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Michael’s 30th Birthday & New Year’s Eve

Good morning! Happy Thursday! Yesterday was the Mondayest Wednesday ever, do you agree? Seriously. But I am very very thankful that today is already Thursday and you know what that means…it is allllllmost the weekend. (I know, I know. Not quite, but almost people!)

I’ve been keeping up with my obé workouts and honestly I am feeling so great. I absolutely LOVE these workouts, the trainers, the motivation, ALL of it! I was getting tired of doing endless treadmill workouts every single day, so it is so fun for me to mix it up and get my cardio elsewhere! Literally, I am obsessed. I’m sure you are probably sick of hearing me talk about them (or post about them on Instagram) but for all of you who need the extra PUSH and motivation to workout and move your body, I am extremely happy to be that for you! This morning I was really craving a good sweat, so I started with a 25 minute run, then logged into obé for a HIIT class, and then a define sculpt class. My abs burn so good and I will be beaming with endorphins all day long, haha.

Did you get to read my blog post from yesterday? I am feeling pretty confident in my one word for the year. Did you come up with your word for the year?

I’m here today to share about some of our recent celebrations, including Michael’s big 30th birthday and New Year’s Eve!

Michael’s 30th Birthday

Michael’s birthday was last weekend. I planned celebrations for him and was so excited about it. The night before his birthday I woke up in the middle of the night to put up signs I had made for him so that when he woke up for work on his birthday he would have those to start his birthday. Then, I pre-ordered a bunch of balloons the day before and picked them up in the morning on his birthday. The funny thing is, it was so super windy that day so I was having a really hard time trying to get the balloons in and out of the car…..oh my gosh. I wish someone recorded the scene because I’m sure it was absolutely hilarious. Of course at the time it was not funny at all and I was screaming, kicking, and pushing the balloons into the car. And trying to get them OUT of the car? Not possible. That was fun. Not. 😉 Please remind me next time I come up with the brilliant idea to buy 20 balloons all different sizes to NOT do that. 😉 I set up the house when I got home with the balloons and put them all around the house, leaving 15 regular balloons in the kitchen for when he came home from work. I also ran to the grocery store to get a little cake, and a cupcake for him. (I am so indecisive, there were way too many options. Haha!)

I was literally like a child all day long waiting for him to get out of work, because I was so super excited. Once he got out of work, it was finally time to celebrate my amazing husband! He laughed at all of the balloons and wondered how in the world I got all of them in the house seeing as how windy it was outside. HAHA. You have no idea, boo. 😉 I got out his little cake, lit the sparkly 30 candles, and sand happy birthday to him!

We hung around until it was time to get ready for dinner. I had planned a “surprise” dinner (he didn’t know where we were going) for the two of us to celebrate him. I reserved us a reservation at 111 Chop House and called ahead to make sure they knew it was his birthday.

I wore my new sparkly leggings, and a new black sweater both from Express. Along with some black booties that I had form last year. I am obsessed with the leggings, and I felt fabulous in them! PS: They are on sale right now!! Go, go! Go get them!! You won’t be sorry!

Once we got to the restaurant, I ordered some champagne and Michael ordered a gin/tonic. You know I love me some champs! Cheers!

I must say, dining at 111 Chop House is a magnificent dining experience. The staff is impeccable and they take very good care of you.

Our waiters (we had two) brought out some warm bread with oil, and took our dinner order. I informed one of our servers that I was vegan, and requested that all of my food be made without butter/cheese/etc., which he assured me that I was in great hands. I even joked that I was vegan being at a steak house was hilarious, but we were there for Michael…but our waiter said “you’d be surprised at how many vegans we actually serve here. There’s a lot!” So, I felt really confident that I was going to get a fully vegan meal, even at a great steak house.

I ordered the wedge salad without the blue cheese and bacon, with balsamic vinegar on the side to start, and Michael ordered the mixed greens salad. For my meal, I decided to just order off of the sides so that I could share with Michael too. So, I ordered broccoli without hollandaise sauce, roasted asparagus, and oven roasted red bliss potatoes. Michael ordered the 12 oz. filet with an additional side of the macaroni and cheese.

The food was very good! Michael was stuffed and not even able to finish his steak, and we had a bunch of left overs! This steakhouse has not only extremely good service, but extremely delicious food. I was very impressed that they were able to make everything for me without butter/a lot of oil, and the broccoli was just how I love it: steamed, plain!

Since we were both stuffed from our meals, we didn’t order any dessert. But, our waiters surprised Michael with a plate of profiteroles with the message of “Happy Birthday” and a lit candle! Profiteroles are puff pastry shells filled with french vanilla ice cream, topped with warm chocolate sauce.

We left the restaurant (with left overs in hand) feeling full and a little too happy from all of the champs that I drank. I ended the night with a dance party that started in the car, and continued in the kitchen for a half hour. So much fun. Haha.

New Year’s Eve

We celebrated New Year’s Eve exactly how we did for last year’s New Year’s Eve…in my jammies, with my sister, brother in law, nephews, and CHAMPS! 😉

Michael and I went over to my sister’s house around 8ish with champagne in hand and ready to bring in the new year with the people I love the most! Side note: This Mumm Napa champagne is SO good. I had it at 111 Chop House for the first time and fell in love with it. It is definitely one of my favorites now!

We started our celebration with champs, snuggles, and playing. The boys were so extremely excited that Uncle Michael was there since they love him so very much. It was so sweet. And I didn’t eve mind that Enzo ran right up to Michael to give him a big hug and then turned right around to walk away when I asked for a hug. HAHA

Of course the boys didn’t stay up until midnight, but they stayed up until about 9ish and then us “grown ups” watched Ryan Seacrest’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve until the ball dropped!

I felt extremely blessed to be ringing in the New Year with my family and more specifically my husband! My forever New Year’s Kiss (and only New Years Kiss…ever)!!!

How did you ring in the New Year? Did you go out or stay in? I consider our NYE as “staying in” since we went to my sister’s house, which is basically like my second home, and I was all comfy cozy in my pj pants! Such a perfect New Year’s Eve, much better than going out if you ask me!! 🙂

Have a wonderful day, beautiful people! Xoxo

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