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Weekend Recap: Super Bowl Weekend

Happy Monday friends and happy day after the super bowl! I hope you had a great weekend! I always used to think the Monday after the super bowl should be a day off from school and work, don’t you agree? 😉

I’m here today to share a little bit of a recap about what my weekend looked like. As you can imagine, it didn’t really look much different than a normal weekend around here, but it always seems to fly by if you ask me.

Before diving in, I just wanted to talk about something real quick that’s been on my mind. This weekend I’ve been dealing with some anxiety and some not so great feelings. I know I mentioned previously that I was feeling pretty just “blah” last week, and unfortunately I think that all rolled into anxiety. I’ve been waking up the past four nights in a panic around 3am, again around 4:45am, and then again around 5:30am. I sometimes wake up screaming in the night (which is awful) and then never remember until Michael tells me about it, but these past nights haven’t been like that, which is I guess both good and bad because I am not screaming, but I still wake up several times in a panic…the difference is I am actually awake and not yelling or screaming or anything, just panicked, and I don’t like it. I can’t figure out what is wrong, but I feel almost like I am going to miss something/something is happening…I don’t even know, so I just pray and eventually fall back asleep or get up. I’m praying these panic wake ups stop soon because I really don’t sleep well. We all know where these feelings of anxiety/stress/panic come from, we ALL KNOW that Jesus doesn’t want us to live in this state and live with this feeling, and number one: those thoughts and feelings do not come from Him, so I am trying to refocus my mind on HAPPY and positive things. And along with that mess, I am still feeling really bummed that I won’t be running in the Princess 10K this year. I know I talked about it last week, but it kind of is eating me up. I’m still trying to convince Michael to go with me, but as the days go by I realize more and more that the race is coming up so soon and this girl obviously won’t be there. Boo.

Alright, enough of that…moving right along to my weekend recap!

After publishing that blog post on Thursday, that major headache that I had since Wednesday night didn’t really go away and welcomed me again the next morning (Friday) unfortunately, so that kind of put a damper on things. But I did get in a 2 hour nap on Thursday, which felt so good but didn’t really help with the headache so much. Michael has lavender oil as well as this CBD hemp recovery cream that I put on my head (not at the same time, hours apart) to try to make it feel better. Overall, the cream helped more than the oil because it kind of felt like it was numbing a little bit, so I was really thankful Michael made me put it on my forehead. (I think he could tell I really wasn’t feeling that good.) So besides going to the grocery store that morning during that polar vortex, I didn’t really leave the house again and I was totally okay with that.

Friday morning started with both a sculpt and dance class on obé that made me forget that my head was hurting and actually made me feel better for the time being. I admit though when I first started working out I really wasn’t feeling it, but the trainer was so motivating and energetic that it made me push past that feeling and made me get into it! I was feeling good! My headache came back a little while later when I went to help my Mom with something and realized that I probably just needed to relax and rest up some more for the day, so that is exactly what I did once I got home. I even took another nap during the afternoon (shocking, I know). Once Michael got home from work my head was actually FINALLY feeling better (praise the Lord!) so we went to run a couple errands and then came home for dinner and to catch up on some of our DVR’d shows. We watched Ex On The Beach, Floribama Shore, and the first episode from this season of How To Get Away With Murder. So good!

Saturday morning I finally woke up headache free, WOO HOO, and finally feeling like my peppy self again even though I woke up several times during the night. I started the day with the 45 minute level up week 4 workout from the New Year Best You Challenge on obé. It was the second time around doing that week’s challenge workout which was a dance and sculpt class, and was definitely sore already half way through haha. After that workout class I was feeling really good so I finished with a 2 mile run on the treadmill. During the day I went to my sister’s house and then to my parent’s house to visit them all. I came home a little while later to hang around, clean and do some laundry until Michael got home from jujitsu later in the day. Not much went on over here, totally a wild and crazy Saturday. Haha.

Sunday morning started out early. I woke up throughout the night/early morning again so at 5:55 I just decided to get up. I started the day with both a circuit and a strength class on replay on obé and got super sweaty. I usually just do one class in the morning on Sunday’s before church and then again in the afternoon once we get home, but I wasn’t going to workout in the afternoon so I decided to do two in the morning instead. Michael and I went to church, then once we got home he went to jujitsu and I went to my parent’s house for a little while. Later in the afternoon Michael and I snuggled on the couch (isn’t that what Sunday’s are for? Snuggles? I think so.) before getting a salad for dinner before the super bowl started. The rest of the night was spent watching the super bowl. Even though I cheered for football in the past, I still have to ask him frequently “what is going on?” “what does that mean?” like I have no idea. Haha. Oops.I was pretty much watching for the commercials but did get into the actual game too, even though a bunch of people say it was the “worst game” and was “boring”…the ending was great! BUT, that half time show was the WORST EVER guys! THE. WORST. EVER.!!!!! I was mad at it because of how bad it was, and then was in constant laughter because I couldn’t believe that was really happening. But, of course, the Patriots made up for it in the end and WON!!

This morning marked the fifth and final week of the New Year Best You challenge with obé! This week’s 45 minute workout is CRAZY, intense, and pretty much ALL THE THINGS a workout should be. It’s dance, sculpt, HIIT, and power ALL IN ONE! Ahhh!! Literally killed me but I felt SO GOOD after because I finished it and was so so sweaty! I can’t wait to do it again this week. As for the rest of the day, I have an appointment this morning to get my nails and lashes filled and since Michael is off from work I think we are going to do some errands later and mayyy be going to the mall so I might get some shopping in. We will see!

Now you tell me!
What did you do this weekend?
Who were you rooting for during the Super Bowl?

I hope you have a fabulous start to the new week ahead! Xoxo

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