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Invisalign Treatment Update: Week 3

Good morning! Happy happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I am very thankful I am still “weekend-ing” over here since I feel like the weekends always go by too fast…especially since I still have to work on Saturday’s. Anyone else in retail and work on Saturday? Anyways, I will have a weekend recap for you tomorrow. For now, I have typed this post up for you over the weekend and scheduled for it to publish early this morning since I will be in Boston with Michael for a doctors appointment.

I wanted to share an update on my Invisalign treatment today!

As you all know (if you have been reading my blog), I started my Invisalign a little over two weeks ago, it will be three weeks come this Thursday, and I have to tell you….I am feeling MUCH better than I did than when I first blogged about my treatment.

The first three-four days were the worst of it, because of the rubbing/irritating that was happening on the inside of my mouth. That luckily went away by like the fourth day, and my mouth finally got used to having the Invisalign trays in. I was seriously having a hard time with it because my mouth was really sensitive to the constant rub on the top of my top tray retainer that was irritating the inside of my lip and mouth. I definitely thought I would have to go back to the orthodontist after Christmas and have them file it down or something because the pain was unbearable, but the pain and irritation subsided. I was even googling “what to do when Invisalign trays rub against the inside of your mouth” and “remedies for irritation from Invisalign” and found these videos of people taking a file drill to their trays and literally filing them down. UMMMM no thank you. I just prayed that it would get better and it did! My mouth just had to get used to it and toughen up (as Michael said, haha).

I also got used to the way they looked by the fourth day. I’m telling you, I was self conscious about my teeth before the Invisalign, but once I got them I was soooooo super duper self conscious about my teeth and how the trays looked whenever I opened my mouth, talked, or smiled. But, I got over that because hellloooo! Even though you can see that I have them in, they aren’t THAT bad. I still would rather not have them in, but let’s be real here, I wanted them. I wanted to fix my teeth and this is way better than having braces again. I am excited to have my teeth fixed since my teeth were a constant annoyance to me and I can’t wait to see the final results.

As I mentioned previously, I was given the Invisalign Express 10 treatment, which means you change out the retainer trays every 10 days. I am already on my second tray, and will be changing into my third one on Wednesday night. I put this new (2nd) tray in before I went to sleep on that 10th day so my teeth wouldn’t feel super sore during the day, but I must tell you that this soreness of my teeth is NOTHING like the pain I was feeling in the beginning. Obviously I am sore from my teeth moving, but it isn’t anything like braces. I can remember when I had my braces and was not able to eat anything solid for weeks because of the pain after getting them adjusted. Haha. I will continue to change out my trays at night every 10 days (the orthodontist suggested that to me) because I think if I changed it out in the morning I would probably feel more sore compared to just doing it at night.

The way I talk is a little different when I have the Invisalign trays in, and I find myself slurring a little bit more in this second tray than the other one because it feels thicker against my teeth and tongue, but again after three days of them in my mouth I got used to it and my speech got better (not 100% obviously). I find it annoying and very unattractive, but when I bring it up to people around me they tell me that it “isn’t that bad” and “you can’t even tell”…maybe they are just being super nice, but I do appreciate it since I definitely think my speech is terrible now. Haha.

I figured I will probably share detailed pictures of my teeth/mouth when I am finished my treatment so I can really see the difference. My teeth are moving slowly and I can tell the difference already, but obviously it isn’t like a magical quick fix or anything. My mom even said she notices a difference, and since she sees me everyday I trust her judgment just as well as mine with my teeth.

I have been wearing these retainer trays all day and all night, besides when I eat, so I take them out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then when I eat snacks. It is annoying to have to take them out for every meal and having to brush your teeth after every time too, but I was pretty much in the habit of brushing my teeth after most meals anyways…it just makes me not want to eat sometimes because it is kind of a hassle taking them out, brushing your teeth, brushing your retainer trays, and then putting them back in. You know what I mean? But I do it, obviously…a girl has to eat!

Luckily I don’t eat out much and get to go home for lunch during the work week which is really nice because I wouldn’t want to take my retainer trays out at work and have the need to brush my teeth there too. I am super thankful for that. BUT when we do eat out (like on Michael’s birthday) I leave my retainer trays at home. (This was suggested to me by my orthodontist also, he said “if you are going out, leave them at home.”) I didn’t want to wear them to the restaurant and have to go to the bathroom to take them out (because that would be disgusting if I took them out at the table in a nice restaurant….ick!) so I just left them at home and put them right back in when we got home a couple hours later.

I am definitely more used to them and when I think back back to my thoughts and pain from when I first got them, I am doing much better. Reading my blog post from a couple weeks ago makes me laugh at myself because I was being a baby but I really was in pain. I am excited about having them and really cannot wait to see the final results!

Do you have any questions for me about my Invisalign Treatment? Feel free to ask me!

I hope you have a wonderful day! Xoxo

2 thoughts on “Invisalign Treatment Update: Week 3

  1. Kayla … what a difference in such a short amount of time. I had to go to the dentist today and lets just say I HATED it … I am not a fan of going to the dentist and having my teeth messed with. 🙁
    I still have the permanent retainer on my bottom teeth but I am thinking about possibly getting invisalign on my top teeth to improve some alignment issues. Thanks for your review!

    1. I hate the dentist also! Luckily I haven’t really had to have anything done to my teeth besides a cleaning and x-rays, but I don’t like any of that stuff. Haha.
      My sister also has a permanent retainer on the bottom of her teeth, I think you are both so lucky for that! Invisalign is definitely an awesome option to improve alignment issues! Once you get over that first couple days of pain, you won’t really experience that much pain anymore just some discomfort from your teeth moving. 🙂

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