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A Night With Michael Bublé

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!! I hope you are having a great week.

Yesterday was quite an eventful day! I got my nails done in the morning (thank God, one of my nails popped off and as Michael said, they looked very ratchet), I went to Michael’s doctor’s appointment with him for his knee in the afternoon, and then we went out to see Michael Bublé in concert at night!

If you remember from a while back, we purchased these Michael Bublé tickets in advance when the pre-order came out, and I was able to get the best seats available at the time. (However, if you use Ticketmaster like I do, I suggest checking back a week before your event because there will probably be better seats for cheaper or equal price to the tickets you pre-ordered. I noticed it in the morning yesterday, but their policy is at least 7 days prior, and I was pretty bummed I didn’t check beforehand, but it was all good!)

The busy day we had kept me from thinking about this cold I have going on, and even though I didn’t feel my best, I was determined to shake it off to see my second favorite Michael with my all time favorite Michael! I got out my sparkly leggings from Express and blasted some Michael Bublé tunes while getting ready, which helped hype me up and made me feel better. There’s something about putting on some sparkles, putting some makeup on, and putting some heel booties on to add a boost in your step!

The concert was held at the DCU Center in Worcester, Ma. which is about 20 minutes from us. There were so many people at the concert, which I wasn’t surprised about, but I was surprised at how congested it all was before getting to our seats. I guess it’s been a while since we went to a concert because I totally wasn’t expecting all that chaos. But, we managed to take a few photos with the Michael Bublé backdrop and waited in a long line to purchase a tour t-shirt before going to our seats. Tip: purchase things AFTER the concert starts, like closer to the end. You’ll still be able to hear the concert outside of your seats, even in the bathroom, so you won’t miss it. And, I bet they will still have what you want, with no line. When we were leaving, there was still a ton of merchandise in boxes and absolutely no one there purchasing anything. I am going to keep this in mind for next time!

Our seats weren’t bad at all and even though I would have loved to be on the floor (which was the same price as we paid, by the way), I kind of liked being able to see the show from a little further up! It still amazes me every time we see a concert that they are literally RIGHT THERE in front of your eyes!

Michael Bublé is absolutely amazing live and sounds exactly as if you were listening to one of his songs from his album and has a whole entire orchestra of extremely talented musicians. Everyone is absolutely AMAZING and the music gave me chills the whole time. I was smiling from the second it started, to the time I shut my eyes to go to sleep. Michael Bublé actually opened the show with the song we had playing (thanks to my Dad) when Michael proposed to me in Disney, Feeling Good. Every time I hear that song I can’t help but think back to that amazing moment and get a little teary eyed. Actually, if you watch Michael Bublé in concert and DON’T get teary eyed at some point, are you human? Okay, I kid, because I know Michael didn’t get teary eyed, but his talent is mind blowing.

Along with his singing talent, he put a show on for us and talked to us in between songs and has quite a sense of humor. He gave us some fun facts about Worcester, Ma., all of which you think we all would have known since we live here before a man from Canada told us, but I definitely didn’t know anything he told us. Like, how Worcester was the first to introduce the Valentine’s Day card (what?), and was the first to introduce the smiley face (again, what?)…and one that we all did know, we are WINNERS! He had us laughing, dancing, singing, and back to laughing all night long. It was absolutely amazing. He also gave someone from the audience a chance to perform like she was on American Idol, who was not bad…but definitely not Michael Bublé, and he even poked fun at her after which was absolutely hilarious. He actually said that she sounded like she was singing a “middle eastern song” because it was off until the musicians played some music in the background…hey, the man is honest that’s for sure. Hahaha. It was all fun and so funny.

If you ever get the chance to see him live, I would say to DO IT! You won’t regret it. Michael and I saw him years ago (like 8 or 9 years ago I wanna say) and this concert truly reminded me of all the reasons why I love his music. I am so thankful Michael took me to this amazing concert. We had such a good time!

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