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Invisalign Treatment Update: 8 Weeks In

Hey hey! Happy hump day!! I hope you are having a beautiful Wednesday! Regardless of the gross weather we are having (snow, rain, ice…all the things winter is), it sure is already a great day!

I’m here today to share a bit of an Invisalign update with you! Missed any of my other posts about my Invisalign treatment? Find my original post HERE, and my first update HERE.

Two weeks ago I went to the orthodontist for my 6 week appointment where I got the rest of my Invisalign trays for my treatment. As I’ve talked about previously, I was given the Express 10 treatment which comes with 10 trays on December 20th. Originally, my doctor told me to switch into a new Invisalign tray set every 10 days, but when I just went to the orthodontist, my doctor told me that I am now able to change them out on that 7th day instead of the 10th day, because I explained to him how the trays became not so tight anymore by day 7 (day 6 sometimes), and was a little worried they weren’t really working after that. So, since I am now able to switch them out every 7 days instead of 10 days, this means that I am speeding it up and will be done with my treatment a little earlier. YAY! But not so fast, because they did inform me that I am able to get another round of treatment once that end date comes if my teeth aren’t fixed/straight/perfect/to my liking, but I am praying and having faith that I won’t need anymore because I don’t want to have this longer than necessary.

As far as them being annoying, to be honest it is still a bit annoying to have to take the Invisalign trays out before eating, but it is just normal behavior now and I am really used to it. It just kind of makes me double think if I reeeeally am hungry, or if I am just bored, and ask myself if I reeeeally want to eat something and go through the hassle of taking my Invisalign out and stuff. I am also slightly still annoyed that I have to brush my teeth and my Invisalign trays after every meal (which is another reason why I double think if I “really” want to eat something, haha). I should not here that I wasn’t advised to brush my trays after every meal, just my teeth (or rinse m mouth with warm water if I don’t have access to brushing my teeth at the moment), but I feel gross if I don’t brush them too, if you get what I mean.

Along with the annoyance, my speech is still funny with them in, but Michael says he doesn’t even notice so I think (like always) I am just being super picky with myself. I can definitely tell when I am talking in my Instagram stories and hate watching them back because of my “retainer talk”, but I’m not gonna let that hold me back from talking! Because hello…I am a pretty talkative person! I am happy though that Michael and my family don’t mind that I can’t really pronounce words as well as I used to, and I sometimes slur my s’s..haha. 😉

As far as my teeth moving, I can tell the difference and even though it isn’t huge, it still makes me excited. Even though I am staying hopeful that I will be done after just one round of treatment (which would be in exactly ONE MONTH from today!), there is still a bit of me that doubts it because I don’t see a ‘drastic’ change in my teeth. My main concern is my front teeth and I want those to be straight, so please please keep your fingers crossed that it happens and I only have to do one round of Invisalign treatment!

I have fully gotten used to the appearance of having them in too and have gotten over the fact that I thought they were “ugly”. I actually don’t think they are too bad now! I also got over my stage of “everyone is staring at my teeth” phase, where I completely kept my mouth shut (even when smiling) to avoid people staring at my teeth. Now, that little phase only lasted a couple days (well, maybe more like a week or so) after getting them in, but it wasn’t fun either. If you know me, you know that I like to smile! Smiling’s my favorite!

The pain has gone away besides the first one to two days of putting a new set of trays in. I just switched out into a new set of trays last night before I went to sleep and let me tell you, I was definitely cursing in the bathroom while putting these babies in. They are really tight when putting them in the first time, but after a little bit they I guess form to my teeth and aren’t so tight. I definitely feel the pain (not so much pain, but just tightness and discomfort) when I take them out too. But, like I said in my first update, it is NOTHING like those first four-five days after getting them. That was brutal, and I am glad my mouth and teeth have adjusted to them!

Do you have any questions about my Invisalign treatment? I would love to answer of the questions you may have about it! 🙂

Have a fabulous day, loves! Thank you so much for reading my blog today! Xoxo

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