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Currently 4/10/19

Good morning! Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well. If not, have no fear! Friday is near! 😉 We’ve had some rainy, gloomy, and COLD past couple of days but I’m hoping it brightens up a little today! We all know a little sunshine just lifts everyone’s spirits!

I’m popping in today to bring you a Currently blog post!

Current Book:

I’m reading Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt by Jentezen Franklin for our small groups we just started last night. I am following the schedule for the groups..BUT, we will see how long I follow this schedule because it is very hard for me to not start and finish the book after a couple of days. As of now, I am on chapter 4. I definitely recommend ANYONE to read this, even if you don’t think you’ve been ‘hurt’ before. During small group we watch the video that goes along with it, where Jentezen Franklin dives deeper into what he wrote. It’s VERY good!

Current Work Out:

Here’s what this week’s plan is:
*I am going to (try to) add in an express abs class before bed each night. I won’t be doing the same express abs class, since there are a bunch of choose from with different trainers on obé!
Monday: HIIT, HIIT, 1.5 mile run, Sculpt. Afternoon Yoga. PM Express Abs
Tuesday: Sculpt, HIIT, Strength. PM Express Standing Abs
Wednesday: 3 mile run, Strength, Dance. (Might squeeze in afternoon Sculpt). PM Express Abs
Thursday: Circuit, Sculpt, Circuit. PM Express Abs
Friday: Sculpt, Dance. Afternoon Dance. PM Express Abs
Saturday: 2 obé replay classes, then late morning Sculpt & Dance. PM Express Abs
Sunday: 2 obé replay classes before church, prob. Circuit & Sculpt. PM Express Abs
As always, the classes can be found on obé fitness! Side note: I put this here on my blog so you guys can see what my schedule is, and what I plan to do. But, it also is accountability for me to stick with it everyday!

Current TV Show:

I watched the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta yesterday, which is the Reunion part 1 episode. I have loved this season of RHOA! I usually don’t get really into this Housewives, but this season I have been loving it! I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t watched it yet, but I will say that I am sad for Nene, and I was kind of surprised at how she was acting to the other ladies with the coldness, BUT I do feel like she has reasons to be acting the way she is…even though we see “real life” on the show we don’t REALLY see real life.

Current Movie:

We watched Bumblebee Monday night, and I can’t even tell you if it was good or not because I didn’t even really watch it. BUT, Michael was laughing and seemed to like it so once again I will take his word for it and say that it was good. I did notice though, it was a different quality compared to the other Transformers movies, so I’m not sure if that is on purpose or what, but I did notice that, as did Michael!The reason why I didn’t really watch the movie was because once we started, I was laying in bed, and Michael was on the floor stretching so I felt super lazy just laying there in bed while Michael was doing something good for his body. SO, I got my yoga mat out and did 10 minutes of express abs on obé, and then by the time I was done with that I wasn’t really into the movie since I kind of missed a chunk of it…so like always, I just browsed through social media for the rest of the night. Haha.

Current Excitement:

I’m getting my hair done this morning and I am so excited! As you know by now, I love getting my hair done. It’s crazy to think that I used to hate getting it done, until I switched hair dressers and now I can’t wait for my next appointments! I mean, if I could, I would get my hair done every single day. But since I love my husband and don’t want to overload him with my high maintenance tendencies, I will stick to not doing that. HA

Current Want:

I ‘want’ to do something fun for my birthday next week (8 days away!). BUT, since I have to be the adult that I am (or am supposed to be) I know that I need to suck it up and realize that “not every birthday has to be great.” But then I say WHY NOT to that rude comment…so I’m in a pickle here.

Current Music:

THIS new song by Elevation Worship. I love love love it so much.

Current Obsession:

I am obsessed with my new pillow! Thank the Lord we went to Target on Sunday afternoon and got it because it is so dreamy! I sleep so much better and I don’t wake up feeling like I am paralyzed with a sore neck/head/and sore shoulders. It is fantastic!!

I hope you have a wonderful day! XOXO

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Tell me some of yours!
What is your current want?

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