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Weekend Review: A Really Cold Weekend

Hello!! Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a great weekend! Did you do anything fun? My weekend was pretty normal for me, I didn’t really do anything extra or too exciting, but it was all good! And to top it off, I am still “weekend-ing” over here and enjoying this extra (well not really extra since I still work on Saturday’s) day of relaxation before going back to work tomorrow! I must add that it has been FREEZING COLD here…like in the teens, people!! Winter, go away. I am cold.

Today marks FOUR years since Michael popped the most important question ever, when he asked me to marry him! You can read about our engagement story HERE, which I shared a while ago, but it is still such a good post because I love reliving that day!!

I’m here today to share a bit about my weekend with ya’ll! I apologize at the lack of pictures (like always, blogger fail), but it seems the only pictures I snapped this weekend were pretty much with my nephews, which is the highlight of it all if you ask me! Haha.

Friday I picked up Gio from school and the great news is he was actually happy to see me, which definitely made me happy. I stayed over my sister’s house for a little while to play with both of my boo’s before coming home. Michael had to work later than expected so I just hung around at home doing some cleaning, dancing (obviously…because if you don’t dance when you are alone, or even with your hubby, at your home then I feel sad for you), and relaxing! I ended up watching Real Housewives of New Jersey…draaammmaaaa….and then saw that Surviving R Kelly was on again so I tuned into that. But after a while I was getting creeped and was pretty much scaring myself (being home alone and watching anything but cheery, happy, Hallmark movie-ish shows really isn’t a good mix for me) so I browsed through the channels to find that Moana was on the Disney channel so you bet your girl watched that instead! Luckily Michael was able to come home around 8, so I was able to see him before bed and get over my creepy crawly feeling after that little scare I had when watching the R Kelly documentary…haha!

Saturday morning started early with a 2 mile run, and then the 45 minute power/dance mashup class for the New Year Best You challenge on obé. It was my second time doing the challenge workout and let me tell you…it didn’t get easier or anything but I did feel stronger and much less out of breath during the dance cardio circuits. Score! I had work until mid afternoon and Michael was working all day and night (boo to doubles), so I went over to my sister’s house after I hit up the tanning salon after work…because this girl was too cold and needed the extra warmth. Once I got home I happily snuggled on the couch with my blankets and watched The Notebook!

Sunday morning started early at 6am when I woke up to get my sweat on. Do you wake up early on your weekend days? I wake up normally around 6ish on both Sunday and Monday (which are technically my “weekend” days) but most of the time I wake up even earlier on Sunday’s because I have to get ready for church after my workouts. Anyways, once I was up I pressed play on two replay classes on obé. I did a define strength class and then a sweat dance class. After my workout and getting ready, Michael and I went to church. Once we were out of church, we hit up the grocery store because we figured we should get it done before the football game was on. Butttt apparently the whole entire town we live in thought the same exact thing because the place was PACKED. Like normally it takes us (the most) 25 minutes from the time we are in and out of the grocery store and back home..but it took us ONE HOUR. Ah! Regardless, we still made it back in time with about a half hour to spare before the football game started, so that is a win in my book! We watched the Patriots game all afternoon, and even got to take our Christmas tree down during half time….and guys, breaking news! Michael even brought the tree box into storage so it isn’t apart of our living room like it was since last year’s Christmas before we took it out of the box for this year. I was jumping up and down, screaming with joy because of it, but then was kind of sad to see the space so empty and lonely looking. You all know I LOVE Christmas so much and I just love Christmas trees! Why is it we have to take Christmas trees down? Why can’t we just leave them up all year and have an every Holiday tree? Birthday….tree! Valentine’s Day….tree! Easter…tree! Okay, I will stop, you get what I’m getting at here. Haha. Moving on! Once the Patriots WON we went over to my parent’s house since they had everyone over. We had fun hanging out with the family, and the boys had so much fun beating up…I mean playing… with Uncle Michael. Haha. When Michael and I got home we watched some of another football game (they never end), watched the latest episode of Ex on the Beach, and then SWAT!

This morning marked the start of the second week of the New Year Best You Challenge with obé! I started my morning with the new 45 minute level up workout class. For this week, the challenge class is a mash up of power and sculpt…and AHHHH!!! It was NO JOKE! By the time the sculpt segment came up (which was about 20ish minutes in) my whole body was shakinnnngggg and those pilates moves were extremely killer, but so good! I must tell you my whole body feels like jello now that it is over, haha. But once I was done with the 45 minute class, I jumped on my treadmill for a quick 2 mile run before finishing it off with a couple minutes of stretching. I am now ready to CRUSH this Monday after that workout and even though it was a hard workout, I feel so good after it!!

I hope you had a beautiful day, loves! Xoxo

2 thoughts on “Weekend Review: A Really Cold Weekend

  1. What does Mike do where he has to work double shifts so often? Is he a cop? Either way … I am glad that he was able to get home in time to help you decompress before bed after watch R Kelly.

    1. Yes girl! I was so thankful he was able to get home with enough time before I went to sleep after scaring myself from that documentary. Haha! He is in law enforcement, and works double shifts very often. I hope you are having a great week! 🙂

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