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Weekend Recap: We Bought A New TV

Hello!! Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. The sun is shining and even though we still have some chilly days, it is feeling a little more like spring! I really hope it is here to stay, but since the weather here can never make it’s mind up, we can have one cold and rainy day turned into snow at night and then the next day it is 60 degrees and absolutely gorgeous! You never know with this New England weather!

This past weekend was a good one! I’m sure if you followed along on my Instagram stories, then you already know what went down, but if not let’s recap shall we!?


I kicked off the weekend by beginning my Friday with a 3 mile run, then getting my booty kicked in sculpt and dance. Those two classes were literally killer and I was dead after that, in the best way. Haha. The rest of my day was pretty low key, and I didn’t really do much besides tune in live for another dance class (low impact) in the afternoon. I needed to stretch out my body and move because if I just sat all day long my muscles really would have been tight and sore, so I joined in on the fun!

Michael got home from work and we just hung out for the rest of the day. As we were watching Ex on the Beach in the living room, our TV went black and we knew it was finally the end of it Here’s a little back story: the TV we had in our living room was ancient. It would shut off a number of times in one day, but we would just unplug and replug it in for it to work again. But this time, it didn’t look or sound the same when it went black, so that’s when we knew it was dead. We kept it unplugged with hopes it would work in the morning, and made our way into bed to continue watching the show..good thing we have another TV in our place because that would have been frustrating to not finish the show, especially since it was the finale.


My Saturday morning began with a crazy insane workout..I’ve just been feeling it ya’ll! Okay but I admit, I am psycho and went ALL IN FULL OUT! I was just totally motivated! I started with the Level Up 45 minute Challenge workout which was a strength & sculpt mashup for the second time of the week, then I tuned in live for both sculpt and dance classes. To say I was sore after all of that is an understatement, but I felt great. Once I was done my workout(s), I tried the TV before hopping in the shower but low and behold, it still didn’t work and was indeed dead. Whomp whomp. I texted Michel and told him the bad news that we had to buy a new TV once he got out of work later in the day. I figured this gave me a reason to sit in bed all day and watch the TV we have in our bedroom, right? Haha. Don’t worry, I didn’t sit in bed and watch TV all day…only for a little while. 😉 I went to the grocery store, ran a bunch of errands, and then finally once Michael got home from work we went to Best Buy to get ourselves that new TV.

Now people, have you ever been asked your opinion on something but had the person disagree with you and stick to his own thoughts? Yes my friends. This is what happened during our little TV shopping adventure we had on Saturday. Whenever Michael asked my opinion on the TV’s we were looking at, he disagreed with me. The TV that I wanted he just wasn’t feeling and wanted one that was a bit cheaper (like only $50), BUT you could tell it was cheaper because I promise the colors on the screen were darker and it was just more dull looking. I pointed it out to him and after about 45 minutes of walking back and forth, guess which TV we ended up buying?! Ding ding ding! If you guessed the one that I wanted, you are correct! You bet we walked out of there with the TV that I originally picked out. The employee who helped us brought the TV out to my car where they both spent about 20 minutes trying to get it into my car. It was like a hilarious scene out of a movie, literally it looked like they were trying to play Tetris or something. Which way is this thing going to fit in this car?! HA. Eventually they got it in there, and Michael and I were on our way!

We got home and realized the TV stand we had for our (super) old TV was way too small since the legs on this TV were on the side and not in the middle like the old one, so back in the car we went to find a stand big enough for this brand new TV. We went into a new furniture store that recently opened up here in town, which is supposed to be discounted, and were bombarded with these kind of pricey (but nice) stands….and Michael was NOT having it. I’m sure it was not a good sight because Michael was huffing and puffing and declaring he is “NOT spending this much money on a stupid TV stand”. So, I called my parents and asked so sweetly if they had one hanging around they didn’t need anymore. Of course, Mama and Daddy to the rescue! They had one lying around that was perfect size!

So, for our Saturday night, we were rocking the brand new, 55 inch Samsung TV set up on the floor, with the huge box, old TV, and old stand all in the living room….like hoarders. Haha. 😉 I unfortunately spoke the words “I think we might need a sound bar now”, which had Michael obsessing over the volume and speakers on this new TV…poor guy, haha.


I started my Sunday morning with a circuit class on obé replay. I had plans to join in two live classes right after church, so I was contemplating whether or not to do a workout, BUT if I don’t get a workout in first thing in the morning, it throws my whole day off so I worked out still. Which was a great decision, because whenever I take Walter’s classes I always feel more energized and just in a better state of mind afterwards. He pours so much positivity into his workouts and fills us up with positive affirmations and it is so inspiring! Not before long, it was time for church!

Once we got home from church, the door bell rang and it was my Dad and brother who brought over the TV stand that my parent’s had that they weren’t using! So nice of them to just show up with it! Michael put everything together when I almost had a heart attack because just about 5 minutes before my classes were going to start on obé, the man UNPLUGS the WiFi. Yes, major face palm. But all was fine and dandy after about 7 minutes when I could log into obé and join in the sculpt and dance classes. 😉

After my (second) workout, it was finally time for coffee! (Don’t worry, there was a second shower in there also, I’m not gross.) As I sipped my coffee I put on Home Alone on demand and vacuumed, and did some laundry. I must say, the TV stand makes our living room look WAY more homey and all around nicer. I love it and I’m so grateful my parent’s gave us this!

I met my sister, brother in law, and nephews at the park for some outdoor play time since it was such a beautiful day! It reached 60 degrees! We just had to take advantage of it and be outside!

After about an hour, I came home since Michael was on his way home from jujitsu. Guys, he actually came home with a sound bar in hand, looked at me and said “I bought a sound bar. I can’t stand the speakers on that TV. It sounds so bad.” Haha. I shouldn’t have opened my mouth and said that we needed one since the TV didn’t sound bad at all, but it sounds SO amazing now with this new sound bar! I am loving it!!!


I started today with a 3 mile run, the Renew You challenge workout on obé which was a dance HIIT mash up and was SO much fun, and finished with a live sculpt class where I was a tad bit dramatic since I threw my ankle weight off and flung it across the room at the end, ha! It was a great way to kick off the week, I really needed that burn! Now I’m not too sure what the rest of the day will include, but I’m hoping I get to spend some time with Michael later on!

I hope you have a great Monday! XOXO

What did your weekend look like?

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