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Weekend Recap 4/29/19: Last Weekend in April

Hey friends! Happy Monday to you! Can you believe we are in the last couple days of April?! I simply cannot! I was filling out our weekly calendar this morning and I could not believe this Saturday is our TWO WEEK countdown from vacation! AHH!! So exciting!

I think Massachusetts forgot it was Spring time and instead switched gears to more cold weather because we’ve had some chilly days this past weekend. I don’t know what’s up with that, but if spring could come back soon (and stay around) that would be great.

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy every second of your last weekend of April 2019? (Crazy!) I certainly did. My weekend was filled with all the things I love: time with my husband, time with my nephews and family, workouts, and relaxation!

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After publishing my Friday blog post, Michael and I headed out to his doctors appointment. He had his stitches removed and all looks great, he is healing just fine. Afterwards, since we were close by, we went to the jewelry store to pick up my ring (YAY) but it wasnt quite ready yet so we headed over to Trader Joe’s to do a quick little grocery haul. (We literally got three things because we actually didn’t really need anything, haha).

After TJ’s, we went back to the jewelry store to pick up my baby and at last…..I finally have my rings back on my finger and they feel FANTASTIC since they were soldered together. I don’t know what I was waiting for (almost 3 whole years) to do this and I don’t know why I didn’t want to do this any sooner, but I am loving it. Please take my advice and do this to your engagement ring and wedding band if you haven’t already. They don’t twist and turn as much as like they used to, and I like it so much better!

Once we were home, Michael went to physical therapy and to the gym, so I got my workout on in the mean time too since I was just sitting around scrolling through social media, which can be draining. I did a sculpt replay and felt MUCH better afterwards. Sometimes (well, it seems like most of the time these days) I just need another workout to get some positivity back into myself.

The rest of the day was spent just hanging was pretty gross out and raining so we didn’t get a walk in. But we did watch A Double Shot At Love and I did some express abs before bed, as usual.


I started the weekend with a dance replay and a circuit replay class both on obé. Side note: I did double cardio classes because a couple hours later I was doing double define classes. After my first workout, I showered, drank my coffee and enjoyed some time before the two live sculpt classes later in the morning. Side note: I am definitely one that loves working out first thing in the morning, but recently I have been loving getting a work out again later in the day too. However, if I had to pick either one I would still choose to workout first thing in the morning compared to later. BUT, since I have the time to do it, I just love doing it no matter what time of day it is! Obé is just THAT fun guys.

When I was done that second workout around noon, I showered quickly and then went over to my sister’s house to hangout with my nephews. UMMM, it had been literally a week since I have seen them. I was having some serious withdrawals and couldn’t wait to squeeze and kiss them! Totally made my weekend by being able to see them!

Michael and I went for a (very quick) walk around the park, but it was very very windy and very very cold so that only lasted about ten minutes and I was a frozen popsicle. It took me about an hour to defrost but it still felt good to get outside and walk around.

The rest of the day and night weren’t all too exciting either, but Michael and I enjoyed the night relaxing and watching TV. And of course, I did some express abs before getting ready to jump into bed.


I started the morning with a quick 1.5 mile run and a dance HIIT replay class on obé before getting ready for church. Service was amazing, as always. It’s funny how I can’t imagine life now without going to church, and if you look back to one year ago we didn’t actually GO to church…I just watched Joel Osteen on Sunday morning’s because I didn’t want to go to service by myself (not knowing if I had just ASKED Michael if he was open to it, maybe we would have gone sooner…maybe.) Anyways, once we were home I chugged my coffee and later tuned into obé for a live sculpt and a live dance class at noon because it was BROADWAY themed with two amazing trainers and it was SO MUCN FUN!

By the time I was done that, Michael got back from the gym shortly after and we just hung around, I did some online shopping for vacation and said goodbye to money. 😉 (Question: would you like to see a post of vacation outfits and things before we leave next month? Let me know!) Once I was done with spending money, we went over to my parent’s house to visit with them (since I haven’t seen them all week either). We left there to go to the grocery store and then came back home to put the groceries away, eat dinner, and watch a couple Avengers movies. We have plans to see the new one this week, but Michael was itching to go see it all weekend and unfortunately tickets kept selling out so we had to wait. Sorry boo! Of course, I ended my Sunday night with express abs.

This morning

The sun is shining and you KNOW that makes me super happy to wake up and already see the sun shining through our windows first thing in the morning! I started the day off with double sculpt classes on obé and burned my whole body out in that hour. I never knew a towel could make my arms burn so much as they did this morning. Haha. If you couldn’t already tell, I am totally obsessed with taking these double sculpt classes with Isaac three times a week…the things he has us do ‘seems’ so easy but it realllllly burns out every single part of your body and I love it!

Now I am ready to get this week started! I have some worship music playing (I usually have music on the TV instead of actual shows),I have a nail appointment later this morning, might do a yoga flow class after that, and we have Gio’s tee-ball game later on! YIPPEE!

I hope you have a great start to the new week! XOXO

What did you do this past weekend?!

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