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Currently 5/8/19

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!! I hope your week is going well! We are FINALLY getting some warm sunshine here in Ma. and I am so happy about it! I hope you are getting some nice weather where you are too! Did you see my blog post on Monday to celebrate two years of blogging? Spoiler alert: There’s a giveaway!

Since I haven’t really been on the blog to share about my week, I’m coming at you today with a blog post filled with current happenings!

Current Work Out:

Here is this week’s schedule for my workouts! I have been stepping it up because we are leaving for vacation next week! AH!
Monday: Sculpt, Dance. 2x Sculpt replay. PM express abs.
Tuesday: Dance, Sculpt, HIIt. Sculpt replay. PM express abs.
Wednesday: HIIT, Strength, Dance. 2x Sculpt replay. PM express abs.
Thursday: Sculpt, Circuit, Sculpt, Circuit. (<—I might change my mind in the morning & not do all of these, but I love the trainers!) Afternoon Dance (live or replay). PM express abs.
Friday: Dance, Sculpt, Dance. Another Dance. PM express abs.
Saturday: 2 replay classes. Live Sculpt x2 (YAY!) later in the morning. PM express abs.
Sunday: 2 replay classes. Maybe live class(es) after church. PM express abs.

Current Book:

I am still reading Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt for our small group. We are in chapter 12, and only have two more chapters after that. I usually read a book pretty quickly but spacing this one out with our small group schedule has actually been nice! It allows me to soak up all everything and remember what I read for that week’s group. We didn’t meet this week since it was cancelled, but I am looking forward to next weeks group!

Current Excitement:

VACATIONNNNN! Helllllooooo! We are going back to the Bahamas once again and I can’t wait. I don’t really think I will blog about it all like our past trips, but I do have some ideas so you aren’t reading the same thing over and over again.

Current Need:

STILL need to shop for some more things. But, I have gotten a lot of stuff so far. I know I know, I have ‘nice clothes’ from past vacations but I can’t wear the same thing twice on vacation! No way! So, you know I had to go buy dresses for every single night of our trip. I’m supposed to get an order in today from Lulus and I am just crossing my fingers and toes that everything fits well and looks good. Because right about now it is crunch time to order stuff online since we leave NEXT SATURDAY! AH!!

Current Annoyance:

Okay folks. You know I like to keep things on here nice and happy on here, but I must talk about this because it is STILL weighing on me. Also, if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know this since I shared it on my stories. Friday morning I was leaving our apartment to get a coffee (my normal routine), and the lady who lives in the apartment on top of us was outside my door with her DOG (guys, we aren’t supposed to have dogs). I said good morning as I opened the door since she was right there, and she very sarcastically said “Seems to me you are home all hours of the day and night. Why do you have to do laundry at 6:30 in the morning?” I was like “What?? I haven’t done laundry in the morning in a while, when I was working I would throw a load in so it was done by the time I went to work, but now I hardly ever do laundry early unless we have somewhere to be like an appointment or something, but again….hardly ever. Why?” She said “Something is shaking my salt and pepper shakers in the morning.” I was like “Ummm okay, what?” She continued with her sarcastic tone “Yeah well something is shaking my salt and pepper shakers at 6:30 in the morning and it sounds like you’re wash in uneven. Isn’t that what happens? You keep running back and forth to fix it.” I said (very nicely) “I don’t know what is shaking your salt and pepper shakers, but I make sure the laundry is even in the washer machine whenever I do laundry, and I don’t ever run back and forth to ‘fix it’.” She was like “well I go check to see if you have laundry in there and you don’t.” I said….”oh, okay. Is there laundry in there?” She said no. And THEN she said “I go to your door to listen.” I was shocked this lady SPIES ON US and STALKS US??? Like WHAT? So I said to her”Do you hear anything when you listen?” She said “No. But every morning ever since you moved in here (3 years ago) my salt and pepper shakers shake, I told the landlord but he did nothing.” I then kindly told her that I have a treadmill, I work out in the morning, but it doesn’t shake our apartment, so I have no idea why her apartment is shaking? Maybe it is my workouts, but I am not ever stopping that. Michael is sleeping while I work out and he doesn’t hear a thing. She continued with the laundry thing and said that she does laundry at 10am and so doesn’t the other lady who lives in another apartment here, blah blah blah, and once again..WHY do I do laundry at 6:30? I actually got very angry inside and I said “Well I live here, you can’t tell me what time I can or cannot do laundry or anything in MY apartment.” And I walked away. I WAS SO ANGRY. WHO IS SHE?? I live here. It is my apartment. She goes to our door to LISTEN?!? Ugh. See, I am getting all fired up about it again. But since I was so angry on Friday morning, I was angry with myself that I let this GRUMPY lady get to me. We have lived here for THREE YEARS, why is she just complaining about this now? AND we don’t ever bring up the fact that they are SO LOUD UP THERE and wake us up in the middle of the night with their STOMPING. Ugh! So now whenever I come home I have this feeling of MADNESS because of that lady. UGH! It is not a good time. I told Michael we need to move but we can’t move right now so I am just going to have to keep praying for some GRACE because I cannot with this lady.

Current Love:

On a MUCH HAPPIER note, I am loving this weather!! Michael and I went to the park yesterday to walk around and play on the swings. Yup, I am 29 years old and love to play. No shame here! I am also loving the time I get to spend with my nephews! It’s always a great time and will always be one of my love’s around here!!

Tell me some of yours! 🙂

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