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Thursday Thoughts: Back To Living In An Igloo

Hey hey! Happy Thursday to you! I hope you are having a great week!

I don’t really know what happened yesterday, but I had a post all ready to go and I guess I just never published it. Whoops. However, you weren’t really missing anything unusual around here and now I can just talk about all the things with you in this Thursday Thoughts post instead! Ready for a bunch of randoms? 😉

I was totally FULL of energy this morning and went absolutely CRAY during my workout. I started out with a quick 2 mile run, then tuned in to HIIT and sculpt on obé , and then continued to sweat my booty off during a circuit class. I don’t know where all of my energy came from, but I felt like a crazy person since I was having so much fun during all of that.

Since I didn’t get to share this week’s workout ‘plan’ with ya’ll yesterday in that never published blog post, here it is:
Monday: Week 5 Level Up 45 minute obé challenge workout; dance, HIIT, sculpt, & power
Tuesday: Sculpt, HIIT, and another sculpt
Wednesday: 2.5 mile run, Sculpt & dance
Thursday: 2 mile run, HIIT & sculpt, & circuit
Friday: Sculpt & dance
Saturday: Week 5 Level Up 45 challenge workout again
Sunday: A class on obé replay before church, maybe sculpt & dance in the afternoon
And as usual, that is just like a rough draft of what my workouts will look like for the rest of the week with showing you what I already have done up to today. Like I’ve said before, this will change if obé’s schedule changes, but that only happens sometimes. I like having a plan for the week because it keeps me accountable and motivated!

Tuesday was another gorgeous day outside…just like Monday had been. it reached 60 degrees and I was outside with no jacket on. Crazy, I know. I was obsessed with that little spring tease and I didn’t want to see it go, but of course we must all remember that we are in the month of February and when you live in Massachusetts, that means it is WINTER! Yesterday wasn’t too bad out either, but today it’s back to the freezing winter weather that makes you not want to go anywhere but your bed. Haha. It’s cold, rainy, and back to looking like we live in an igloo with all of the ice on the trees. I don’t know about you, but when it is warm(er) outside and sunny, my mood instantly becomes better and I am a much happier person no matter what!

I’ve been pretty spoiled these past couple days…Michael got out of work super early yesterday and didn’t work a double shift on Tuesday like I thought he would, so I have been really soaking up all of that time. I’ve felt like a child on Christmas morning (okay, I guess I feel that “child like feeling” every year, no matter what age I am) whenever he gets home and run to the door to greet him. I think it’s really important to greet your husband/wife when they get home from work with hugs, kisses and smiles, unless something is wrong (ya know what I mean), but the way I see it is: I don’t know what kind of a day he has had, and if he is able to come home and feel a breath of fresh air when I open the door with a smile and a hug, then I think that is GREAT!

I’ve been paying attention to how much water I drink in a day since I am home now and really focusing on drinking MORE water! I mean, I always thought that I drink a good amount of it but now that I am paying more attention to it, I realized I drink somewhere around 100-150 oz of water a day. I usually carry around a 23.7 fl oz water bottle with me everywhere, and have been counting the times I refill it…and that is usually around 6 or 7 times a day. Before I started paying attention to this I don’t think I drank as much water as I do now, so just being mindful of it has made me drink more!

I went to the mall yesterday to do some shopping and for once left Victoria’s Secret with NOTHING! Yes, nothing. If you watched my Instagram stories yesterday than you already know this, but I wanted to talk about it on here too. I walked into the store and was instantly greeted by this nice sales associate, asked me if I needed any help (I said no thank you) and then told me about the free things I could get if I spent X amount of money. I thanked her again and continued to walk in and peruse the store. She then proceeded to follow me around and wherever I went she popped up. I kept moving right along and looked at other things, but there she was. When I was at the perfume section she put some lotion on my hands and at the time I didn’t really mind because I THOUGHT it smelt good, but then realized that I didn’t like that smell once I left the store. Anyways, other customers eventually came into the store in which I fled the scene and walked (ran) right out of there. I just wanted to shop, girl! I mean, it is so nice to go into a store and be instantly greeted, but not like followed. I totally get when you go into a store where you actually need the employees help, but I didn’t need her help. Has this ever happened to you? Did it make you not want to shop there anymore? Because that’s what I totally felt like.

Oh, and hold on a second, let’s go right back to the fact that somehow stores make it so any and all types of smells (perfumes, lotions, etc.) smell 100X better in the store……do you know what I mean? Like I will spray a new perfume in the store, walk out of said store, and go into the car, I then realize it doesn’t seem to smell like that heavenly smell I just smelt in the store. C’mon ladies, do you know what I mean? Or am I really going cray? Haha. 😉

Along with the mall, I went to Target to pick up a book that I’ve been meaning to buy for a while now. It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way by Lysa Terkeurst. I just started it yesterday and I can’t wait to really dive into it. I LOVED reading her book Uninvited so I already know this book will blow me away too.

We watched the most recent episode of Temptation Island last night and guys….I’m telling you, these people should not be together. I may or may not have had tears in my eyes for these people. Clearly it is just a reality tv show, but I get really upset about it. Michael and I may have had a heated disagreement about these people because he is all rooting for these guys to do stuff with these single ladies and I am all like screaming at the tv telling them no! The grass isn’t always greener on the other side and OF COURSE these “single” men/ladies are going to put on their BEST SELVES for a brief time to win you over and make it so you cannot resist temptation..because, it is reality tv. But, as I’ve said before, if you need to go onto a tv show with your significant other where there is “temptation”, then flat out you should NOT be with that person. But, like always, I will continue to watch while rolling my eyes because I love me some reality tv drama.

Alrighty…I’ll leave you with this funny story: I asked Michael to open the pink himalayan salt container last night while I was cooking him dinner, but instead he channeled his inner Hulk and completely broke the top off…which made it so there was pink himalayan salt ALL OVER the living room and into our bed room. Yes. That happened. It was a big mess. And if you want to know something about me, I HATE MESSES!! So since I am brainless I got the vacuum out but apparently our vacuum doesn’t like large chunks of pink salt…so the vacuum sounded like it was breaking….as Michael was laughing at me (I know he was, don’t tell me he wasnt) and just waiting for me to stop vacuuming and say “it’s not working”, he came to the rescue and swept it up. Once it was all clean I could laugh about it and most importantly laugh at his Hulk strength, but at the time the pink salt everywhere wasn’t so funny. Silly Michael, he must not know his Hulk strength can come out at anytime. Haha.

Thanks for reading my blog today! Have a beautiful day! Xoxo

Your turn! How much water do you usually drink in a day?

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