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Weekend Recap 3/11/19 Daylight Savings

Hey hey! Happy Monday! How are you doing on this fine morning? It’s surprisingly not freezing cold outside today, don’t get me wrong it is still cold, but once 40 degrees hits us after 20 degree weather it starts to feel like we are one step closer to spring. (If that is even possible?!) Kinda funny though because we just had a snow day yesterday. Gotta love New England weather!

I’m here today to share a peek into my weekend! Spoiler: it was filled with lots of workouts, time spent with Michael & my family, and rest!


After publishing my Friday blog post, I celebrated International Women’s Day by wearing an extremely soft and comfortable Boss Lady sweatshirt from Express. It’s the same material of the camo, and solid black sweatshirts I have from there too. I bought this months ago and had it in my dresser just waiting for a perfect day to wear it..I thought there was no better day that Women’s Day! Cheers to all of you boss ladies out there! I hope you had a great day celebrating being a woman and all of the powerful women around you.

It was a very low key day around here; Michael had the day off from work due to his surgery the day before, and we got to spend the day together. The highlight of the day was pretty much going to the grocery store and getting tons of groceries since our kitchen was extremely bare. After grocery shopping, we hung around the house all day and even napped for an hour. I was so extremely tired from spending the day in the hospital and getting up at 4am the day before, and I think it all caught up to me where I couldn’t even keep my eyes open any longer once 2pm rolled around. Even though I looked like a fool trying to follow along, I had a lot of fun and I got the hang of it

Once we were up from our naps, Michael made his “green” shake (it’s actually purple) and I decided to workout again. In honor of International Women’s Day, Dance Body gave out a free code for their at home workouts which are on their website. They have a pretty good amount of workouts including cardio, and sculpt classes. And just like the name, all of the cardio classes are dance! The classes are either private session, which are just the trainer alone, or in studio classes which are pretty much real life, in person classes that are recorded. I chose to do two private sessions to try first to focus solely on the trainer and my body. First up I did a sculpt class that was focused on abs and was around 8 minutes long. Then I did a “low impact” cardio dance class which was around 26 minutes long. I worked up a good sweat after those and my abs were on fire.

Unlike obé, Dance Body’s camera angle is placed so it is like you are actually there in studio taking a class with the trainer. Meaning, the camera is in the back of the room and you can’t see the trainer’s face, only her backside, and it’s pretty far away. (But not too bad). Along with that, the trainer doesn’t say anything, the music starts and the trainer starts moving. I actually found it pretty difficult to keep up with her because I didn’t know what was next. I can imagine when you are taking an in person class that it would be easier to follow along, and I can (hope to) imagine that the trainer speaks when she is teaching an in person class. But I did see that they had separate videos of dance break downs by song available in there so you can actually learn the moves before taking a full class filled with different dances and songs. I also think if you streamed the website to your tv it would make it easier compared to the small laptop screen that I was using. Even though I looked like a fool trying to follow along, I had a lot of fun and I eventually got the hang of it. Since it was free I didn’t want to pass up the chance to try it since I follow them (and one of the trainers) on Instagram, and frequently see their stories of in person classes.

Doing that also made me really happy that I took the plunge back in November and joined obé because of how great it really is. I appreciate that the trainers are always facing you, talk to you, and tell you what’s up next, as well as the modifications to every move, etc. I also appreciate that they have LIVE classes that make you feel like you are actually working out together in person (the trainers do shout outs!), as well as saving a LOT of workouts to replay.

Later on, Michael and I went over to my parent’s house to visit with them for a little bit before picking up dinner for me (salad, of course) and coming home. I popped a vegan pizza in the oven for Michael and jazzed up my salad with lots of fruit before getting comfy on the couch to watch Ex on the Beach and S.W.A.T.

Before we knew it, it was 8pm and I remembered the R.Kelly interview with Gayle King was on and I didn’t want to miss the monster in action. He is a psychopath and he really needs help. I also feel terrible for those girls who were interviewed who are his “current girlfriends” who were bashing their parents for being concerned about their (young) daughters. I believe they are brainwashed and I couldn’t believe how disrespectful they were. One of them hardcore took on the attributes of R.Kelly and was acting like him. Yikes. It’s all bad. I am praying that he gets the help he needs…..


I started the morning with nothing other than a workout. I began with 10 minutes of sprint intervals, 1 minute on/1 minute off. I then logged into obé for two replay classes; circuit and strength. Once I was done with those classes I got back on the treadmill for 10 more minutes of sprint intervals, again doing 1 minute on/1 minute off. My legs felt like JELLO for the rest of the day, but it was such a great workout and left me super duper sweaty and feeling fierce.

I actually went to the store I used to work at with my Mama for a couple hours, since she is working there this week, to keep her company and help out a little. After that, I went to see my nephews since it had been a couple days since seeing them.

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading until Michael got home from work around 3. We went to Target and ran a couple errands, and came home for the night. Michael fell asleep super early since he was real tired and I watched The Holiday. (One of my favorites!)


Ahhh, daylight savings. I always find it a little difficult to spring forward and lose an hour, don’t you agree?

I don’t know if I was anxious or what during the night, but I got an awful night’s sleep and kept waking up every couple hours but still somehow jumped out of bed around 6:30. I started the morning with, of course, a workout…even though I was so sore from the week’s workouts. First up was a sculpt replay class on obé and then I ran 4 miles. I was unsure if we were going to go to church because we had a winter weather advisory here and were supposed to get snow starting around 7:45am, and once I was done with my workout and peeked outside I saw that the snow had started and was coming down pretty heavy, so we chose to not go to church (we have about a 15/20 minute drive to church). That was a good choice on our part though because our pastor cancelled service a bit late, so if we had been driving there we would have had to turn around…and seeing how the roads already looked slippery, I am glad we decided to not go. Because of this, I took my time getting ready for the day (meaning, shower and put on some clean pajammie pants and a sweatshirt, haha), threw in a load of laundry, and snuggled on the couch. My day literally consisted of watching tv, and relaxing. My body was super sore from all the workouts, but I figured sitting on the couch wasn’t doing me any good, and since there was a live workout class at 2:30 that I wanted to join, once 2:25 came I got up and got my booty moving. A 28 minute dance cardio class was just what I needed to wake my body up! I literally didn’t up end leaving the house until after that around 3:30pm (Michael was nice enough to get a coffee for me in the morning, what a sweetie) when the snow had turned into rain and I went over to my parent’s house before hitting up the grocery store for a couple of things.

I got home and put on The Holiday again (you know it is a great weekend when The Holiday is on twice!!), lit a candle, and relaxed on the couch until Michael got home from work after 9.

Today: My workout was fannnnntastic. I started with a strength replay class on obé and got on my treadmill for a run. I actually ran 5 miles with these jello legs! I am pretty pumped about it since I was already pretty sore even before my workout and that strength class was almost all legs.

The rest of the day will include a nail appointment this afternoon, and hopefully I can spend some time with Michael later on. Oh, and I am also too excited about The Bachelor tonight, but I have a feeling I will be left screaming at the tv like last week.

I hope you have a wonderful day! Xoxo

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