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Social Media Trap

Hey friends! How are you doing today? I hope your week has been well. I can’t believe it is already Thursday! It seems like this week has been flying by, do you feel like that too? It’s crazy how sometimes the weekdays can go by so slow but other times it can go by fast! Also, I don’t know about you, but I love the fact that it stays light out longer! It just gives me so much more energy and makes me feel happier!

I’m popping in today to share some thoughts on social media with you!

Something happened to me yesterday that I am not proud of. You all know I try to keep things bubbly and positive here on the blog, but sometimes I just have to be honest on here.

Here’s what happened: I scrolled through Instagram way too much (like literally way too much) and started letting the thoughts of not being good enough and basically just feeling like I just pretty much suck (to put it blatantly) creep into my mind and I let them sit there for too long.

I tried to brush these feelings off, close Instagram and all social media, and read some scripture to fill my mind with truths, but I admit I still didn’t really feel better. Hey, I’m human, and I struggle more times than other times with this. I am actually 100% blaming these feelings that I had on the amount of time I spent on Instagram yesterday, because it all started when I began to realize some people who I thought would support me, lift me up, and be “for me” simply are not. I know I know, I can’t please everybody and it shouldn’t matter if so and so doesn’t like something or appreciate my content, etc. Ultimately, the number of likes/ comments/ followers/ etc. DOESN’T MATTER, and even if some people aren’t cheering me on and I feel like I’m always the one doing the cheering, it really shouldn’t bother me or matter to me at all.

Thankfully, I voiced these feelings to Michael last night when he got home from work because I just couldn’t keep them in any longer or my head was going to explode. I literally said the words “I am so boring and I must be stupid.” He pretty much glared back at me and told me to stop it right there missy and back it up for a second. He reminded me that this is so not true and told me that I am hilarious and smart, which I most definitely appreciated (even if I am not a tad bit funny at all). I didn’t stop there though, “but my pictures are obviously so horrible and I am ugly.” He got pretty angry with my statement and told me that I am a big bag of crazy. Those are all lies. I explained to him why I felt this way. (I’m not getting into it in detail, but I mean I can’t be the only one who doesn’t really feel supported and feel like you are “loved” all the time.) His answer back to me was that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if blah doesn’t “like” a picture, she’s a “hater” (Thanks, boo, you’re always so straightforward with me, even if she isn’t a hater. Haha). He also reminded me that if someone isn’t all about you and doesn’t support you it is THEIR LOSS, not yours.

But then I actually felt the same about this little blog of mine. I can have similar feelings about my blog sometimes, but then I have to remember WHY I started this thing in the first place. I didn’t even think a single person (well, besides my Mama, Hi Ma!) would read this, and I didn’t have any expectations at all. I started this because I love reading blogs, I would spend hours upon hours reading other peoples’ blogs. It’s funny, one day my Dad asked me “well, what do you do all day? Whatever that is, do something with that.” That was easy for me because hello, I read blogs! And I figured I could actually do it because I love writing (I was that girl in elementary school who would create picture books by myself and bring them into school to show my teacher, hahaha. I loved writing and still do.). My point is that it shouldn’t even matter to me or bother me at all just how many people are (or aren’t) reading this thing. But you know what? It does sometimes. And yesterday was definitely one of those times, but I just needed some reminders of truths and reminders of what is actually important to me. It’s important to me to create blog posts and content on my social media that is truthful, fun, honest, and sincere..while usually sharing a positive message. I don’t ever want to feel like I “have” to post or say something because it will get more likes or comments…that would make me a fraud. And I don’t ever want to not post something because “I don’t have enough followers or enough people reading, etc.” That would be totally the opposite of why I have this blog and why I have my social media.

I am calling this the social media trap because I literally think it is a trap. It is so easy for us to scroll through Instagram, scroll through Facebook or any social media, compare our lives and our pages, the amount of followers, likes, etc. to them and then feel less than or feel like we just aren’t loved or supported by others or something.

Whether you have Instagram, Facebook, a blog, or any type of social media at all, maybe you have felt at all this way? Because if you have, I am going to share some TRUTH with you, truth that I needed reminder of last night, truth that I need to remind myself of often, and truth that I am standing on today. You ready, friends?

You’re loved. You’re loved so much.

…and you don’t need any amount of followers or likes or readers or whatever it is to be this way. God loves you unconditionally, and He does not want us to find our value or how loved we are in social media.


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