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A Peek Into My Monday

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I hope your week started off well.

Shortly after publishing my weekend recap blog post yesterday, Michael and I went into Boston yesterday and while it wasn’t for anything fun, we still made a stop to Whole Foods on the way back home which was definitely fun to me. I told Michael the next time we go to Boston I hope it is for something fun and not for a doctors appointment again. I kind of feel like we have visited Mass General Hospital way too many times in the past couple months..and there will be more visits in our future. SO, let’s hope from now until the beginning of May we end up going into Boston for something funner than visiting the doctor.

We were in good spirits on our way into Boston because we hit NO traffic at all and even got there with a couple minutes to spare. And things kept looking up when the nurse called Michael’s name exactly at 1pm, which was his actual appointment time, which never ever happens. We were pretty impressed with how fabulous our day was going at that point. Michael and I even planned on walking over to Whole Foods down the street to get some lunch since we didn’t think we would be crunched for time to try to miss the traffic coming back home…because an appointment at 1 will probably be over by the time 2pm rolls around if he was called into the room at exactly 1pm, right? Wrong. Things went a little down hill once we got in that room and found ourselves waiting for the doctor to come in after 50 minutes, which then turned into 1 hour, which THEN turned into 1 hour and 25 minutes. Yes folks. We waited 1 hour and 25 minutes for the doctor to come in and TALK to Michael. TALK TO HIM. I kid you not this was the first time I left there thinking it was a waste of time. Each time we have gone we left with some bit of information or some bit of hope, but this time it was just kinda like ummm okay, see you in 6 weeks. Bummer. By the time we left the hospital it was almost 3pm so Michael suggested we drive to a Whole Foods out of the city since we would miss most of that city traffic, so we stopped in Cambridge at Whole Foods for some lunch.

I got a salad with romaine lettuce, cucumbers, raw mixed peppers, grilled sweet red pepper, pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, a couple grapes, blueberries, and balsamic vinegar on the side. I also grabbed an apple. Michael got two slices of vegan pizza and a green smoothie. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of Michael’s meal because we were both kind of rushing ourselves to try to beat traffic home, and we were both done super fast. Fun fact: I don’t like rushing my meals. I like to take my time and enjoy my food! And not to mention it usually upsets my stomach if I eat fast too.

However, it never fails…although we missed most of the main city traffic, I think we always are going to hit traffic coming home anywhere after 3pm. It took us a little over an hour for us to get back into town and by the time we got home all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and not move; my body was sore from that challenge workout I did in the morning and I don’t think driving did me any good either. So, once we got back home I literally jumped on the couch and stayed there until a little after 8 when I decided to get up and do some stretching before bed. Gotta stretch those sore muscles!

This morning I was feeling great, a little sore, but still great and went a little crazy with my workout, haha. What can I say? I was super motivated and didn’t want to miss out on some great workout classes on obé! I began with a quick 2 mile run, then did a HIIT and strength class, and finished with a dance class. I felt so awesome (and sweaty) after all of that!

PS: Yesterday marked one month until my birthday (YAY) and today marks two months until our three year anniversary! Whaaaatttt! So much to celebrate soon!!

Have a wonderful day, loves! XOXO

What did your Monday look like?

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