THIS long (like over a month, I know I know) to write about Disney’s Wine & Dine 10K. I know this should have been the first review I published after coming home from Disney, but honestly since it was my second 10K I kind of felt a little blah about it, even though I was proud of myself, I guess I just felt like I should have done the half and then I would have reeeeally felt proud of myself. I don’t even know how to explain my thoughts on it, because obviously I was the one that signed myself up for it and ultimately didn’t want to do the half in the first place, but I think it was “just a 10K” if you get what I mean. Anyways, it was a fun run and I AM proud of myself for doing it! 

The Wine & Dine 10K took place last month very early on a Saturday morning. I actually took the bus over from Port Orleans Riverside to the start of the race, which was super easy and convenient, since I didn’t want to have to make Michael drive me over extra early. The race started in the parking lot of Magic Kingdom and ended in the Epcot parking lot. The course took us on the highway to get to Epcot, throughout Epcot, around World Showcase, and ended in the Epcot parking lot. I think we were reeeeeally lucky running that day because the Florida weather was in our favor with chillier temperatures. It actually felt SO good, and even though I was cold before we started, I was sweating once I started running and the frequent gusts of wind made me wake up and feel refreshed. Seriously, we really lucked out because the next day for the half it was humid and rainy. I would definitely take chillier weather other rain any day! Well, I guess just as long as it is not 10 degree weather like at home. Haha. 

I met up with some Disbride sparkle sisters pre-race, where we all chatted and took some pictures before all heading into our corrals. I knew this race (unlike Princess) to PEE before getting into my corral! Yes it is disgusting having to pee in a portable potty IN THE COMPLETE DARKNESS! But you do what you gotta do. Anyways, it definitely calmed some nerves and made me feel more “ready” after hanging out with some friends! 

Going into the race I was somewhat nervous because I wasn’t running alongside anyone (well, there was a billion other people running, and other DIsbride sisters, but not WITH me, you get what I mean) , and I was nervous about running on the highway for a good chunk of the race (like 3 1/2 miles). But luckily, once the race started, I felt really confident running alone and being able to run at my own speed and just zone out and listen to my music. I had on the Christian Workout station on Pandora and it lived up to my expectations because during every second of that race they played the best song for that moment! I set a goal for myself prior to running to NOT stop for anything, because during the Princess 10K I grabbed water a couple miles in and I stopped to drink it (mistake, I know) and felt like my body couldn’t run again. So, during this 10K I stuck to my goal and did not stop for water or characters or anything…and I just ran. I felt really good during the first 3.5 miles (thank God, because that was all highway, which I was real nervous about) but then my stomach sort of felt a little upset after that. Fortunately, I have the greatest Disbride sister friends in the whole world and Rachel (hi girl!) texted me at that point (somehow she knew I needed the extra motivation) telling me that I was kicking butt! I think it helped me keep up my spirits when I looked down at my Apple Watch and saw that text! Because guys, it is ALL MENTAL. If you think you cannot run a 10k, a half, or whatever, I promise you can but you need to push past those thoughts of “I can’t”. It is like when you are working out and on your 30th burpee in your 3rd circuit and you just DON’T think you can do another, but you do and you push past those thoughts. Or like when you are in a plank position for 2 minutes (or 1 minute, or 30 seconds, whatever it is) and your arms and abs are shaking and you feel like you can’t go on any longer and you are going to drop, but you can and you do because once again you push past those thoughts! You see, this is the same thing. When you are running and you think you cannot run any longer, YOU CAN! You just have to push past those thoughts and change your thinking. You can do it! I say this because this is what I did! 

Okay anyways, back to the run itself. Running on the highway was not bad at all. I mean sure it wasn’t the funnest scenery to run in, but to run on the streets that we drive on so often when we are in Disney was so surreal to me. It was like so fun to me to think that I could run on this closed off highway from the Magic Kingdom parking lot all the way to Epcot with other runners around me. They had spotlights on the side of the highway, projection screens of short clips to motivate us, and several Dj’s on the side of the road. Of course, there were also characters alongside the road (and throughout the park) for runners to stop and take pictures with them. Also, every couple miles there were water stations, portable potties, and medical tents. Once we got off the highway into Epcot there were cheering squads everywhere cheering us on and motivating us to KEEP GOING! Obviously, once I finished I was THRILLED! And told myself to never do another race again. Hahahaha. Joking. 😉 


Honestly, I don’t know how it is when running other races besides Disney races (because obviously I have never done any), but Disney races are SO FUN! If you ever run one, I bet you will think the same! 

PS: Please bare with me as there is a new WordPress layout and I am kiiiind of still figuring it out, so as you can see my pictures and things are laid out different. Hopefully I get the hang of this soon. Haha.

I hope you have a fabulous day!! Xoxo 

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    1. Thank you so much!!! Isn’t it so magical?!? 🙂 Wow! That is amazing you ran the marathon! Congrats on that girly!! Xoxo

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