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Beginning my Invisalign treatment!

Gooooood morning! Happy Friday! We finally made it to the end of the week! I can’t believe Christmas Eve is on Monday! Ahhhhh!

I don’t know about you, but just like I had mentioned yesterday this whole week has been going by super duper slow. Like wasn’t it supposed to be Friday three days ago?! Ah! But there is a silver lining my friends, the day is finally here! Let’s do a little shimmy shake and all get our booties fired up to get through today!

Yesterday morning started with two workouts on obé that literally kicked my booty during both of them. I did a sweat circuit and then a define sculpt class. This morning I totally slept past my alarm; I usually wake up on my own, but set an alarm just in case I don’t wake up…and today was a day I didn’t even hear my alarm. I somehow jumped up at 6:50 realizing my alarm was going off for 40 minutes and I was in a panic thinking I was going to be late for the live 7am obé class. But of course, it took me literally 2 minutes to brush my teeth and get myself ready to tune in and I still had 3 minutes to spare to throw a load of laundry into the washer before getting started! Win! This morning’s workout was another sweat circuit class and then a define strength class. The trainer I had was one I didn’t get to take a class with yet because whenever he is on live I can never make it, butttt I was very lucky this morning to take two classes live with Walter at my “normal” workout time! Working out this morning took my mind off of my aching teeth (see below) and had me feeling ready for the day!

I got my Invisalign in yesterday morning! I mentioned before briefly about my consultation appointment, where my doctor recommended the Invisalign Express 10 which comes with 10 trays, meaning I have a new tray of Invisalign every 10 days…yesterday I was given 4 trays to take with me to switch out every 10 days, and then will go back to my orthodontist in 6 weeks for more. That means by the end of next month comes around I would have already done 6 weeks worth and almost to the finish line (not really, but trying to be optimistic). Which means I won’t be smiling again until the end of March/early April. Ha. Joking. (Well not really, I’m kind of serious.) Honestly, the whole process of getting them was kind of annoying since I have these little bubble attachments on top of my teeth that had to be put on and my doctor had to file between some of my teeth that are too close together, which was painful. The whole appointment took a little over an hour, but to be honest I don’t know what I was thinking before the appointment because I thought I was just going in there to get my trays and would be out of there in a flash, but that was not the case. So picture me (scared of everything pretty much) having to lay there getting my cheeks pried open like I was getting braces again and having all these gross tasting things put on my mouth (that sand like cleaner gritty stuff they put on your teeth before braces, some sour stuff, and then glue….all while having some blow dryer inside your mouth to dry it all out as much as possible) for an hour. That must have been cute. I had no idea what I was in for to tell you the truth! But, I was super excited to get them because I had been wanting them for a long time and I definitely don’t regret my decision at all because I know I will be happy with the end results. It is super attractive (NOT), and I look (and feel) like a freak. BUTTTT I just have to keep telling myself that it is only for 100 days…I can do it!

It is pretty painful because my teeth are moving, and I was actually in a lot of pain yesterday because apparently my mouth is super sensitive and since the outer parts of the trays aren’t so smooth (they are smooth on my teeth, but like the bottom ones are rough on the inside of my bottom lip and the top ones are rough on the inside of my top lip) so my mouth is kind of having a hard time adjusting and it feels sensitive and hurts, and then when I have the trays out to eat anything the attachments rub against my lips and are rough and huuuurt. Along with the trays rubbing, the attachments rub against the inside of my lips whenever I take them out so it is just hurting from the constant rubbing all the time pretty much. One of my main concerns was discoloration and even though the doctor told me they shouldn’t get discolored, he gave me a whitening pen to use at night just in case since my teeth are white and the attachments “may” get some discoloration. You bet I will be using that baby!

Even though I obviously have pain and a lot of discomfort from the rubbing, I am really excited about having them and finally having straight teeth again. The funny thing is I was doing this to “not be so self conscious about my teeth” but now I am realllllyyyy self conscious about opening my mouth and smiling because of these ugly things. I know, I know, I am being dramatic and probably overreacting but it’s my mouth and I feel how I feel! I know I will get more used to them. It will just take some time. And I know I can power through these 100 (ish) days of pain and ugliness because the final results will be worth it all!

Soooooo along with these aching and hurting teeth, I unfortunately feel like I am getting a cold AGAIN. I don’t know about you, but I really hate the winter time and all of the germs that come with it. I guess I should have known I was going to get sick again because my nephews are sick and I give them hugs and kisses no matter what. I think all of this is why I slept somewhat later than usual this morning, because I am feeling pretty yucky. Buttttt that’s okay, because the weekend is near! I just have to power through to tomorrow mid-afternoon and then I am officially on “Christmas break”!

Thanks for reading my blog today! I hope you have a great weekend! Xoxo

2 thoughts on “Beginning my Invisalign treatment!

  1. Gosh Kayla, sounds like a lot of pain to go through. I had braces in high school (the regular wire ones) and they were uncomfortable but it sounds like the invisalign process is more uncomfortable. Do you mind me asking why you’re putting yourself through this? It sounds like it is causing you not only physical but emotional pain as well.

    I hope that you plan to give yourself some rest over the holidays. I am glad that you have Obe but it seems like you may be overdoing it a bit even when your body is tired and needs rest. I know from experience that it is HARD to take a break from exercise BUT it is needed. I have found that I am stronger when I take a rest every once in a while! (Stepping off soap box! lol!!)

    Any big plans for Christmas Day? Do you guys have any special traditions that you’re looking forward to this weekend??

    1. It isn’t as bad as braces, and I’m sure it will just take me some getting used to before the pain goes away. I have wanted to do this for a while, so I finally took the step to do it! I have been self conscious about my teeth for years now, even after having braces, so I’m excited to finally feel better about my teeth!

      I will probably give myself a rest day over Christmas! I know when I am overdoing it and if I feel like I’m doing too much I do know when to slow it down, especially during a workout. I will modify exercises or just not workout all together if I feel I need rest, but I have been motivated and feeling good workout wise! I also know it is hard to give myself a rest day and usually feel super lazy if I don’t workout one day, but I know I need to remember that it is needed!

      Every Christmas we go to my parents house! I will be sure to blog all about it 🙂

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