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Ten Truths Tuesday #3: After Michael’s Surgery

Good morning and Happy Tuesday to you! I hope your week started off well! Even though I published a blog post yesterday, I feel like it has been days simply because yesterday felt like two days in one.

Before diving into today’s blog post I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to those of you who prayed for Michael’s surgery yesterday, to recap: he tore his lateral meniscus which then caused a cyst to form on top, so he had to get operated on to take out the tear and cyst. It went well and he is doing just fine! Of course his knee/leg is sore, but that is expected. He has crutches to help him walk around (but he hasn’t used them around our apartment, stubborn man) and is keeping his leg elevated for now. He has a follow up appointment later this week and right after that he starts physical therapy, so it seems like the recovery process is pretty quick.

Truth #1: Since we had a really early arrival time to be at the hospital yesterday, I was a crazy woman and set my alarm for 3:50am just so I could squeeze in a workout beforehand. I had no idea how long we would be at the hospital and frankly I didn’t want to feel like trash all day if I hadn’t gotten in a workout. SO, 3:50am you bet this lady jumped out of bed and got in a workout before getting ready to leave. I did a sculpt replay on obé and felt much better after getting my sweat on.

Truth #2: BUT, luckily the hospital where Michael’s knee doctor is (and where my lady doctor is) has a pretty great track to walk around so for most part, I just walked around for a good chunk of time while I was waiting. I’m guessing I probably walked around 3 miles in those 45 minutes I walked around…I tried to keep count (there was a sign that said 7.5 times around was 1 mile) but I was listening to a podcast and then listening to music so I lost count after a while. Haha.

Truth #3: I definitely thought we would be at the hospital much longer than we were, but we were only there from 5:45-11ish! The actual surgery only took about an hour, and Michael was only in the recovery room for maybe an hour the most. The first half of the morning was a lot of just waiting around and prepping, but I was able to stay with Michael while he was getting prepped until they wheeled him away.

Truth #4: Sometimes I wonder how my husband is SO BRAVE and how nothing ever phases him. My stomach was in knots and am super anxious at just the thought of surgery…but then again I get all anxious and knotted tummy at the thought of going to the doctors SOOO yup.

Truth #5: By the time we got home, it was perfect timing for me to get ready and join in a live 45 minute yoga flow class on obé! It was exactly what my body and mind needed after being at the hospital all morning. Luckily I wasn’t cooped up in a waiting room all morning since I was walking around, but it was still a long morning.

Truth #6: Waking up that early had me all sorts of sleepy. I even had two coffees and still couldn’t help but doze off on the couch in the afternoon. I napped for about 20 minutes but I could have slept longer that’s for sure.

Truth #7: I pretty much laid on the couch for the remainder of the afternoon until I started getting restless around 4 and finally got my booty up off the couch and moving. I put in some laundry and got my mat, weights, and a towel out again for a second round of a sculpt replay on obé. The trainer’s (Isaac) replay sculpt class that I took in the morning was the first class, and I told myself I would do the second class later, so I kept my word with myself and did it!

Truth #8: We have TWENTY FIVE days until our vacation and I have a bit more hope that we are actually going to be able to go! I love when God has things work out for you. I started shopping (online) this past weekend and I am getting really excited!

Truth #9: I slept better last night compared to Sunday night since I didn’t have to wake up super early this morning, which was very appreciated…but I still kept waking up to check on Michael and make sure he was okay.

Truth #10: I REALLY appreciate that I don’t have to wake up super early to squeeze in a workout to get somewhere every day. My workout this morning felt a little less like a struggle compared to yesterday too. A 3 mile run, HIIT & Strength class on obé had me looking like a HOT MESS (literally..hot and messy).

Tell me some of YOUR truths!

Have a wonderful day! XOXO

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