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Weekend Recap 4/15/19

Good morning! Happy Monday to you! It is officially my birthday week and even though we aren’t doing anything exciting for it (boo), I can’t believe I am living out my last couple days as a 28 year old. Crazy to think that on Thursday I will wake up and officially be in the last year of my 20’s. AH! Wasn’t it just my 21st birthday like yesterday?

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! We have been blessed with some warmer temperatures here in Massachusetts (not so much today though) and I was LOVING it!

Seeing as I haven’t published a new blog post since last Wednesday, I am coming at you today with a weekend recap!


I started my Friday with a 3 mile run, & a Sculpt class and a Dance class on obé. Later in the morning, I went to Target with my sister and Enzo, and hung around at my parent’s house for a little bit before I came back home in time to join a live dance class. Because I needed to shake off some negative vibes, and a dance class is always needed. Once I was done with that dance class, I headed to the grocery store since I wanted to get that done before Michael got home from work. Our Friday night wasn’t too crazy, but it was exactly what we both needed. We watched the new show with Pauly D and Vinny from Jersey Shore, A Double Shot at Love, which I love them by the way but that show was just making me feel all sorts of annoyed because of how ratchet it and those girls are. Yiiiiiikes. Anyone else feel similar if you have watched the first episode? However, I will watch the whole season. 😉


I began with a 3 mile run, HIIT replay, and an abs focused dance class on replay. It was a cardio filled morning, but I had planned that out because of the classes I was taking later in the morning. Once I was done with my first workout, I showered and ate a little breakfast/drank my coffee, put on Home Alone and relaxed a bit. Before I knew it, it was 11am and I was back into workout mode for 2 sculpt classes and MANNNN were those killer! This new trainer on obé is literally crazy in the best way possible. He brings all sorts of burners to his sculpt classes and I live for them. Of course, once I was done with my second workout, I showered once again and officially ‘got ready for the day’. I went over to my parent’s house since my sister and nephews were over there enjoying the gorgeous weather outside!

Michael and I went to a lake (okay, if you watched my Instagram stories than you already know I called it a pond, because sometimes my hair color reflects perfectly with what I say, oops) once he got home from work. He fished while I walked around and tried my best to stay in the sunshine since I thought it was a good idea to go out in my tank and shorts, when Michael warned me I would be cold but of course I thought I would be fine. Next time I should probably listen to him.

We got home a little while later, watched a couple of our shows, and later on Michael went to a friend’s house to watch the UFC fights while I happily stayed back home and watched Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker. Before getting into bed I did an express abs class!


Like any normal Sunday around here, I woke up and got done my workout all before 7:30. My workout started with a quick 1.5 mile run, then continued with a HIIT replay class on obé. Michael and I went to church for Palm Sunday and were given palm leaves which I tried to make into palm crosses when we got back home, but they ended up just looking more like an zig zag than a cross (I will keep trying, don’t worry).

Once home, I chugged my coffee before tuning in live for a 90’s themed dance class on obé with two amazing trainers. I totally LIVED out my childhood in that 28 minutes. It was soooooo good and had me singing ‘Spice up your life’ and ‘Barbie girl’! Brought back so many childhood memories of dancing in the basement in front of a video camera recording myself, HAHA. I thought it was a great way to kick off my birthday week especially since I was born in 1990! That class got over and Michael and I went to the grocery store to stock up on the goods (I’m sure I’ll be back there in no time though, it never fails) before coming home to relax for most of the afternoon. By the time 3pm rolled around, I was getting a little antsy so Michael and I decided to go out again to the lake (pond? Joking.) to fish and walk around. However, it was MUCH cooler than the day before even though my car temperature read 75 degrees, and I thought I was prepared by wearing a light sweatshirt and leggings but no, I was freezing. I don’t know what was going on but it was super windy and felt like there was a major storm we left after about a half hour.

Michael ended up going to train with one of his friends around 6ish so I was left home having my own little sing a long to Frozen. The rest of the night was spent just hanging out once he got home, and of course I did some express abs before bed!


I was SO excited for my workout this morning, like since yesterday afternoon. Between the weird thunderstorms we had all morning to just being excited, I think I woke up every hour starting at 3am just in case I overslept somehow…hahaha. I started with a 2 mile warm up run, then spent an hour in sculpt with the new trainer on obé (same one as Saturday), which is AMAZING. He is live on obé now every Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon, and Saturday late morning and I am ALL FOR IT! I am obsessed.

As far as the rest of the day goes, I’m not sure what is going on, but I have a nail and/or lash appointment later this morning…I am unsure of what I am going to get done because apparently the lashes I got on last Monday haven’t really stayed too well but I need to get my nails filled too. The struggles, people. Haha.

What did you do this past weekend?

I hope you have a great day! Xoxo

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 4/15/19

  1. Kayla – I LOVE the jean jacket! Can I ask where you got it from? Also, I LOVE your smile. I think that this year will be your year… you might not have a big celebration or trip this year BUT remember there is ALWAYS next year and each day of your 29th year is a day to celebrate. I turn 29 this year too … I am a few months behind you! I cannot believe I will be 30 in a little over a year! I think I am going to start saving for a new car! 😀

    1. Aww thanks babe! I got my jean jacket at Old Navy, last year I believe! 🙂 You are too sweet, thank you so much! I think this will be my year also, I am so excited to live out my last year in my 20’s! Crazy to think we will be THIRTY next year, ahh! Time flies! Saving for a new car sounds FABULOUS! Xoxo

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