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Currently 1/16/19

Hey hey! Happy Wednesday beautiful people! I hope you are having a great week! We are half way to the weekend! 🙂 If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, than I don’t know what would.

I’m here to share a round of current happenings!

  • Current Book:

I am still reading You Are The One just like last week, I told you I was slowly reading it. But I am also reading my devotionals The Confident Woman every morning! I started this devotional last year when I bought it in like September, but I didn’t keep up with it daily so this year I am really making it a goal to read my devotionals every single day. This morning’s devotional was SO NEEDED. I mean, I really needed that today.

  • Current Work out:

Of course, obé! This week’s workout schedule is planned as:
Monday: 45 minute obé week 2 challenge class on replay; power & sculpt/ added 2 mile run after
Tuesday: obé HIIT class & obé strength class/added 1.5 mile run before
Wednesday: obé dance class & strength class/added a 3 mile run before
Thursday: obé HIIT class & sculpt class
Friday: obé dance class & sculpt class
Saturday: 45 minute obéweek 2 challenge class on replay; power & sculpt
Sunday: obé class on replay before church (& maybe dance class & sculpt class in the afternoon)

This schedule is just a rough plan of what I have been doing for workouts during the week and plan to do this week, with the classes changing daily, and most likely adding in a treadmill warm up/cool down before or after. I am not really “planning” for the treadmill because I am just listening to my body and hopping on it for a walk/run if I feel like it. The classes I take can change if obé’sschedule changes. For instance, yesterday I “planned” for a circuit & sculpt class, but it changed to a HIIT & strength class, which is totally fine with me! And I know I mentioned it before, but just because the name of the class is the same doesn’t mean I am doing the same workouts all the time; it differs from trainers and a strength class can be COMPLETELY different from another, etc.

  • Current Drink:

Water. And coffee. Okay guys, I’m like a broken record here every week sharing my “current drink” which is kind of stupid (yes I know) because it is the same every single week but it is seriously the only thing I drink ever. I drink at least two (large) bottles of water during/after my workout every morning, then get my large Dunkin’ coffee. When I get my coffee every morning I order it black, but then put some sweet ‘n low and a splash of Torani sugar free classic hazelnut syrup in it…and then heat it all up for about a minute. If you missed it, I LOVE my coffees burning hot. I don’t like “warm” coffee. It has to be H-O-T! Along with my coffee, I drink water, and then throughout the day I drink a number of bottles of water…I haven’t ever really kept track of how much water I drink in a day, but I think I will keep track one day and see what it really is. So, it’s pretty much all water and coffee over here.

  • Current TV Show:

Last night we watched Made In Staten Island and Chicago PD. Buttttt I finally tuned into Dirty John the other night, and now know what the hype is all about. I only watched 3 episodes, because I was home alone, the lights were off in every room, and I was starting to creep myself out and scare myself sooooo I figured it was best to stop watching and instead put on about 10 minutes of the Bachelor (I couldn’t take it any longer than that) before putting Ratatouille on for the rest of the night before I fell asleep.

Dirty John on bravo
  • Current Day Dream:

Just like last week, I am day dreaming about a tropical vacation. I sooooooo wish that I could say that I have something planned, but I don’t. So I’ll just be over here freezing my bum off wishing I was on a hot beach somewhere. 😉

  • Current Need:

I need to get my nails done, but I scheduled my next appointment for tomorrow, but I totally forgot that I used to (I say used to because I haven’t gone in over a month and a half) have counseling on Thursday’s at 4. I didn’t go every week, but I never scheduled anything else on Thursdays just in case it clashed with my counseling appt. Buttttt I totally forgot that usually like to leave Thursdays open and scheduled a nail appt for this week but I also have a chance to go to counseling. SO, I am in a pickle. I really need to get my nails done, but I also really need to get my mind right and go to counseling. If I can’t get another appt for my nails than you know what this girl is going to be doing tomorrow afternoon. I can’t be walking around with ratchet nails.

  • Current Annoyance:

I actually typed some of this blog post up on last night while laying on the couch and suffering from a badddddd headache. TMI ahead: I am getting my not so nice lady friend this week and I am NOT looking forward to it at all. Blahhhhhhh. Whenever it is my time of the month I get headaches before/during along with stomach cramps. Oh the joys of being a lady. Do you suffer from any symptoms also? Have you found anything that helps you? I take Tylenol, but it doesn’t really help that much.

  • Current Excitement:

Since I like to find excitement in every single thing, no matter how big or small, today I am excited that I CRUSHEDDDD my workout this morning! I went all in full out, and feel so good! Doesn’t a really good workout just make you super happy and excited?!

Now tell me! What is your current excitement?

Have a beautiful HUMP DAYYYY! Xoxo

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