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Thursday Thoughts: Is It Summer Yet?

Good morning! Happy Thursday to you! I hope you are having a great week!

I didn’t mean to leave you hanging since Monday, but I really just wasn’t feeling it. I have been feeling a little blah this week and didn’t feel like typing up a blog post until this morning. It’s totally okay to have a day (or two) where you just feel yucky, not like yourself, and kinda sad, but it is not okay to stay that way for a while. SO, since I am practicing what I am preaching, it is a new day and I am turning that weird crumby feeling around! We all have days like that friend, and it’s okay.

Unfortunately I do have a bad headache this morning that I’ve had since last night, but I am pushing through and getting this typed up for you. In the mean time, if anyone has any tips on how to get rid of bad headaches, please send them my way. Usually Excedrin Migraine helps but it hasn’t been helping. I put in a new Invisalign tray yesterday when I went to the orthodontist so I am thinking my head hurts (maybe) from my teeth. Either way, I am over it and need this to go away! (Oh, and I will have an Invisalign update soon!)

Anyways, regardless of this headache I have going on, I am here to share a round of Thursday Thoughts with you because there’s nothing more that I love than to share some random thoughts on a Thursday!

We started watching Temptation Island these past two nights, and all I kept thinking was that it was the most stupidest show ever. Why anyone would go on an island to put yourself in a house with lots of men/women, who are single when you are not, and who are all looking to steal you away from your significant other is beyond me. If you need to kiss other people to figure out if the person you are with is for you, then I’m sorry to tell you, that person is probably not for you. But of course, I was the one that wanted to watch it and we will continue to watch. Because…drama. My thought after that third episode is that none of those couples should be together. Plain and simple.

I went to TJMaxx with my Mama the other day and literally scored big in the food section. I didn’t know they had SO MANY gluten free/vegan snack options. Since Michael has been eating vegan this month I have been trying to buy more options for him to eat (besides fruits and veggies, which is my jam)…and I think the things I bought him have been a hit! Along with all the snacks, I got a couple new sports bras and workout tanks. I don’t know about you but whenever I get new workout clothes I am always more excited to workout…if that is at all possible, I am pretty much always super excited to workout haha.

Speaking of workouts, I was going to share my schedule yesterday but since I didn’t even end up blogging, why not share in today’s pos, right?!
Monday: 45 minute Level Up challenge class on obé & 3 mile run
Tuesday: Sculpt & dance class on obé *I had “planned” to do a circuit class before that sculpt class, but I overslept..so my plans changed!
Wednesday: 2.5 mile run, then a strength class & dance class on obé
Thursday: Quick run, circuit & sculpt on obé
Friday: Sculpt & dance on obé & maybe a dance class in the afternoon
Saturday: 45 minute Level Up challenge class on obé
Sunday: obé replay class before church, and then probably sculpt & dance in the afternoon

As you can see, I schedule out my workouts and pretty much stick to this same schedule every week unless the classes change on obé (like I had mentioned in past posts. I like having a “plan” for what my workouts will look like and usually like to reserve my spot in the classes I plan on taking on obé even though if you reserve a class and don’t take it, it doesn’t matter, and the class doesn’t have a limit or anything. I think it is ultimately just to keep yourself accountable and to motivate yourself! I usually check the schedule again the night before to pump myself up for the workout I am going to do the next morning. Along with my obé classes, I usually like to add in a run or incline walk before or after, but I don’t really plan for that. I just do it if I feel like it, and on most days I just want to run.

The other night I had a dream that I was booking flights for next month to Disney for the princess race weekend. I am SO sad I am not going. I still look up flights and rooms and everything just to see if it is still a possibility. Michael has to work, but I am trying to make a way where we can go. Unfortunately I think I will be having this same dream up until that weekend is over. BIG sad face over here. I can’t believe I will be missing a race that I signed up for, which happened to me the first time I ever signed up for a Disney race…that was back two (?) years ago but I was really sad that I wasn’t able to go run around my favorite place in the world, so at that moment I made a promise to myself that this would never happen again, but here I am…back to that moment. I don’t want to go alone, and I WANT TO(oops, typo before) go with Michael, point blank. So if you guys can help a sister out and convince Michael to go with me, that would be great. 😉

We are officially in this mighty fierce POLAR VORTEX that everyone has been experiencing. It is negative degrees outside and absolutely freezing. I mean, I literally can’t imagine having to be outside today and leave the house to go anywhere (besides to Dunkin to get a coffee)…but the bad news is I have to go to the grocery store. That will be fun. IS IT SUMMER YET??? Unfortunately after I just typed that, I looked up a countdown to summer…and the outcome isn’t nice. Folks, there is a whole 121 days until summer. WHOMP WHOMP.

Real footage of me…all day today

Your turn!
Is it freezing where you live?

I hope you have a beautiful day, even if you are frozen like me! Xoxo

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