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Weekend Recap: Those ‘Laugh So Hard Your Stomach Hurts’ Moments

Good morning! Happy Monday! Thanks for coming by my blog today, I appreciate you!

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was a pretty normal one around here, it included lots workouts, snuggles, family and hubby time. What about you? Did you do anything super fun and exciting?

Thursday: Michael ended up working a double shift so he didn’t get home until late that night, so I was alone the whole day. Somehow I kept myself busy all day and was on the go for most of it. I had to go to (our old, feels so weird saying that..haha) the store for a little in the morning, then I ran a bunch of errands, went to the tanning salon (it was a cold, rainy day), went shopping for a bit of groceries, and by the time 6pm rolled around I was ready for dinner, and Real Housewives of New Jersey. Once that was over, I snuggled on the couch and read It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way and remembered why I love Lysa so much since reading her book Uninvited. (If you haven’t read either books, I highly recommend you get your little booty on over to Amazon to get them..and you don’t even need to move your booty to do that!)

Friday: I started with a sculpt and dance class on obé. Guys, if you ever thought dance cardio was “easy” you have GOT TO BE JOKING. Have you ever tried to dance with weights? Usually during the class I take on Friday’s (and sometimes other days), we have full out dance cardio for 2 songs, a sculpt series (think: lunges, balancing, etc. with weights), dance with weights for 1 song, and then go full out dance cardio again for 2 more songs….and add some plank series in there too. So, you got another thing coming for you if you take any dance cardio class and think you “won’t sweat” or anything because I am telling you it is NOTHING I have ever done before….super fun, super sweaty, and you are guaranteed to get your heart rate WAY up for all of those 28 minutes if you are on obé. I promise, it is the best time ever. However, like I say, no two obé classes are identical so one trainer may teach a dance class this way and another one could be a choreographed dance, and another could be all follow along. But they are all so fun, and will all make you super sweaty!

Anyways, my Friday was extremely chill. The rain cleared from Thursday and the sun was shining and it actually wasn’t really too cold out (around 50 degrees), but I didn’t really do much of anything besides check on my parent’s cat, read, and watch some tv. Michael eventually got home after 5ish and then it was time to get dinner, relax, and catch up on a couple of our shows we had in our DVR! Our Friday night consisted of some “A+” reality tv shows (haha): Ex on the Beach, and Floribama Shore, and then the most recent episode of The Masked Singer. I was shocked at the end of that one I had no idea that was who was under that mask (don’t worry, I won’t ruin it for you if you haven’t watched yet!). Michael was super tired so he fell asleep a bit early, and I got to watch the Hallmark Channel, which I must add that THEY ARE PLAYING CHRISTMAS MOVIES ON FRIDAY NIGHTS NOW!!! WHAAAAT!!!!! Praise Jesus!

Saturday: Fun fact: Saturday morning I could have slept in all morning long. However, I don’t really do that often and I didn’t just want to sleep all day and feel yucky, so I got out of bed around 6:30 to get my workout on. I was sore from the classes I did Friday morning, so I stretched for a couple minutes before hitting play on two replay classes on obé. The classes I did were sculpt and HIIT. They were both killer and my whole body was doneeee by the time that HIIT class was over with. Burpees kill me every single time, I tell you! (I hate them. Shh, don’t tell anyone.) After my workout, I spent my morning drinking my coffee, reading my devotional, watching a bit of a Hallmark movie, and doing laundry. I also went over to my parent’s house to visit with them. (They were away this past week.) And I tagged along with my Dad when he had to go to a couple stores. I left their house and came on home for the rest of the afternoon, until I went back over there a couple hours later since my sister and the boys were over, and Michael was still at work. It felt SO GOOD to see them! The boys and I ran around my parent’s house for what felt like an hour, and played some games (which was basically just running around as Avengers characters and “getting the bad guys”…I just love imagination play!) and had a great time. I came home around 6 to eat dinner, and watch Million Dollar Listing LA that I had waiting for me in our DVR. Michael eventually came home around 8ish (yay) and we hung out for the rest of the night. We were both being really silly all night (per usual behavior) and ended the day with one of those ‘laugh so hard your stomach hurts’ moments…you know what I’m talking about? When you’re laughing so hard, tears are coming down your face and your stomach hurts (well, maybe my abs hurt so much because they were already sore to begin with, haha) from laughing so hard!? Haha. It is the best, and I wish you so many more of the ‘laugh so hard your stomach hurts’ moments in your life!

Sunday: The morning started with the last 45 minute level up New Year Best You obé challenge workout mashup consisting of ALL THE THINGS: power, sculpt, dance, and HIIT. I admit, I was going to do that class on Saturday morning but I guess I forgot about it so I just did it on Sunday instead, no biggie. Michael and I headed to church and once we got home he went to jujitsu and I went over to my sister’s house. I brought over some donuts (Gio requested “100 donuts”) and got lots of snuggles and fun playing with my boos.

I also stopped by my parent’s house for a bit. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing some laundry, and cleaning up until Michael got home from jujitsu later on. I was very thankful to have the rest of the day with him, since he has been working a ton. We watched the Grammy’s before going to bed.

This morning started with a 3 mile run, then some obé replay classes. I decided to do a sculpt class and a dance class both from last week. I was so so sweaty and feeling great the whole time, I could have even done another class after that but I didn’t. Even though I love live classes more than replay, I do like going back and re-doing a workout class that I already took to see how I progress with the moves and get more familiar with them. Just another thing I love about obé!! 😉

Michael is off today and even though he is going to jujitsu this morning, I am looking forward to spending the day with him later. The “weekend” goes too fast and I wish I had more days to spend with him before he goes back to woking like a crazy man!

I hope you have a beautiful Monday! Xoxo

Your turn!
When was the last time you laughed so hard your tummy hurt?
Did you watch the Grammy’s?

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