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Weekend Recap: The Weekend I Should Have Been In Disney World But Wasn’t

Good morning friends! Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

My weekend was much less fun than last weekend, but I still enjoyed every second of it. Sometimes you just need a low key kinda weekend, you know what I mean? Even though I tend to have lots of weekends like that, I love it. Michael worked so very much and I don’t know how, but worked straight from 6am Friday morning-4pm Saturday afternoon, so I was pretty much alone for most of the weekend. I am so grateful he is so hard working, driven, and successful, but I was really happy I got to spend the day with him yesterday!

Guys. I was struggling this weekend with not being in Disney World. BUT, I am very thankful that it worked out so that I wasn’t there. Why you ask? Well firstly, Saturday night I hardly slept because my throat hurt, and secondly, it is SO windy outside today. Seeing how we were supposed to be flying home today I am very very thankful that 1. I don’t have to be stuck in an airport with delays or 2. I don’t have to be on an awfully turbulent flight (you know how I am on planes). SO, even though I was/am salty about it, in the grand scheme of things, I am very thankful I am home. Funny how it happens like that sometimes.

Okay, enough of the blabbering….let’s take a peek into my weekend!

Friday was a pretty chill day around here. If you watched my Instagram stories, you probably already know that I didn’t do much besides workout, and hangout with my nephews during the day. We watched Casper, snuggled, and Enzo dumped all his toys out. Serious question: why do all young children feel the need to dump toys out?? No, seriously. I studied early childhood education and I still can’t figure out the answer to that. Hahaha! The rest of the day involved lots of movie watching, Hallmark movies to be exact, along with a Christmas one before bed! I love how they show a Christmas movie every Friday night! It just makes me so happy.

Saturday morning started with that 10K run that I was supposed to be running in Disney World, you know the Princess Enchanted 10K, but instead on my treadmill. It wasn’t that bad, and I definitely run way faster on the treadmill than I do/did outside during the race last year and the race this past November. I like running on the treadmill more than outside because it is easier for me to adjust my speed. I felt really good about myself after completing that 10K at home even though I didn’t win a medal or anything, because even though I could have just not done it and said it was stupid to run a “race” when I am just at home on the treadmill, I did it anyways. And if that isn’t commitment, I don’t know what is! I then had some technical difficulties on the obé site, and on the app….like literally on ALL of my devices (phone, laptop, and iPad) which meant instead of seeing the live classes that were happening, it was just a big black box. Boo. I was pretty bummed about it because I really wanted to join in on those live classes after my run, but I guess I wasn’t supposed to take them because LITERALLY once 9am rolled around and the 2 classes I wanted to take were over, it was working just fine. Ha! If that isn’t a sign, then I don’t know what is. Instead of those two live classes, I just did one sculpt on replay…which in the end was a good choice after running that 10K on my treadmill.

I went over to my sister’s house to hang out with my nephews in the morning…where they proceeded to jump all over me and claim me as a bed (HAHA, see pictures below), and went over to my parent’s house a little while later in the day when they were over there too. Gio and I had a great time doing arts and crafts. Fun fact: I love coloring…but not so much coloring adult coloring books. I enjoy coloring in children’s coloring books more than adult ones. (Duh, I am a child). I find it so relaxing, it definitely helped me shift my thoughts from not being in Disney..haha.

I came home around 4ish, then Michael finally got home from work around 5. We had a great night relaxing and catching up on the some tv shows we had on DVR. I slept horribly Saturday night because my throat hurt real bad so I kept getting up to drink more water.

Once I woke up Sunday morning my throat was on fireeee. 🙁 I was (still am) pretty disappointed about it because I was doing so well with not being sick for a while. Besides my throat hurting, I felt fine otherwise so I worked out. I started with a 3.5 mile run to stretch my legs out, then tuned into obé for a replay strength class before getting ready for church. Michael and I went to the grocery store after church and then literally did nothing for the rest of the day besides watch some tv, rest, and nap. Yeah. I napped! I really didn’t feel good and was super whiny by the time 3pm came around (like I was literally on the verge of tears) so Michael suggested that we go in bed and nap. It was the best suggestion ever. Apparently when I don’t feel good I am super whiny, but thankfully Michael knows how to handle that. He does a great job tickling me and rubbing me back to comfort. I so appreciate that man!

This morning I woke up still with that sore throat along with a stuffy nose, but I think it is just a cold or something so I should be okay. I felt like I needed to sweat this sickness out of my system and get my workout on. I started with a sculpt class on obé replay, and continued with a live HIIT class. Believe me when I say I was really hesitant to take that HIIT class, but the trainer was super motivating (as always) and mentioned that she had a cold too, so I figured if she could do it…I could do it too! I beasted that HIIT class out like nothing and was drenched in sweat by the time it was over (gross, I know)…which I definitely needed! And as for the rest of the day, I have a hair appointment soon and then spending the day with Michael. I am so looking forward to it!

I hope you have a great Monday! Xoxo

Your turn!
What did you do this weekend?

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