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Ten Truths Tuesday

Good morning! Happy Tuesday and HAPPY APRIL! I love April. Mostly because it means summer is close, but also because it is my birthday month!! YIPPEE!!!

I meant to pop in yesterday for a weekend recap, but I was rushing around in the morning so I didn’t have a chance. As you can imagine, it looked like a pretty basic weekend around here, including lots of workouts, relaxing, and time spent with my family and Michael! I hope you had a great weekend!

I’m coming at you today with some Tuesday TRUTHS! Because this thought popped in my head this morning when I was in the shower. Yeah, weird…but I guess that is where most of my thoughts come from, while singing in the shower.

Truth #1: I am SO SORE. Like sore to the point where I yell a little whenever I have to sit on the toilet because the struggle is REAL my friends. I think all of my workouts have really been kicking my booty lately because I have been feeeeeeling it. Michael was so gracious to rub my legs yesterday but I was yelling in pain because of how much it hurt. So, for once in my life I told him to stop (can you believe it?) and stretched instead. Luckily my workouts helped me stretch out the tight muscles this morning…but the struggle is still going on strong over here because I did a sculpt, HIIT, and strength class this morning, which had my body on fire once again. Beauty is pain, right? Haha.

Truth #2: We had some GORGEOUS weather a couple days this past weekend (don’t worry, it’s long gone now and back to being cold), with temperatures reaching in the mid 60’s! I was even able to take a walk with the whole fam down the street. It felt SO good to walk outside and not be frozen (like that walk Michael and I took last week, where I was frozen beyond and couldn’t open my mouth. Ha!).

Truth #3: We rented Aquaman on Redbox the other night. Buttttt, I admit I didn’t watch anymore than 10 minutes of it because I started making Michael a (vegan) pizza and a snack for myself which caused me to miss a pretty good chunk of the movie, so I literally wasn’t into it and just fell asleep I guess. Whoops. However, Michael said the movie was good and I trust his judgement. Haha.

Truth #4: I was struggling with anxiety on Saturday, and had a hard time getting out of the funk, but once Sunday morning rolled around my anxiety lifted and I was feeling much better. Thankfully, I did a Circuit replay class on obé with a trainer who speaks so much positivity and light during every single one of his classes, so I knew it would help me. Walter said during the warm up “You have complete control over how you feel each day.” and in that moment I just KNEW (even though it was a replay class, I know I know) he was talking to me. It is at that second I decided it was a GOOD day and I had the power to control how I feel..and I felt good!

Truth #5: I went to lunch with a friend on Friday afternoon! We went to Longhorn Steakhouse…which I haven’t been there in years, but it was very good! We each got a salad, I ordered the chicken and strawberry salad but without the chicken and without the feta cheese, with the dressing on the side. The salad came with leafy greens, strawberries, oranges, and grapes, with a vinaigrette dressing. It was good! A+ to Longhorn Steakhouse for serving a vegan a very yummy and fruity salad!

Truth #6: I got my nails done yesterday, and guess what? This girl has a brand new full set of nails and feeling like a million bucks! Okay, I don’t really feel like a million dollars, but I just wanted to say that so we’ll just go with it! 😉 I do however feel so much better since my nails were looking very gross when I sat down in the beginning of my appointment. Having a fresh full set of nails makes me so happy!!

Truth #7: I went to the grocery store (story of my life, I go every day) on Sunday afternoon. I was trying to time it just right to beat the rain that we were getting according to the forecast, so I went in and out of there within 5 minutes or so, and beat the rain! Literally it started pouring the second I sat in my car…I call that a win. But what was not a win? Forgetting pineapple. How in the world did I forget pineapple? I will never know, because I remembered salsa for Michael but forgot pineapple for me. Blondie over here should (and usually does) always remember to put a pineapple in the carriage every single grocery trip because it is a major food item for me! Luckily Michael and I went again yesterday (you see, we really go so much) and I got not only one pineapple, but two pineapples!

Truth #8: I booked our anniversary vacation for next month, which is SO EXCITING and I was to shout it from the rooftops about how excited I am, but I am not. I am holding that excitement in and not making a big deal about it because we don’t know for sure if we will be able to go even though it is all booked. SO, from now until the day we leave, I will be praying and praying hard that we are actually able to get there. We have some things going on from now until then but I am being positive and acting like we are going.

Truth #9: Speaking of, it is SO HARD for me to not get super excited and dance around every where we go because of it. As you know, we usually go on vacation like every couple of months but haven’t been away since our trip to Disney in November. Oh gosh, the horror. So, as you can imagine, I am desperately needing a vacation badly. However, I do know that the things that are going on right now are more important than a vacation and I do know that if we aren’t able to go next month, we will be able to go sometime soon. If you know me personally than you already know what is “going on”, but if not I’m sorry I am keeping it super vague on here. Don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with me directly, but it will effect my life since it does have to do with my sweet hubby!

Truth #10: With my birthday coming up so soon (on the 18th, duh!), I really want to do something fun, but I don’t know what. Michael will probably have to work so I have to think of something to do to kick off my last year in my 20’s (ouch). I want to go to a spa. Preferably at the Grand Floridian, but of course that can’t happen so I will have to settle with somewhere around here (boo hoo).

That’s all for now, folks! I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday! XOXO

Share some of your truths with me!

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