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Friday Catch Up

Goooood morning! Happy Friday! And happy first day of March! I can’t believe it is already March, and you know what that means….next month is my birthday month! Ahh!!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

I didn’t mean to go MIA on the blog since Wednesday, but to tell you the truth I haven’t been feeling too hot all week. I talked about it briefly on Monday but I was reeeeeally not feeling well all week long. Luckily it just started with a sore throat and wasn’t too bad, but then it turned into a full blown cold/flu which meant ALL the things started hurting….my throat, my face, my head, my ears, my eyes, my nose is super stuffed and I have a cough. To top it all off, I definitely had a fever for two days.

BUT, things are looking up, I woke up this morning and I am FINALLY starting to feel a little better, it is a great day! It will obviously take time to feel 100% like myself, and I don’t want to push myself too much, but I am thankful I’m not worse today! I’m keeping up with taking Tylenol every 4 hours and trying my best to stay positive and allowing myself to rest when I need to.

Since I haven’t really shared much on here this week, let’s play catch up!!

Despite this sickness going on, I still managed to get my sweat on everyday. Here’s what my workout schedule looked like for the week and this upcoming weekend:
Monday: Sculpt & HIIT
Tuesday: Sculpt & HIIT
Wednesday: Strength & Dance
Thursday: Sculpt (outer thigh focused), Circuit & Sculpt
Friday: Strength & HIIT
Saturday: 2 replay classes (probably circuit & sculpt)
Sunday: 1 or 2 replay class(es) before church
As always, no two classes are the same unless I take a certain class on replay that I already took. I also want to add that I “plan” to take the two live classes at 7 & 7:30 during the week days, however on Tuesday I started with an earlier sculpt class (at 6:30) because I wanted to join in on that class, continued with HIIT class, and didn’t take the 7:30 strength class that I had “reserved” because I didn’t want to overdo it and push myself too much, because I wanted to feel good for the busy day we had ahead of us that day.

This month is going to be pretty busy with doctors appointments and things for Michael; he is having surgery again for his salivary glands since he still has those stones in them, which is super uncomfortable for him (I feel so bad), and also having surgery on his knee since he tore his meniscus. I’m sure he won’t be too pleased that I am sharing this on here, but I’m not going into full detail about it, so if you could send some prayers and positive thoughts our way this month that would be really appreciated! We got the news on Tuesday before the concert that he is having knee surgery at the end of this month and I just felt so overwhelmed because of how much he has coming up between doctors appointments and surgeries, I could only imagine how he was feeling. I know they are not “major”health problems or anything, but I just feel bad that he has all of this going on… as it feels like it is happening all at once. So, we got that news hours before going to the concert which kind of had our minds racing/ panicking/ feeling a little overwhelmed, but the way God works is absolutely amazing and even though Michael has a lot going on this month, He shined a light on us that night and the next day by giving us some amazing news. (Sorry folks, not sharing about it on here until way later on.)

I’ve obviously been watching a bunch of tv this week, as you can imagine, since I’ve been home pretty much all day every day being sick. I caught up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Housewives of New Jersey. I feel so sad for Teresa and her family, and was bawling at the end of that reunion part 2 episode. As far as RHOBH goes, this whole Dorit and Lisa Vanderpump dog drama seems all so stupid to me. Move on and stop talking about it.

We watched the finale of The Masked Singer and guessed all three of them correctly this whole season! I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t watched yet, but we have been dying all season long because we knew who the Monster was the moment he opened his mouth on stage. And also, I knew Nick Cannon was going to guess him correctly too. I don’t really know how the judges didn’t guess that it was him either, but I was screaming at the tv every episode he sang on because I just knew it! So fun. I can’t wait for next season!

Okay, so you know you are sick when going to Target is too much for you. Literally. I went to Target later in the afternoon yesterday because Michael was working later than usual and we needed water and I was all out of apples (the horror), but I quickly regretted that decision after leaving the house. I always seem to pick a carriage at every store that is damaged and/or has some wheel difficulties. And yesterday I did it again. I had a carriage that’s wheels kept going to the left when I was pushing it straight. Let me tell you, it is a BIG struggle when you are sick. I was whining the whole time and couldn’t wait to get home. However, I was very thankful Michael got home around 5pm and could come with me to pick up dinner for us because I didn’t really have the energy to do it alone.

That’s all that has been going on around here! What have you been up to this week?

I hope you have a great weekend! Xoxo

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