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A New Chapter & Weekend Recap!

Helloooo!! Happy Monday! How are you doing? Thank you so much for reading my blog today! I hope you had a great weekend and are feeling happy on this beautiful (and frigid cold) Monday morning!

This is probably going to be a long blog post ahead. But bare with me, I have lots to say and I want to get it all out for you!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen that I shared on my stories this past Friday that I have closed one chapter in my life and am starting a new one. I didn’t talk about it on here because I didn’t want to put it out there until it was final, but my Mom and I have sold our cosmetics store and will no longer be working there anymore. Our last day was supposed to be on February 1, but it came sooner (Friday), so even if I wanted to talk about it on here before the end date I probably would have done so more towards the end of the month, but since it is now final, I figured I should share with ya’ll what’s going on!! As you know, I started this blog a little over a year and a half ago, all while I was working with my Mama at our store, so I guess you all know me as working at the store with her. Right? Even though it has been so great working with her for two years, it was time to sell it to a new owner (who is FABULOUS) and move on. This brings both relief and uncertainty. Relief because it will be a weight lifted off of our shoulders but uncertainty (obviously) because I don’t know what is next. Which is pretty much why my one word for this year is TRUST. Because while this whole thing could bring up a bunch of nerves for me, I am choosing to embrace it and TRUST that the Lord has great plans for me no matter what, TRUST that He always comes through and TRUST that He knows what is best for me. We (my Mama and I) both feel good about our decision, and while it does make me feel a little sad because I won’t be working with her anymore, I am happy.

However, I’m sure you know by now, I don’t really like change, and this is definitely a change. My days pretty much looked the same for the past two years and being as I am such a planner, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any kind of anxiousness in me. Not having any plans for this coming year is what brings up those anxious feelings. BUT (and that’s a big but) to tell you the truth, putting my trust and faith in the Lord has really helped bring me peace about it all. I am really happy, content, and really just enjoying my life. Sure, I don’t know what the future will bring, and I don’t know if/when I will get a new job, but for right now I think I am going to focus on me. I am going to take this time to really do whatever makes ME happy.

It felt very surreal waking up on Saturday morning and not having to rush around in the morning to get ready for work, and I am sure it will feel this way this whole first week. I fully embraced not having to be anywhere and enjoyed some “me” time on Saturday. We all need it, right? I feel like I never really take time to just relax and have “me” time, I mean sure I am home alone often but I am always doing something. I usually feel like I ‘have to’ be doing something, like if I am sitting on the couch when I am home alone I feel like I am lazy and have to get up and do something. Do you ever feel like that? I don’t know, maybe it is just me, but I am going to try to focus on doing more for ME. Not putting pressure on myself to always be doing ‘something’ even if I feel like I just want to be on the couch for hours and watch some Bravo.

Although I am not working full time at the store with my Mama anymore, we are an extremely close family (I like to think) and I know I will still see her just as much as I want to, and I think it will be better for our relationship to not be working together anymore. I mean, you know we all have our grouchy moments and all! (No one is perfect!) Along with that, I am still working as a Disney Travel Planner and going to focus my all on that. I haven’t talked about that on here, but if you want more information please email me and I would LOVE to help you plan your next Disney vacation! 🙂 🙂

Now, let’s get into what this past weekend looked like for me! Spoiler: it doesn’t look much different from any of my other weekends. HA.

Friday: I started my final day of work with a quick run, then logged into obé for a live define sculpt and live sweat dance. I got my obé ankle weights in on Thursday so I was eager to try those babies out and they did NOT disappoint during that define sculpt was inner thigh focused and mannnnn did it burn so good!

Michael was working another double shift so once I was done work (literally, done), I went to the grocery store, and then went over to my parent’s house (because it had been a whole hour of not seeing them, hahaha) for a little before picking up a salad for dinner. I came home to eat dinner and watch Real Housewives of New Jersey…because, DRAMAAAA! I was spontaneously in a cleaning mood, and not just like the regular cleaning mood I am usually in that is like dusting or vacuuming or something like that, no…I was in the mood to clean OUT something. So, I cleaned out my whole entire dresser which was filled with SIX drawers of clothes from high school and college. Yes, I literally haven’t even opened those drawers in THAT LONG people. (I have a problem, I know). I always just put my clothes in piles in the closet, but now I actually have a dresser to fill again! It felt good. I literally had five ginormous trash bags filled with old clothes to donate. Might I add that bags of clothes are extremely HEAVY. Holy moly.

Saturday: I started my day of NO WORK (a Saturday with no work…what?!) with the 45 minute level up challenge from the New Year Best You challenge on obé which was the power and sculpt mash up for the second time (they suggest you do the challenge workout twice in that week), then tuned in live for another define sculpt class so I could whip out my ankle weights again!

I took my time relaxing, reading my devotional, sipping my coffee, listening to my worship music all morning before heading out with to Salvation Army with my Dad to drop off the 5 large trash bags filled with the old clothes. I also went to my sister’s house to snuggle and play with my boos for a little bit before coming home and RELAXED on the couch…on a Saturday! Okay, maybe next week I won’t be so annoying about being off on a Saturday, but for now just let me soak in it for a little longer. I watched the rest of Dirty John (in the daylight, thank you Jesus), I had two more episodes to go, and I timed it perfectly for it to end right when Michael was on his way home…perfect! Once he got home we relaxed for a little before heading out to the grocery store once again to stock up for the “big storm” we were going to get the next day. The weather people said were all over the place and said we were expected to get anywhere between one to two feet of snow Saturday night into Sunday, and then more snow on Sunday. We also went to Dunkin’ to get a box of joe for the morning, because yes I am crazy and I do not want to make coffee at home…it just doesn’t taste the same okay?! Haha. Once we got home we watched the most recent episode of The Masked Singer and OMG!!! Michael totally knew who it was, and I guessed it was him also after he explained to me who it was…because sometimes I can’t put a face to a name and I need some explaining with it, haha. I will not spoil it for you if you have not seen it, don’t worry. But I love that show so much and find it so fun to guess who the singers are! The anticipation kills me! We also watched Ex on the Beach and before bed we put on UFC fights and then I eventually fell asleep after 10ish.

Sunday: I was totally prepared for a day of not leaving the house and being stuck because of the snow. I also knew ahead of time that church service was cancelled so I decided to sleep in a bit. It felt SO good to sleep until 7am guys. I still woke up at 6 but actually fell back asleep for another hour, it was glorious!

When I got out of bed I peeked out of the window expecting to see that we were buried in snow, but we didn’t get that much snow like the weather people had said…just enough to be annoying, but it changed over to freezing rain early in the morning so it was pretty nasty outside…which you could imagine freezing rain over snow doesn’t really make for some clear roads, right? Anyways, first thing I did was get my workout on! I pressed play on two replay classes on obé: define sculpt and sweat HIIT. Ahhh! That HIIT class was full of all of the crazy moves. Rolling ball burpees? You bet! Burpee lunges? You bet that too! The list goes on and on but mannnn was it killer! I literally had sweat flying off of me. Felt so good though! After my workout, I showered and then heated up some coffee before tuning into Joel Osteen, and later read my devotional and put on some worship music (just like Saturday! I really like this habit!). The plow guy (I think it is funny that I call the guys that come to plow our driveway the “plow guy” but every year when they are here that is what I call them, hahahah) came here around 10:45ish so we went out to clean our cars off, ummm and let me tell you.. the snow was so HEAVY because of the layers of freezing rain that was on top of the snow, but I had Michael help me so it wasn’t too bad…I was just FROZEN! I ran inside after to snuggle up under the blankets for a little while before Michael went off to jujitsu (I told him that he was crazy for driving to class, especially since it was about 45 minutes away from us, and to be super careful) and I got ready to tune in for a couple live workouts on obé. I tuned in for the define sculpt class and the sweat dance class….I surprisingly had so much energy and was feeling so good which is why I stuck around for dance. I normally don’t workout that much in one day, but seeing how I was cooped up in the house it felt so good to break up my afternoon with some movement and sweat! But, you bet the rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing on the couch, reading, and browsing through social media. Michael got home just in time for football, which we watched for the rest of the day….and basically had a panic attack all throughout the second half of the Patriots/Chiefs game. Buttttt, THEY WON!!!! Sorry if you are a Chiefs fan, I’m sad for you, you should be a Patriots fan instead…just saying. 😉 I knew they were going to win, and I stuck to my gut instinct even before they started. Because hello, I have faith in them and TB is the GOAT! And yes, this girl stayed up past her normal bedtime for the game and then was all pumped up so I didn’t end up going to sleep until maybe 11. Party animal, I know.

This morning: Today marks week three of the New Year Best You Challenge with obé! This week’s workout is a 45 minute dance/strength mash up class and is obviously AMAZING! I woke up sore from yesterday, so I took a couple minutes to stretch before starting my workout. After that challenge class I tuned in for a live sculpt class!

It is literally negative degrees outside today here, and I am not so happy about it. But, I have a hair appointment later this morning (yippee!!!) and will probably make my way over to my sister’s house and my parent’s house at some point…can’t go more than a day without seeing them guys, c’mon now! 😉 Michael is off today too so I am also looking forward to some more time with him before his work week starts tomorrow!

…I warned you it was going to be a long blog post 😉 Have a beautiful day, loves! Xoxo

What did you do this weekend?
Are you a person who likes to have everything planned out?

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