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Weekend Recap 4/8/19: The Weekend of Outdoor Play!

Hi friends! Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. We’ve had some beautiful weather the past couple days, but today is a VERY gross day around here. It’s gloomy, chilly, and pouring rain. Whomp whomp. However, I am not letting this gross weather get the best of me! Today is a great day!

Let’s get into what my weekend looked like with a little weekend recap!


I started my Saturday with a 3 mile run, 45 minute Sculpt & Power mash up class, and then a live Dance HIIT class on obé! SO FUN! (And sweaty). After my workout, I showered, threw on some jammies, and enjoyed my Dunkin’ coffee while watching Home Alone in peace. Fun fact: I love Saturday mornings so much, even though they are very similar to my everyday, haha. The peace went to a screeching halt when the doorbell started to ring very loudly, which made me JUMP. Normally the doorbell doesn’t scare the crap out of me, but the person ringing it was pressing it like super long and super hard. I secretly peeked out the window and saw two nicely dressed men holding iPads, with folders, and pamphlets standing at my door. My initial thought was that they were Jehovah Witness because they show up at our door on a Saturday every month, so I didn’t open the door. and just went along with my morning. (I have nothing against them or their beliefs or anything, but sometimes they can be a little pushy.) Well, I guess they didn’t like that I didn’t open my door, because they started aggressively ringing the doorbell and started banging on the door (I am not exaggerating), for10 minutes. I was scared. And I hid in the closet, and held my breath. A little after 10 minutes I checked around the windows and saw they were gone, so I could breathe again. But I really couldn’t believe how AGGRESSIVE they were being. Next time, I will call the police if they are that aggressive again, but I hope they do not show up again, and if they do I hope they are not aggressive.*Side note: My initial thought of them being Jehovah Witness was correct, they left a pamphlet in the door.

After that little fiasco, I tuned in live for a Sculpt & Dance class on obé with an amazing new trainer for workout #2. It definitely was a sweaty Saturday for sure, but since he is a new trainer to obé and a TOP trainer to stars in NYC, I just had to join in. I think this will be my normal workout routine of doing double workouts on Saturday’s because I love his classes so much!

Once I was done with that second workout of the day, I took another shower, did my hair, and finally got ready for the day. I went over to my parent’s house since my nephews were over there and had so much fun playing outside in the sunshine and just enjoyed being with them!

A little after 3 hours, I came home to relax for a little and watch some Real Housewives of New York City. Side note: I am a little annoyed with Luann and the whole “fish room” outburst. Get over ittttt.

Once I was finished with that episode, I went back over to my parents house for some more play time before I came back home for the rest of the day/night. Of course, I put on the tv for some more Real Housewives, but this time it was Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Housewives of Atlanta. I am so sad that they are all ganging up on Lisa Vanderpump…and I would hope that she isn’t as catty and malicious as the ladies are making her out to be about the Dorit dog situation. And ummm, can we MOVE ON from that story now? It is getting old and I am getting bored with it all. I kind of don’t want to watch anymore episodes because it really is annoying and boring to me.


I started my Sunday morning (early) with a Circuit replay & ab focused Sculpt replay on obé. (I had taken this ab focused sculpt class live on Friday morning and since it was so good and such a burner, I had to take it again.) Michael and I went to church, once we got back he went to jujitsu and I went to get my lashes done. My lady usually doesn’t work on Sunday’s but luckily, she was working this week so I snagged an appointment with her for after church! Once I was done with my appointment, I met my sister, brother in law, and nephews at the playground because it was another GORGEOUS day outside….nicer than the day before since there was no chilly wind. It actually reached 70 degrees!

Once play time was up, I came home, threw in some laundry, ate a snack, and then logged back into obé for a live dance class with two amazing trainers. I couldn’t say no to booty shaking with two queens! After those 28 minutes were up, I went over my parent’s house to visit with them for a little while. Michael showed up over there too on his way home from jujitsu, which was a nice surprise! We then went to Target since I was in DESPERATE need of a new pillow. A little backstory: I’ve been waking up for the past month with absolute paralyzing pain in my shoulders, neck, and head. Every morning it never failed…my pillow was so old, crumbly, and just really uncomfortable. I knew it was time for a new pillow since I had bought Michael a new one for Christmas (the Casper pillow) and snuck his pillow under my head for a couple minutes whenever he got up early for work. But, at last, we have finally got me a new pillow and I am one happy girl!! 😉

Once we got home, we watched a couple shows we had in our DVR while we ate dinner and snuggled on the couch for a little while. Michael went to CVS to get a movie for us on RedBox, which I must add that I totally thought he was getting Bumblebee but he ended up surprising me with The Mule instead. First of all, I had NO idea what this movie was about and thought it was an action/thriller type movie and if you know me at all, you know that I do not do well with movies like that. So when I thought it was a “scary/action/thriller/not happy go lucky” (to me) movie, I was like OH GREAT. But, it turned out to be a good movie! It was definitely more of a drama, so I was happy about that! And in the end, I was glad Michael picked out (yet again) another great movie for us to watch. Definitely recommend!

I was SO pumped to go to sleep on my dreamy new pillow, I slept so well and didn’t wake up with any aches or pains in my neck, shoulders, or head! Yippee!

This morning

As I mentioned, it is a gloomy day…and with the pouring rain outside, I definitely could have slept in all morning. But, I don’t have time for that! I made a commitment to myself to work on being my best self every single day. And I am motivated!! I went a little crazy on my workouts this morning, but I regret absolutely nothing. I started with a HIIT replay on obé, then did another HIIT replay (the trainers are so motivating, so this is how I got through those two classes, because they are amazing!), and had a couple minutes in between before the live class I was joining in on was going to start, so I ran 1.5 miles, and ended with the Sculpt class live. To say my body was on fire after is DEFINITELY true…but it was so good! I might join in a live yoga class this afternoon for a good stretch after all that since there is another new trainer joining obé! As far as the rest of the day goes, I’m looking forward to spending some time with Michael and staying out of the gross rain. 😉

Have a fabulous Monday! XOXO

What did you do this past weekend?

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