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Looking Back At 2018

Good morning! Happy Monday to you! And, Happy New Year’s Eve!! I can’t believe we are already at the LAST DAY of 2018!! I hope you are ending 2018 in the best way, but ringing in 2019 in an even better way! Did you get a workout in this morning to finish strong? I did a power class and a HIIT class both on obe and I think I sweat more than I have all year, haha! Do you have fun New Year’s Eve plans? I’m not too sure what we are doing, but I’m sure it will include champs to cheers to the new year!

In honor of New Year’s Eve, I wanted to take a walk down memory lane and look back at this past year!

Looking Back At 2018!


  • We started the new year at my sister’s house in our jammies with champs!
  • We went to Disney World for a quick getaway!


  • We celebrated Valentines Day the day before by going out to dinner and cheers’ed to our love!
  • We went to Disney World and I ran my first ever 10K race!


  • We celebrated Enzo’s 2nd birthday!
  • I leaned on my family during some tough times, lots of snuggles and loveys included.


  • We celebrated my 28th Birthday..lot’s of surprises were involved including TWO huge edible arrangements sent to me, and a shopping trip to Tiffany’s all complete with champs.


  • I celebrated one year of blogging here at Running In Tiaras!
  • We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary!
  • We went to the Bahamas for our anniversary!


  • Michael got a new truck!
  • We went to Michael’s best friend’s wedding.


  • We celebrated the Fourth of July!
  • We went to Disney World!
  • We had a photoshoot for our two year wedding anniversary with our wedding photographer.


  • We celebrated Gio’s 5th birthday!


  • We went on a spontaneous mini getaway vacation to the Bahamas!


  • We spent Halloween in Disney World


  • I ran the Wine & Dine 10K…my second race!
  • I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and Michael once he got out of work!


  • We celebrated Christmas with my family!
  • We celebrated Michael’s 30th birthday! (Recap post coming this week!)

Overall, this past year has been filled with lots of ups as well as many downs. I’ve had absolutely amazing moments and some really low moments. I’ve felt like I was on top of the world and also felt like the whole world was crashing down on me when anxiety felt high. I’ve been extremely content, and I’ve been very disappointed. I’ve tried to be the “best” I could be, only to realize that “best” doesn’t mean that I have to be perfect, because the Lord didn’t create us to be perfect. He created us to be exactly who we are, and guess what? He loves us JUST LIKE THIS!! How awesome is that?!

Some of my top moments of the year:
* I strengthened my relationship with the Lord.
* We worked on our marriage, and have grown together in the Lord’s love…but please know this is a daily thing. You don’t just “work on your marriage” and then it will be perfect. You must work at it every single day!
* I ran two races in Disney.
* We started going back to church, and now go every week!
* I started counseling, which was such a big blessing!
* I started obe workouts, which was something I had been wanting to do for months and months prior to actually signing up.
* I finally took the plunge and got Invisalign!
* I became more confident in myself, something that I still work on daily.
* I learned a lot about myself and grew a lot!

I’m coming out of this year feeling happy, proud of myself, but so READY for what 2019 has to come!! I can’t wait for this new year!

Happy happy new year, friends! I hope you have THE BEST last day of 2018!! Xoxo

2 thoughts on “Looking Back At 2018

  1. Thank you for sharing the past year with us, Kayla! I am truly inspired by your improved faith in the lord and the path you have in life. Do you think that 2019 will include more travel to Disney? Are you going to try to run a half marathon there? Have you ever considered traveling to some other places in the US? You should totally come to Minneapolis, MN or Chicago, IL …. both great cities with great shopping and dining! <3

    1. Thank you girl! I sure do hope this year will bring more Disney trips, and I definitely want to travel to other places in the US!! But, I really don’t know what this year will bring. I am both excited and nervous for it. As always, thank you so much for reading my blog! I appreciate you! Xoxo

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