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A Cold Day In Boston

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY! I am so glad it is Friday, I feel like this week kind of flew by! Do you think so?

Yesterday was a real long day for us, we had to be at the hospital in Boston for 8am so we had to leave the house around 6:15am. Luckily, my Dad drove us and kept me company all day. But that early morning wakeup call of 4am was super early for me and by the time 8pm rolled around I was so so tired.

Anyways, without sharing too much information, Michael had a procedure done on his salivary glands and is recovering just fine.

I wanted to pop in today and share a peek into what my day looked like at the hospital yesterday. But, if you followed along on my Instagram stories, you have already seen all of these pictures…and they aren’t the best. I was so thankful my Dad was able to come with us because I honestly would have stayed in the waiting room all day and probably wouldn’t venture outside of there at all. I mean let’s be real, it’s very easy for me to get lost so I can only imagine if I tried to make my way around the hospital by myself even though I have been there before.

The morning started at 4am with a workout! I did a HIIT class and sculpt class on obé replay. Even though it was a little crazy for me to wake up so early to get in a workout, I needed that extra time in the morning to move my body and sweat before the day began. After getting ready and waking up Michael, my Dad came to pick us up around 6:15am. We were stuck in a bunch of traffic and the usual 40 minute ride turned into an hour and 40 minute ride. Luckily we made it there just in time where we waited in the pre-op waiting room with Michael until he was called to go in and prepare. Compared to the last procedure he had there, this one seemed to go way more smoothly since it was a morning surgery and was actually one of the first appointments of the day in the operating room. *If you ever need surgery, I’m telling you, try to get the first morning appointment….it will keep you from having the longest day ever waiting around. A couple minutes after he went for preparation, my Dad and I were able to go be with him before they wheeled him away. By that time it was close to 9am, and you bet the first thing out of my mouth to my Dad was “COFFEE!” Yes folks, I made my Dad brave the 15 degree weather of Boston with me to walk to Dunkin’ for a coffee. But there is coffee at the hospital, you say? I need my Dunkin’ coffee! Especially in Boston! I don’t care how cold it is outside, or how far away the closest Dunkin’ is! I need it!

After a 3 minute walk to the closest Dunkin’ (but what felt more like 15 minutes in the cold), we both had our coffees in hand and made our way back to the hospital to get some breakfast.

Will walk in 15 degree weather for Dunkin’ any day!

We had breakfast at the cafeteria inside of the hospital. Mass General has a pretty good selection of made to order options as well as grab and go options for all meals. I basically ate the breakfast I normally eat; a toasted english muffin and a bowl of some fresh fruit The fruit options were grapefruit, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, grapes, and strawberries. I ate some of the fruit in my bowl before snapping this picture. I also had a banana that I brought from home.

After breakfast, we walked around the hospital for some time until finding a spot with a view of (the freezing cold) outside where I read Girl, Stop Apologizing and Dad read a book too. *If you haven’t grabbed this book yet, what are you waiting for?!? You need to read this!

Eventually we made our way back up to the waiting room to check and see if the secretary had any update for us. Once we got an update with an end time, we ventured back out into the hospital and just walked around. A little after noon, we decided to walk to Whole Foods, which is just a short walk from the hospital, to get some lunch. This was my Dad’s first time at Whole Foods and had no idea what I was talking about when I said “let’s go get some food from the salad and hot bar at Whole Foods”. It was actually my first time ever buying from the hot bar also, and I was so excited! The closest Whole Foods to our house is about 45 minutes away, so I haven’t been there in years, however once I started filling up my to go container with all the things, I decided Michael and I need to make a date out of it and get lunch or dinner there asap. I filled my container with romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, corn, a bit of broccoli, cucumbers, pepperoncini, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and cantaloupe. I also grabbed a container of cut up watermelon. I also got some balsamic vinegar on the side for my dressing. My Dad got a box of ALL THE MEAT! He was in heaven. I think he filled it up with roasted chicken, roast beef, steak, and hard boiled eggs. It was definitely a box of all the protein!

The place was packed, so we took our food back over to the hospital and found a seat inside to eat. My salad was so good, but I know for next time to opt out of getting carrots and corn (not my favorite, I kind of ate around that, and should have known that before spooning it into my container). The pineapple was so extremely delicious, I wished I had filled a container with just pineapple alone. The watermelon wasn’t too tasty so I didn’t eat that, but I did end up eating a gala apple that I had brought from home (unpictured). Funny story about the apple: with my teeth being so sore from Invisalign, it is hard for me to eat anything that involves me trying to bite into it (like an apple, or even a toasted english muffin, etc.), so I have to cut my food (especially apples) into tiny pieces like as if a baby were going to eat it..but trying to cut an apple with a plastic knife doesn’t work so well. Haha. I tried my best, and was able to eat most of it.

After lunch, Dad and I headed back up to the waiting room just in time for the doctor to find us and give us the final update on his procedure. Again, I am SO thankful my Dad was there with me because once the doctor explained everything it’s like all of the questions I had went out the window, so my Dad was able to help out a bit. Haha. We had to wait about another 2 hours to be able to see Michael, but I kept myself occupied by reading and watching the tv they had in the waiting room.

I will say I found it somewhat difficult to be out all day while having my Invisalign in. I brought my case around with me and was able to take it out/put it back in whenever I ate, but I did find it annoying to have to go to the (public) bathroom to rinse my mouth out with water (since I didn’t bring my toothbrush with me, gross) and rinse out my trays before putting them back in. But, I managed. The second we got home I put my trays in cleaner and brushed them real good before putting them back in for the night. It made me realize how I am lucky that I have the “luxury” of being home most of the time during my Invisalign treatment since I am able to brush my teeth and trays after every meal and I don’t really need to worry about bringing my case around with me. I can imagine that getting really irritating after a while.

Anyways, Michael is a champ and was ready to sprint out of the hospital once we were able to see him. We were actually out of the hospital and on our way back home by 3:30. It felt like two days in one for me, but I was glad it wasn’t late at night like the last time, and I shouldn’t even be complaining because I wasn’t the one that had surgery! The ride back home felt like forever because we got stuck in traffic, and again what should have been a 40 minute ride was an hour and 40 minutes, but my Dad is the best and even brought us to pick up some food for dinner once we got back in town before bringing us back home.

I am so grateful my Dad was able to come with us to drive and keep me company all day long. I don’t know what I would do without him! Michael and I are so blessed we have such an amazing and supportive family!

I woke up this morning whining and moaning because I didn’t want to get out of bed even though I did get a restful night’s sleep, but for some reason I am really tired today. However, I knew a workout would make me feel better so I got my booty up and ready to tune in live on obé to get sweaty. This morning’s classes I did were sculpt and dance and MAN! Let me tell you! I was a super sweaty hot mess after that. The trainer kicked my booty and I no longer felt like I wanted to crawl back into bed just after 5 minutes into the first class. I definitely needed a good sweat! As far as the rest of today goes, we have a grocery run on the agenda (we are desperately in need of getting some groceries), and not too much else!

I hope you have the best weekend! Xoxo

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