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Christmas 2018

Good morning and Happy Thursday to you!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are having a great week! I am back to work today, but luckily I only have to get through to Saturday and then I get a small break again for New Years!

Sorry to keep you hanging since last week, but with the holiday I didn’t want to be posting on the blog because I figured everyone wasn’t very active on the blog reading and spending time with loved ones instead! I think I will be back to regularly scheduled blog posting after the new year, but for now don’t you worry! I am back with a Christmas recap post for you!

I don’t know about you, but I always feel sad when Christmas is over and I just can’t wait for Christmas next year! Haha! I hope you had a blessed Christmas spent with your loved ones and had some time to relax and refresh!

Christmas 2018

My Christmas officially started on Christmas Eve, which has always been my most favorite day of the whole year (well, it’s competing with my birthday, of course.) Christmas Eve began with two obé workouts! They have a bunch of Holiday Sleigh workout classes on replay and I was ALL about them! I started with sculpt and finished with dance, and was feeling fannnntastic to begin my favorite holiday! I had a hair appointment for a blow out in the morning, which was definitely needed. I got all of my baking for family and wrapping gifts done the previous day, but I still wanted to bake extra for Michael, so when I got home from my hair appointment I baked up another batch of brownies and chocolate chip cookies for the hubs before snuggling on the couch for the rest of the afternoon until it was time to get ready for our family celebration!

My sweatshirt is from The Light Blonde

Our Christmas Eve involves going over to my parent’s house for our Christmas celebration with family, food, presents, laughs, and love! My parents, brother, sister, brother in law, nephews, grandfather, cousin, aunt, and my aunt’s boyfriend are all there (same with other holidays like Thanksgiving).

The whole crew!

Honestly, holiday get togethers with my family are easy going and pretty laid back. We don’t have to get dressed up or anything, and we all just enjoy being in each other’s company!

Some years, Michael has to work on Christmas Eve, but this year he was off so it was extra special to me because I got to spend the night with Michael too! 🙂

My parent’s order catered dishes from Peppercorn’s Grill & Tavern including: Baked Macaroni & Cheese, Chicken & Broccoli Pasta, Chicken Marsala, and Steak Tips with Rice Pilaf. Along with those dishes, my Mama makes her red sauce with meatballs and cooks up a batch of pasta to go with it.

We also had a big garden salad and lots of fruit salad. You already know I filled my plate high with garden salad and lots of fruit salad!

For dessert, we had a tray of sugar cookies we got from a lady in town who makes amazing cookies, along with my desserts that I made for everyone: chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and peanut butter cookies. I also made my “famous” chocolate pudding squares!

After dinner, it’s usually time to exchange gifts with everyone, but if you have a 5 year old and a 2 and a half year old asking every other minute if it is time to open presents yet….it feels like we have been waiting all night long to open presents. Haha. It is SO fun to watch them open presents, I love seeing the excitement of Christmas in children when they open up gifts…it’s like their Christmas spirit is so big and they are just beaming with joy! However, if you ask my husband or anyone in my family they will probably tell you I open up presents just like a child…but then again I guess I just all around act like a child… 😉

My favorite part of Christmas is GIVING! I absolutely love picking out presents for my family and watching them open it, hoping that they love it just as much as I did when picking it out for them. And of course I do like receiving presents too, but I would much rather GIVE than receive! Here are just a couple of the gifts I received this year:

I received a Kate Spade Disney tote from my parent’s that I had been eyeing ever since they came out in October when we went to Disney. It is so cute and even more sparkly in person, I promise! Along with that, I received a new yoga mat from them which might I add was SO NEEDED! My old yoga mat was a cheap one I bought at TjMaxx and was completely falling apart. Every time I rolled it out it left little pink pieces everywhere. This yoga mat is amazing and feels like heaven. My workouts that require mats are 100 times better because of this!

I received a Dooney & Bourke It’s a Small World wristlet from my sister, brother in law, and nephews. And I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE this. My heart bursts with love whenever I think/see/or ride It’s a Small World because it was my Memere’s favorite ride in Disney and when I first saw this Dooney print I knew that I had to have something in it. Luckily my sister is the best and gifted the wristlet to me!! When she told me about it before Christmas I was in literal tears over it because it is the best gift ever! It means a lot to me!

It’s A Small World Dooney & Bourke Wristlet

I received a medal holder for my race medals from my brother, and I was completely squeaking with excitement when I opened it. I had been wanting to get one since the Wine & Dine race but just kept putting it off to the side and leaving one in my shopping cart wherever I could find them, because ultimately I felt like I was being a little too “extra” with buying a medal holder. But, I finally got one and it is SO CUTE and so fitting to me!!!! I love it so much, and I can’t wait to hang all of my medals up on it to display in my little workout room!

Race Medal Holder

Michael literally outdid himself this year with Christmas, guys, and I am so so thankful for it. He told me that the Michael Buble concert tickets that we purchased a couple months back when they went on sale were my Christmas present, and he made it seem like that was my “only” present that I would be getting. I was totally fine with that being my big gift this year. Well, he is a little sneaky man and bought me some presents that he wrapped (did you read that? HE WRAPPED MY PRESENTS!) and put under the tree. My stocking even had something in it! I was going to wait until Christmas morning to open my gifts from him, and give him his gifts as well, but since he had to work Christmas morning he really wanted me to open them up on Christmas Eve once we were home from my parent’s. I started with: a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal, omg so cute! Next was a Mickey sweater I wore on Christmas Day and a black adidas workout tank which I also wore on Christmas morning for my workout! And next, was the most amazing thing ever. He had wrapped up a box that we had in the closet (the box was for a Willow Tree figurine that I have), which in the moment that I was unwrapping the box I thought he had bought me a Willow Tree figurine and I was like “aww I love these”! Well, if you can imagine it, Michael looked at me like I had 15,000 heads and was like “oh yeah, okay. Open it.” And when I opened the box, I found a Tiffany blue bag inside with a Tiffany blue box wrapped in that white bow and I just about died!!! I couldn’t believe it, and I was freaking out with excitement! I opened the Tiffany box to find one of the rings I had wanted, which I shared on my gift guide a little bit ago. OMG guys! Obsessed!!! I was in shock and had tears in my eyes! He did so good! He really really spoiled me and I am so grateful! After all that excitement, I left my stocking for Christmas morning.

Michael had gifts from me to open, as well as gifts from “Santa”. (Santa even wrapped his presents in different wrapping paper!) So I had him open up the presents that “I” bought him on Christmas Eve after I opened my gifts, but then remembered that a main gift Santa got him would be better off to receive at night and not before he had to go into his shift at work on Christmas morning. So, the presents from “me” were a couple sets of boxers, socks for work, and two Under Armour shirts. His early gift from Santa was a Casper pillow, which he was so excited about! I am glad I decided to give him that gift on Christmas Eve because he slept SO good he said and is obsessed with his pillow! (I could even bet he dreams about it at work, hahaha).

Christmas morning started at the early hour of 5am, because Michael had to go into work and I wanted to celebrate Christmas morning with him before he left. So, I was up at 5 ready to bake him some cinnamon buns (our Christmas tradition since living together yearssss ago), and then opened up my stocking to find a Mickey stuffed animal and some gloves (which I really needed)!! Now I have both Minnie and Mickey and I was pumped! Michael opened up the other gift he had from Santa, along with his stocking. I got him a silver and black Vincero watch he had wanted, and THIS cold massage roller that he mentioned he wanted. He was very happy. I think it is safe to say we both had been very nice this past year because Santa was very good to the both of us! 😉

Michael went off to work, and since I was just excited for Christmas (see, I am a child), I didn’t want to go back to sleep, so I cleaned up our place a bit and threw a load of laundry in the wash before working out (in my new adidas workout tank from Michael)! My workout was a strength class on obé that was one of the Holiday Sleigh replay classes and I was feeling great! After that, I hopped on the treadmill for a quick 1 mile run before getting ready for the day. Christmas Day is definitely the one day it is acceptable to be in jammies all day and not feel like a total bum, am I right? Because after I showered and everything, I put some pj pants on and my new Mickey sweater from Michael! I was totally comfy for the whole day and had no plans other than to relax and hang out with family. 🙂 Luckily, there was a Dunkin’ open close to me Christmas morning so I even got to have my coffee! I watched The Santa Clause for the billionth time, because what else would I watch on Christmas morning besides one of my favorite movies? A little while later, I went over to my parent’s house to hang out.

Dad, Mom, Me, and my Brother!

After staying there for a while, I came back home to relax, and watch more Christmas movies. I actually ended up falling asleep for a quick 20 minute power nap before Michael came home from work. Once he was home, we relaxed for a while before going back over to my parent’s house since my brother’s girlfriend, my sister, brother in law, and nephews were over there too.

My amazing family!!

Michael and I ended our Christmas by watching the Grinch. I am so happy with my life and feel so extremely blessed! I am so thankful for everyone who is in my life and feel so loved by everyone…including you, readers! I am so thankful for you! I hope you had a great Christmas!! What was your favorite part of Christmas this year??

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