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Currently 3/13/19

Good morning!! Happy Wednesday to you! I hope you are having a great week. The sun is shining and we are seeing some not so freezing days this week which has me smiling! Funny thing is, I almost typed “warmer” but quickly deleted that because there is nothing warm about the weather we are getting, so saying “not so freezing” is way more appropriate. Haha.

I’m here to share a quick round of some current happenings with you alll on this fine hump day!

Current Book:
I started reading My One And Only by Kristan Higgins. I’m only about half way through it, but I love it!! It’s one of those books that I find myself thinking of afterwards. Don’t you love books like that? It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that has left me thinking about it afterwards.

Current TV Show:
AHHH!!! I must spill my two cents about The Bachelor!

I apologize if you haven’t watched yet but giiiiiirl what are you waiting for? When I was watching the show on Monday I 100% felt like Colton’s brain has diminished and he apparently forgot that he was NOT a teenage boy chasing around girls in high school, and that he is in fact a 27 year old MAN. But I write man and cringe because a man shouldn’t be chasing around a girl who has said the words “I am not in love with you” and “I am confused” as this MAN has spilled his heart and said “I am in love with you, not the other girls here”. Ughhhhh, people. I was screaming at my television in a full rage, slightly embarrassed because I could care less about Colton and his life, but this show gets me EVERY TIME! But as I watched the show last night my thoughts quickly changed and I realized (yet again) that THIS SHOW IS SO FAKE!! I promise you. Colton and Cassie were in on this and apparently just wanted to make for a “dramatic” season (congrats, you surpassed that) because CASSIE IS THE WORST ACTRESS AROUND. Also, google her name and see what pops up….she was in a very low grade “tv show” on YouTube years ago with her boyfriend at the time I guess….hmmm I wonder where the producer and the crew of the Bachelor got the idea that she should be the one at the end? Whatever. I was applauding Hannah G. for handling her own on Monday night as well as Tayshia. Those girls are CLASSY and fabulous. And both will find the loves of their lives, just not on a reality tv show like the Bachelor. Now…..onto more important things, I am happy that Hannah B. is the next Bachelorette, but I was really rooting for Hannah G. However, Hannah B. has an amazing personality and even though I have already seen some hate and trolling (how rude) all over Instagram about her “not being able to form a whole sentence” guess what you judgy people…I wouldn’t be able to form a whole sentence on tv either! TAKE THAT, meanies!! Her smile is contagious and she handles herself so well. Plus, I will forever replay that car scene in my mind when Colton had her leave over and over because it was THE BEST thing she has ever said on the show. Anyyyyyways, back to boring Colton…I truly think it was all fake. I wish them happiness and I hope their relationship is actually real, but I am not wasting anymore thoughts on the stupidity of the show. Haha.

Current Workout:

Here’s my schedule for this week & upcoming weekend!
Monday: Strength replay & 5 mile run
Tuesday: HIIT, Strength, & Dance
Wednesday: 3 mile run, Strength, & Dance
Thursday: Dance & Sculpt & (probably) Circuit
Friday: Dance & Sculpt
Saturday: 2 obé replay classes; probably Sculpt & HIIT
Sunday: 2 obé replay classes either before or live classes after church

Current Excitement:

I have an orthodontist appointment this morning and you know what that means! Today is my final day of Invisalign…well, yesterday was technically my final full day, but TODAY IS THE DAY!! I am so excited. The last time I went to the orthodontist my doctor told me that if my teeth still didn’t look right. However, I am happy (well, as happy as I could be) with my teeth…so hopefully by this afternoon I will be Invisalign free! (Fingers crossed!) Also, I will have a blog post up for my final update soon, but in the mean time if you have any questions at all about Invisalign for me please feel free to DM me on Instagram or send me an email!

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you today friends, sorry I’m keeping it super short! I have to get going!

Now it’s your turn!
Tell me some of your currents!
What is your current workout?

Have a beautiful day! Xoxo

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