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Currently 1/9/19

Good morning beautiful people! Happy hump dayyyy! We are halfway there, folks and I just can’t wait for the weekend for a break again. I don’t know about you but Wednesday is always a day for me that feels like the weekend is close but it really isn’t thatttt close. But we can pretend, right?

I’m here today to share another Currently blog post since it’s been a while since I shared some current happenings with you!

Current Book: I am (slowly) reading You Are The One by Kute Blackson. I say slowly because I haven’t really been reading a ton like usual, but I am halfway through this one!

See this book HERE

Current Work out: obe! Duh!! This morning’s workout started with a 2 mile run, a define strength class, and then a sweat dance class. I was sweatyyyyyy!

Current Drink: Cofffeeee, and water. As always!

Current TV Show: Okay, I have to talk about the Bachelor. I apologize in advance but I am definitely going to share my honest thoughts on Monday night’s show, which I only watched some of because I couldn’t stand to watch anymore. To start, I really didn’t appreciate how they dragged it out into a 3 hour premier, because that meant #1. I obviously wouldn’t be able to stay up past my bedtime to watch the whole thing even if I wanted to, #2. You know when I say they “dragged” it out? Well yeah. That’s exactly what they did, they dragged it out and made it so super boring the first hour, and finally #3. There were commercials every second…I swear it was mainly commercials. And let me just touch on how some of these girls first introduced themselves to poor Colton….one wore a sloth costume, one faked an Australian accent, and one girl got a call from her MOTHER IN FEDERAL PRISON during her little opening interview. Ummm, come again? Yes. One of the contestants got a call from her mother, whom is in federal prison, during her little interview in the beginning like it was the coolest thing in the world, when in fact it is very tragic. And I’m sorry, I am all for forgiveness and loving every single person no matter what just as Jesus does….but comeeee onnnnn. Like I said though, watching the show didn’t last long even though I had every intention of watching until I fell asleep around 10, but I just couldn’t. I also did not like how they were all so focused on sex and making everything about how he is/was a virgin…like can we get past that and move on? I’m sure I will watch more episodes but for now, I think I am going to steer clear of the first impression episodes. However, some of my favorites from just watching a short bit of the show on Monday are Hannah G., and Caelynn. If you watched who were your favorites so far?

Colton Underwood – The Bachelor Credit: ABC

Current Day Dream: I must admit, I need a vacation. I know, I know…“we just went to Disney”, but the truth is I don’t know when our next vacation will be and I really am just day dreaming about being on a beach under the hot sunshine in my bathing suit and loving life right now. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Dreaming of the Bahamas…

Current Need: Currently, I really need new sports bras, so I think I am going to get on that right now and shop online for some.

Current Annoyance: If you followed my Instagram stories yesterday, then you already know this, butttt I have always in my whole life hated the smell of celery. Like ever since I was a child. I would walk into my Memere’s house when I was younger and instantly knew when she had celery in the fridge because I cannot stand the smell of that stuff. Well, Michael thought it was a clever idea to buy celery and eat that stuff right next to me last night. I am not even kidding you, but I could smell it the second he took it out of the fridge and placed it into a bowl. AHH! The horror!!! He thinks I am just being dramatic but I must tell you, celery is the one thing I will notttttt mess with. I hate hate hate the smell of it. And even this morning I still cannot get that smell out of the house!!

Current Excitement: I get to switch out my Invisalign to my third tray tonight!! This is exciting because I am one week closer to the finish line and I truly just can’t wait to see what my teeth look like at the end of this!

Share some of your current happenings with me!! What is your current day dream?

I hope you have a great day!! Xoxo

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