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Currently 3/6/19

Hey hey! Happy Wednesday to you! I hope you are having a great week!

I must be honest, I totally thought yesterday was Wednesday all day long and have now somehow convinced myself that today is Tuesday. Like what is going on? Today is Wednesday. Yesterday was Tuesday. Get with it, Kayla! I will say though that my mind is all over the place this week because Michael is having a procedure done again tomorrow on those stones he has in his salivary glands…so I am pretty anxious about that, but since he is in high spirits about it and not phased about it at all, I am just going to keep my thoughts positive and pray that it is successful this time! If you could please send us some positive thoughts and prayers, that would be fannnnntastic!

I’m here today to share some current happenings with ya’ll!

Current Drink: Water. & Coffee.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m saying it again..I try to drink about 5 or 6 of these water bottles a day, since all I drink throughout the day is water, and I have one large (or x-large) coffee a day every morning.

Current Book: Rachel Hollis’ new book Girl, Stop Apologizing came out YESTERDAY!!!

I’m so pumped to read this book. I loved her first book and love listening to her podcast. She is so motivating and just THE girl boss! I am definitely bringing this with me to the hospital tomorrow.

Current Work Out: Lots of obé fitness! Of course!

Here’s what this week’s “plan” is:
Monday: Dance & Sculpt on replay & 10 minute express abs
Tuesday: Sculpt, HIIT, & Strength
Wednesday: Strength & Dance & maybe an afternoon sculpt replay
Thursday: HIIT & Sculpt on replay (fingers crossed I wake up for my alarm at 4am for this workout)
Friday: Sculpt & Dance
Saturday: 2 replay classes-probably circuit & strength
Sunday: 1 (or 2) replay class(es), and maybe Sculpt & Dance at noon.

I am soo sore this week, I don’t know if it is because I am still getting over whatever sickness I had last week or what it is. I am usually always sore after workouts but can still do things normally without being annoyed by it, but MAN yesterday I literally couldn’t even take off or put on my coat without whining about it. So sore guys! Haha.

Current Day Dream: Do I even need to remind you all of my current day dream?

VACATION ALL I EVER WANTED. Palm trees, ocean breeze, warm sunshine, and soft sand….I need it!


Okay, I was totally screaming at the tv Monday night and was getting SO MAD at Cassie. She was clearly trying so hard to not smirk during her whole entire date, and the whole thing was SO FAKE. Seriously the whole time I was screaming “fake news”, because hellooo!! That was so extremely fake! Okay, so here is my theory: I think Cassie wanted to be the next Bachelorette and didn’t want to be picked because she didn’t like Colton. Poor Colton “was in love with her” and even though Cassie said she “loved him”, she wasn’t “in love with him”. Girl, bye. POOR COLTON!!! I felt so badly for him…but after a minute or two of her saying “I just don’t know, blah blah blah” I kind of got irritated by Colton because he was looking like an idiot saying stuff like he will wait for her, she doesn’t have to be ready, he’s in love with her, etc. Point blank..if the girl isn’t “in love with you” and just “doesn’t know” MOVE ON! He has two other girls (way better than Cassie in my opinion) that love him and are ready to be with him forever. Ugh. It was SO frustrating. However, I was laughing so hard when he FINALLY jumped the “fence” (it’s a gate people) and disappeared. Like a child running away. Anyways, I couldn’t believe I stayed awake for that…and continued to stay awake an hour after because I was enraged. I also couldn’t believe I watched (and stayed awake for) The Women Tell All episode last night. If you missed it, let me break it down for you: it was just a bunch of screaming, catty girls. And it was also a bunch of crying. Blah blah blah. I was over it after a few minutes. I am now curious to see how the final episode goes next week. I am going to be real mad if Cassie “magically shows back up” and they are back together. He will look like a big idiot and she will just look stupid and immature in my opinion. If you love someone, YOU KNOW IT! And I love what Hannah B. said to Colton “..I hope you are happy and I hope someone chooses you every day…” because OBVIOUSLY Cassie did not choose him. Byyyeeee…move on now boy.

Current Excitement: I put in my LAST INVISALIGN TRAY today! (Ouch.)

I am so excited! However there still is some nervous feelings about it because if my teeth aren’t how they are supposed to be by next week, my orthodontist will order me another treatment and we all know I don’t want that! But for now, I am just going to be excited about it.

I probably won’t be blogging tomorrow, but I’ll most likely be staying active on my Instagram stories throughout the day!

Have a beautiful hump day! Xoxo

What about you?
Tell me a couple of your current things!

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