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Ten Things Tuesday: 10 Facts You May Not Know About Me!

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

Whomp whomp, the weekend is over again and I’m back at work today. But AHHHH! Christmas is ONE WEEK away!! I hope you got all your shopping done. To be honest with you, I still do want to get a couple more things which I said I wanted to do yesterday but ended up doing NONE of it! Eek! What is wrong with me?! In my defense, I got my hair done, and then picked up Gio from school later in the afternoon, which obviously then meant I wanted to spend some time over there since I feel like I haven’t in so long (I literally haven’t), and then obviously wanted to hang out with Michael before he went to jujitsu later in the evening. And then once 7pm rolled around all I wanted to do was cuddle up on the couch and watch the Hallmark Channel. Can ya blame me?!

So, along with watching Christmas movies last night, I worked on some blog stuff and realized that a lot of my posts from a year ago are all messed up. I mean like the photos I uploaded on a lot of them are no where to be found on my blog images. Like whaaaat?!? Why? I am definitely technology challenged so I have no idea why or how this happened. I greatly apologize if you have gone back in my archive and tried to see some pictures on past blog posts and saw an ugly white box with a blue question mark in the middle. I have no idea how to fix it but I am in the process of trying to do what I can. Ugh! So frustrating!! 

Anyways, this morning I am feeling super tired and super sore. I could have stayed in bed all morning but then I remembered that I NEVER EVER regret a workout, and today marks three weeks of doing obé fitness workouts and I am literally on a roll and SO motivated to keep this up! To start I walked on an incline for 20 minutes just to get moving, and then went all in full out for two classes at obé for both sweat circuit and define sculpt.  By the end, I was hurting so good. Haha! 

Today I am sharing a fun little post with you all. How about a “Ten Things Tuesday” post! I feel like it’s catchy..what do you think?! 

I’m kicking off this fun little blog post with 10 Facts You May Not Know About Me!

  1. My middle name is Julia. Kaylaaaa Juliaaaaa….I have a lot of a’s in my name.
  2. I sleep with my Disney World castle blanket and Shellie May every night. And yes that means even when we travel. I also need a fan on when I am sleeping, or I can’t fall asleep or stay asleep if I do miraculously fall asleep without one.
  3. I love my coffee HOT HOT. Like really hot, guys. After I get a hot Dunkin’ coffee every morning I heat it up for a minute in the microwave when I get home. Crazy? Yes. But I love love burning hot coffee.
  4. I have naturally curly hair, but most of the time I straighten it. My hair used to be super curly, like really really curly, but since I have been straightening it for over 10 years it is just more of a wavy kinda thing. 
  5. I always have ‘snack time’ every night before bed…which I usually like to eat around 8:30ish so that my body is fasting for over 12 hours before eating breakfast around 9:15/9:30ish. My snack always consists of my own little “trail mix” of cheerios, rice chex cereal, rice cakes, and a cup of grapes on the side. Don’t ask, it works and I like it. 
  6. I’d rather stay in than go out, and when we do go out I am most likely missing being at home in my jammies. Haha. Grandma status over here. Butttt then again, if you have been a reader for some time now you probably already knew this little fun fact.
  7. I live in leggings and yoga pants. Ask me about jeans and I can’t even tell you when the last time is that I actually wore jeans or purchased them. Totally okay with that.
  8. I am usually cold no matter what unless we are sitting outside in the burning hot sunshine (like in the Bahamas). More likely than not you can find me in a sweatshirt even in the summer. 
  9. I brush my teeth at least three times a day, every day. 
  10. I love getting my arm tickled. Or I guess I should say I love getting any part of my body tickled. When I was a child I would have my Mama tickle my arm so I could go to sleep, and whenever I would visit my Memere she would always tickle my arm. I’m very lucky; Michael is a very good arm tickler and puts up with my whining daily when I want him to tickle and rub me. Haha, thanks boo. So, when people try to “tickle me” it doesn’t work since I am clearly not ticklish and love it so much. Michael on the other hand, is suuuuuper ticklish. It is so cute. 

And there you have it! 10 facts you might not have known about me! 

Now it’s your turn! I want to know at least one fact about you!! Share with me! 

Have a great Tuesday! Xoxo 

2 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday: 10 Facts You May Not Know About Me!

  1. I too must have a fan on in order to sleep BUT I also need to have a couple of blankets on me in order to sleep … so its a bit of a weird combo. I have asked for a weighted blanket for Christmas so I can maybe use less blankets at bedtime. Haha!

    1. Girlllll same! I looove a lot of blankets! I would love a weighted blanket for Christmas too! Haha

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