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Thursday Thoughts 5/2/19: I Think Massachusetts Forgot How To Sun.

Good morning! Happy Thursday to you! Happy MAY! I can’t believe we are already in the second day of May. How did that happen? I have no idea.

I hope your week is going fantastic! It is pouring rain and super yucky outside today. I feel like we haven’t seen the sun in days as we have been having this gloomy weather these past couple days…and unfortunately it doesn’t look like there are sunny days in our future YET. I honestly think Massachusetts forgot how to sun. However…we are 16 days out from vacation and I pray for much sunnier (and warmer) days our way!

I’m coming at you today with a quick little Thursday Thoughts post….because you know I love spilling some random thoughts with you!

Michael and I went to the movies on Tuesday morning to see Avengers Endgame, which I mentioned in my last post. The movie was LONG, but good. The last 20 minutes had me crying my eyes out…I couldn’t help it. If you have seen the movie, maybe you know why. It was just a sweet moment when something was said to a little someone that totally had me literally ugly crying for the rest of the movie. Because you know, once I start crying I can’t stop. Does that happen to you, or am I the only super emotionally unstable one around here? (Joking, I am so not emotionally unstable.)

This rainy weather has me feeling not so cheerful to tell you the truth. It totally makes me not want to go anywhere or do anything.

BUT, since my workouts don’t require me to physically leave my apartment, I have been getting in lots of killer workouts! Yesterday started with a 3 mile run, a strength class, and a dance class on obé. I also did two sculpt classes back to back at noon and then I was tooootally feeling it. And of course, I ended the day with an express abs class. You bet I was sore this morning when I woke up, but that didn’t stop me from getting my booty kicked yet once again. I did a sculpt class, circuit class, and another sculpt class. And yes, I stayed lying on my yoga mat for five whole minutes after all that before getting up. Haha.

…Do you know how I try to shake that icky feeling from this awful weather (besides with workouts)? Worship music. I’m telling you, it helps, and changes the whole mood in here 100%. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I hardly ever actually watch TV when Michael isn’t home. I usually have the Contemporary Christian Music Choice station on all day. It has been a little different since Michael’s been home from his surgery, but like I said whenever he leaves I put it on and when he is home I usually have my favorites blaring in my phone speakers.

So we have 16 days until we leave for vacation and I have quite a few more purchases I need to make of dresses, swimsuits, shoes, ALL THE THINGS. And even though I have been doing shopping here and there (like every day), I need to get my booty in check and get it all done like ASAP if I don’t want to be scrambling around like a looney tunes a couple days before. I do have shopping carts already to be purchased on several websites, I just don’t know what I’m waiting for…maybe winning the lottery? Haha. I’m kidding. But no seriously, that would be so very nice and I think that is what I am waiting to magically happen. 😉

Some people are SO RUDE. I went to the bank yesterday and the lady helping me needed some serious happy medicine. I mean, when someone kindly says “Hi! How are you?” with a smile, don’t you respond back to them or at least crack somewhat of a smile? Um no. Not everyone apparently. It’s pretty sad. But I didn’t let that get me down, it just shows how unhappy she was, not me. Please people, if someone smiles at you..smile back, and if someone says hi to you and asks how you are doing at least respond back by saying hi to them or something. I think some people need to re-learn people skills and go back to preschool for the lesson on being kind to other humans.

I think if you’ve been reading for some time now, you know I am huge on being kind. Even if it is just being kind to yourself. Along with that, I have been trying REALLY hard to be positive and not dwell on anything negative. Because we all have negative things in our lives, but what good is it to complain and dwell on all that? Doesn’t that just make you feel worse than before? Yes. Yes it does. So whenever I have a complaint (like I just complained about the rain, whoops, I’m not perfect guys.) I say THREE things to myself that are positive, like three things I am thankful for. I challenge you to do it, just today. Try your hardest to be positive, see the positives in the negative times, and if you do complain (because we are all human) try to shift your thinking with three positive things instead!

Alrighty, well I think that is enough rambles for today. I have a blog post coming up soon because it seems like I have been writing in this little blog for two whole years this weekend. Crazy.

Have a beautiful day, rain or shine! 😉 XOXO

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