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Currently: 3/20/19

Helloooo friends! Happy Wednesday to you! And Happy first day of SPING!!! Spring is one of my favorite seasons, mainly because my birthday is in Spring, but also because I just love knowing summer is right around the corner and warmer weather is near!!

I’m popping in today to share some current’s from this week with you guys!

Current Book:
I started reading The Antelope In The Living Room by Melanie Shankle just yesterday because I was in need of a new book to read while running on the treadmill. (I know, I’m a weirdo.) So I’m not too far into this but I’ve read a couple of her other books and liked them so I’m sure this one will be no different!

Current Work Out:
Here’s my “schedule” for this week! You already know all of these classes are on obé!
Monday: 45 minute Level Up Strength & Sculpt mashup class
Tuesday: 2 mile run, HIIT, Strength, & Dance
Wednesday: Quick run, Strength, & Dance
Thursday: Circuit & Sculpt (& maybe another Circuit after that, I like the trainer.)
Friday: Sculpt & Dance (& maybe an afternoon Dance..again, I like the trainer. Haha.)
Saturday: 45 minute Level Up Strength & Sculpt mashup again
Sunday: 1 (or 2) replay classes, possibly Circuit or HIIT & Sculpt

As always, this is just a rough draft of what the rest of the week will look like because the schedule can change. Along with that, I will probably add in runs on some days too.

Current Excitement:
I’m getting my lashes done today, Hallelujah! It seems like my lashes know when my appointment is coming up because they all fall out the day or two before and leave me looking like a crazy person with missing eyelashes. Haha.

Current Food:
Apples (well really, all fruit). But, I am SO happy I can finally bite into an apple without having my teeth kill from my Invisalign! I must say, it was great not having to cut that apple up into baby pieces with a plastic knife when Michael and I went to Whole Foods on Monday afternoon. Haha. I mean, remember when I tried to cut up an apple at the hospital with my Dad?! It was just a disaster and ended up not eating the whole apple because it was just too hard. and the large pieces hurt my teeth Haha.

Current Movie:
We watched Instant Family last night and it was soooooo good! I won’t ruin it for you if you haven’t seen it yet, but I loved it and I definitely recommend that you watch it! The movie had me laughing and crying and left me feeling like Michael and I need to adopt some kiddos, but then Michael reminded me (like aways) that we will have our own in the future, blah blah blah.

Current Drink:
I am still drinking lots and lots of water (100 + oz.) everyday, but I’ve up my coffee every day now which I totally didn’t mean to. BUT I found that getting a large now isn’t enough and I find myself wanting more of that hot hot goodness, so instead of a large I’ve been getting an EXTRA LARGE because why not, right? It’s not like I drink all of it, I mean there is still some left when I am finished with it, but at least I don’t run out and feel like I want more. That’ no fun.

Current Obsession:
You already know, I am obsessed with cute and comfy sweatshirts! Currently, I’m obsessed with these two cutie’s from The Darling Detail.

Current TV Show:
Ooooomg guys, there is a new show out called The Fix and it is SO GOOD! AHHH!!! I’ve been seeing the commercial for weeks now and it finally was on Monday night so Michael and I watched it yesterday since we recorded it in our DVR. Oh. My. Gosh. This one is going to be so good, we knew it after just a couple minutes into this first episode. It’s one of those shows that leaves you wanting more, and leaves me holding my breath hahaha. Is it next week yet?!

Current Need:
I probably need to stop online shopping, but I’m not a quitter! 😉 HA!

I hope you have the most fabulous hump day! XOXO

It’s time for you to tell me some of yours!
What is your current excitement? Current work out?

2 thoughts on “Currently: 3/20/19

  1. I’m so excited to get my nails done this afternoon… I had to cancel my appointment unexpectedly yesterday and then of course this morning, like your lashes, my nail broke and they look awful … so I’m squeezing in an appointment this afternoon and then I’ll be happy again because I really detest having messy nails! Probably my biggest pet peeve! I also have one vent to share … I took a class yesterday at the gym with a different instructor andnlets just say that was a total joke she was so flighty I couldn’t follow what was going on and I just got so frustrated… almost skipped today because I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the crazy BUT fortunately today’s instructor was so much better and I enjoyed class and now I feel like I can take on the day!! Happy Wednesday!

    1. I am so glad you are squeezing in a nail appointment! I hate having messy nails too!! Oh my gosh, that class sounds like it was not good at all. So glad you didn’t skip today and it was a better class!! 🙂 have a great day!!

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