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Friday Catch Up: A Week With Michael!

Hey friends! Happy happy Friday! I hope you have had a fantastic week! We’ve been having some beautiful spring weather this week and I am loving it! Unfortunately that isn’t the case for today though (and it doesn’t look like it will be this weekend either), it is raining, gloomy, cold, and just icky outside. But, that’s okay! When there is no sunshine you just have to create your own sunshine, right?

Since I haven’t published a blog post since Tuesday, I’m here to play a game of catch up on this fine Friday!

Michael is doing very well after his surgery he had on Monday. We have been going on walks every afternoon at a local park and I’ve been loving it! Of course, we walk very slowly, but just being able to walk outside without freezing is SO NICE, and I’m sure it feels so nice to him also instead of being cooped up in the house all day! He’s even made progress with our walks, we walked once around both Tuesday and Wednesday but stepped it up to two times around yesterday! So proud of him!

He is totally superman, but I still remind him that it is okay (and mandatory) to rest and take care of his knee. I can only imagine that I would be going INSANE if I couldn’t work out and stuff….so I feel badly, but he knows it’s for the best to rest up and knows not to overdo it. We are going to his doctors appointment this morning and he is even getting his stitches out. I will be huddled in the corner during that scene..HAHA.

Wednesday morning I woke up and no joke ALL of my lashes seemed to have fallen off. Okay, I lie…they didn’t “seem to have fallen off”, THEY DID fall off. I witnessed it myself and I couldn’t believe it. I guess sometimes your lashes (natural lashes, and obviously fake lashes) shed at times and I guess that is what was happening to me. I mean sometimes I find that my lashes fall off more than at other times, but never like that. However, I’ve had some sweet followers tell me that it can be due to using products near your eyes with oil in them (I don’t), or not fully cleaning off eye makeup at the time of application so the adhesive wouldn’t stick properly (I hardly wear eye makeup). Good things to know definitely, so I thought I would share it here too! Anyways, back to my first world problem of having NO lashes left on my eyes…I texted my lash (and nail) lady and informed her of the horrible news with many many crying faces (I am so dramatic), and not too long after she texted me back saying she had a cancellation later that morning and that the appointment was now mine! Woo hoo! Have no fear friends, I am no longer lash less and have a full set of lash extensions again! Because what in the world would I do without lashes?! (I’m being sarcastic guys!)

I’m not sure if I already shared this on here, but I know I shared it on my Instagram stories a little bit ago…I haven’t worn my wedding rings in a couple weeks now. WHY, you ask? Well it’s because I started to notice that my ring finger (really my knuckle) was pretty swollen and when I took my rings off I also noticed it was red in between my ring finger and middle finger, Not badly, but still it is irritated, so I took it off and didn’t wear it for a little while. I figured my finger would go back to normal and I would wear my rings like no problem again after a couple days or so, but when I went to get my hair done the last time my hair dresser told me it was probably from not getting it professionally cleaned in a while. Yes friends, it had been probably more than 8 months. I can’t even remember the last time we went to our jewelry store to get our rings cleaned, even though I had been cleaning them at home it is not the same. SO, I put my rings tucked away in my ring box and informed Michael that we had to get to our jewelry store ASAP. Luckily since he is off work now for quite some time, we actually have time to go! Our jewelry store is about a half hour away from us so we don’t always want to make the drive there, but AT LAST we finally went yesterday. I was ecstatic! We actually ended up leaving them there because my jeweler suggested I should get them soldered together and that should eliminate the redness because we both think it is due to my diamonds twisting and rubbing against the inside of my fingers. SO, Michael and I are going to pick them up today after his doctors appointment, fingers crossed all is good with them! I can’t wait! I feel so naked without my rings on!

Since I haven’t shared this week’s workout schedule with you all yet, I’m sharing it now! As always, I’m sharing what I already have done leading up to today and what I ‘plan’ on doing this coming weekend. And of course, all of these classes can be found on obé fitness.
Monday: Sculpt replay x2, 45 minute yoga flow, PM express abs
Tuesday: 3 mile run, HIIT, Strength, PM express abs
Wednesday: Strength, Dance, Afternoon Sculpt x2, PM express abs
Thursday: Sculpt, Circuit, Sculpt, PM express abs
Friday: Quick run, Sculpt, Dance, maybe afternoon Dance, PM express abs
Saturday: 2 replay classes, Sculpt x2, PM express abs
Sunday: replay class, (maybe) afternoon sculpt & dance, PM express abs

I must say I really have been loving having Michael home with me all week! He has about a month off from work because of his surgery and I am so looking forward to it all. At first I didn’t really know what to expect or think about it because he usually works, goes to the gym, goes to jujitsu, etc. so we aren’t really together “all the time”, and I know I can only speak for myself (because he could think differently, haha) but I am enjoying it!

And speaking of, since he has been home this past week I’ve been waking him up with our countdown to vacation every morning….”Good morning babe! 22 days!!! 22 days! 22 days! (in my sing song voice)” Can you tell I am a little excited for vacation?! 😉

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I can’t believe it is the LAST ONE OF APRIL! I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend! XOXO

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