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Friday Catch Up: 29th Birthday!

Hi friends! Happy Good Friday! I hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to Easter weekend! I sure am!

My birthday was a really great day, it was actually one of the best birthday’s I’ve had in my 20’s….funny how that was my LAST birthday in my 20’s too. Holy moly!

The day started early around 6 when I woke up to surprise signs from Michael all around our apartment…including on my treadmill, on my mirror, on my laptop screen, in the shower, in the fridge, on our toaster oven, and even in the bread drawer (and many more places, but you get it). SO SWEET! I began my birthday in the best way possible, with a super sweaty and kick booty workout that is! I started with a warm up run that was 3 miles, then a circuit, sculpt, and dance class on obé. I was definitely sweaty and sore by the end of all of that, but it felt so great to start my day with all of those classes including a DANCE PARTY with one of my favorite obé trainers!! (Okay, I admit, they are all my favorite…haha).

After my workout, I showered and got ready for the day…and Michael even went to Dunkin’ to get us some coffee!! Once he got home with coffees we watched Live with Kelly and Ryan and I turned around in the kitchen as I was prepping my fruit salad and saw the CUTEST gift bag all pretty FOR ME!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was even tissue paper all cute inside the gift bag for me!! I just about died right then! Inside the super cute gift bag with the sweetest card, a new Minnie stuffed animal lovey, and the Tiffany’s Paloma Picasso Love necklace that I had been eyeing! I was SO SHOCKED! This man is so sneaky!! I can’t believe he went out and got this gift for me!

Michael and I went to my parent’s house where I was greeted with hugs and gifts from my Mama before my sister, nephews, and Dad got there too! I must add, when my nephews and sister walked into the house, I was greeted immediately with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”, and big hugs from the boys and the SWEETEST CARD EVER from Gio and Enzo. Gio made it all by himself for me….I literally die. (And I may have cried about it a bit too).

We played, laughed, and eventually my Dad came home with a little surprise cake for me (we are “officially” having a cake for me on Easter with the whole family, so I wasn’t expecting that). They all sang happy birthday to me and the boys helped me blow out the candles.

Michael and I left their house to go to the grocery store…really, not what I wanted to do on my birthday, but I’d rather have food than no food, so I didn’t mind going since I was with Michael too. 😉 When we got home Michael took a nap on the couch while I snuggled up and watched Jersey Shore since it was on all afternoon!

Before we knew it, we were out the door and heading to the mall for some shopping and dinner. I ended up buying a new jean jacket and black leggings (hello, your girl can NEVER have too many pairs of black leggings…I have a million) at Express. PS: They are having their 40% off sale this weekend! I have such a large shopping cart on their website right now for all of the things for our vacation coming up! I have learned to not pay full price (unless I ‘have’ to) there because at some point they are going to have a 40% off sale at some point!

After a little shopping and walking around, we made our way to The Cheesecake Factory (creatures of habit here, we went there last year for my birthday too!) since we love it there.

Once seated (in a booth, we always request a booth), we ordered their Thai Lettuce Wraps for an appetizer. We LOVE their lettuce wraps because they are ‘create your own’ so they don’t come out already made for you with all of the fix-in’s inside. Which is why I love it, because I can create my own and fill the lettuce with carrot sticks and cucumber salad, while Michael loads his with all the things and all the sauces. So yummy! Along with the appetizer, our waitress brought us out their famous bread, and I just love the baskets…I can always spy the hidden Mickey’s. 😉

For my meal, I ordered their Chicken, Mango, and Avocado salad…but KICKER: I got it without the chicken, crispy wontons, and avocado…and the dressing on the side. My salad was absolutely delicious..I don’t know if it’s because it is so chilled, but the vegetables, fruit, and lettuce just tasted SO GOOD I didn’t even put any dressing on it. Yum! I also ordered (unpictured) plain steamed broccoli on the side, which was also so yummy.

Michael ordered their stuffed burger. He has been dreaming about having a burger for a long time since not eating meat for months…he totally deserved that burger. He said it was very good, but felt a little ‘too much’ in his stomach since he hasn’t eaten meat like that in a couple months.

And of course, we can’t go to The Cheesecake Factory without ordering dessert! I got a bowl of fresh strawberries while Michael got their new Cinnabon cheesecake…which literally smelt like a Cinnabon. Michael told our waitress that it was my birthday, so a bunch of the waiters came over to our table to sing happy birthday to me as they gave me a little bowl filled high with whipped cream and sprinkles with a lit candle on top! SO SWEET! My plate under the strawberries also said ‘happy birthday to you’…they always do such a wonderful job with celebrations!!

We ended the night with a dance party in the car (obviously), and once we got home I did a round of express standing abs and then got snuggly in bed. It was SUCH a good birthday filled with lots of love and happiness! Michael always makes me feel like a princess but he really made the day extra special, that’s for sure! 🙂

Have a great weekend! Happy Easter! XOXO

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