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Ten Truths Tuesday #4: Whenever I book airplane tickets I feel like I’m signing my life away

Hey there! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week started off well! Like I had mentioned yesterday, we had a very sunny day and I was loving every second of it! Even though it wasn’t warm, just having the sunlight shine through our apartment and everything brightens up my mood! However, that is not the case today. It is raining, gloomy, cold, and just yucky. Blaaaah!

I’m coming at you today with a Ten Truths Tuesday post because, well, it’s Tuesday and I feel like being real with ya’ll!

Tee shirt from The Light Blonde

Truth #1: I hate bugs. Let me explain:
Michael and I decided to go take a walk yesterday in the afternoon. We went somewhere where he could fish also since he has really been itching to get out there and catch some fishies. Butttt I never did get that walk in. Why, you ask? Because the second I got out of the car the bugs attacked my face and swarmed around me, so naturally I screamed and went right back into the car. I told Michael he could go off and fish and I would happily stay in the car, on the side of the road…bug free. He told me beforehand that he never brought me there because because it was really buggy but since it is not summer time he thought there would be no bugs. Wrong, sir. There were certainly LOTS of bugs. Not to worry though, I filled my car time up with a dance party, of course!

Truth #2: Sometimes I procrastinate. Okay, maybe more often than ‘sometimes’.
I FINALLY booked our plane tickets yesterday for our vacation. I know I know, what in the world was I waiting for? Well, we weren’t exactly sure we would definitely be able to go with some things going on behind the scenes (lol), but we got a little bit of a confirmation last week that we should be in the clear to go. SO yes, I finally booked our plane tickets.

Truth #3: Whenever I book a flight I get so anxious.
Literally, I feel like I am signing my life away or something. I check, double check, and triple check to make sure I put in the correct information, the correct date and times, and picked the correct seating assignments. Because holy moly could you imagine if I booked the wrong date or something? That would be a disaster. But then again it’s not that big of a deal, I just always get so anxious whenever I book any flights! Like I start sweating and everything. Gahhhh! I guess it is just a preview of what is to come on the actual flight. Okay, I lie. I have been doing so much better with flying but what makes me nervous is the fact that we haven’t traveled since the beginning of November. Now I know that isn’t “so far” back, but to me it is, especially for flying. I hate flying, you know this, but I was getting used to it since we traveled every couple months. The good thing though? Well there is lots of good things, but most importantly it is a direct flight straight from Boston so we don’t have to deal with any connecting flights or other airports or anything! Yippee! And, I hope the fact that I am so excited for this eases my nerves too while on the plane. I know I’ll be fine. You know, it’s just the feeling in my stomach in the plane…yuckkkkk.

Truth #4: I have been doing a bunch of online shopping.
I did some more online shopping yesterday for our trip, and I think from now until the week we leave (which is only two weeks away from Saturday, OH. EM. GEE.) I will be doing a little shopping here and there. I want to be prepared this time and avoid the freak out that usually happens a couple days before we leave when the panic starts to settle in that I “don’t have enough dresses and swimsuits to wear”. Haha.

Truth #5: As much as I love online shopping, I’m skeptical most of the time.
Okay, let me explain this one. As much as I love online shopping, it really doesn’t help when you never know how something is going to fit your own body. You know what I mean? It could look absolutely smokin’ hot on the model but then when you finally get it in and try it on it could look like a frumpy mess of a paper bag. So, I always feel like it is such a gamble when buying things online (like swimsuits, dresses, and rompers/jumpsuits)…regardless, I do it anyway and then either hit the lottery with stuff or end up having to return things.

Truth #6: I hate returning things.
Yes. I hate returning things. Don’t get me wrong I am not a person who doesn’t not return things (unless it’s like makeup or something like that), but I don’t like it. Especially having to return things you bought online and can’t return in a store. I just think it’s such a hassle.

Truth #7: I love being an Auntie.
Okay, you already knew that, but it’s the truth! We went to Gio’s tee ball game last night and it was SO cute to see him play. He is really good and he loves it this year, so it makes it so much more fun.

Truth #8: I love working out.
Okay, so this is another one you already knew, but again it is the truth! Yesterday marked three weeks since adding in an extra express abs class every night and I must say…I have been loving the extra burn in my abs before getting ready for bed every night. I plan to (hopefully) continue this all summer long!

Truth #9: I didn’t sleep well last night.
I literally kept waking up, partly in fear of missing the 6:30 sculpt class I wanted to join before HIIT & power this morning. (Haha. Priorities.) But mostly because my brain would not SHUT OFF. I wouldn’t have had an issue going back to sleep if it weren’t for all of my thoughts running through my mind and making me anxious at 1 in the morning.

Truth #10: I love day dates!
We have a day date planned today and I am so excited about it! We are finally going to see Avengers End Game and Michael is so pumped. Since I am a certified Grandma, I sadly didn’t want to go to an 8pm movie last night (because hello…it’s three hours long, and 8pm is too late to begin with if you ask me, sorrrrrry) so we decided to go to their earliest showing this morning at 10:45 in order to still be able to go to small group later on…and because it’s in one of the good theaters at the cinemas we love going to.

I hope you have a really great day! XOXO

Tell me some of your truths today!

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