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Mother’s Day Weekend 2019

GOOOOOOD MORNING! Happy Monday friends! I feel like it has been forever since I typed up a blog post, but that is because it has been. Sorry I left this place totally MIA since Wednesday, but just know that you can always follow along on my super exciting daily life on my Instagram.

I hope you had a a great weekend! We had been blessed with some amazing sunny weather up until yesterday when it was down pouring all day and never felt like it was daytime because it was dark outside…and COLD. However, I am praising Jesus because we are leaving SO SOON for vacation and I am thanking Him in advance for some warm and sunny weather down in the Bahamas (please, pretty please). In the mean time, I will be dreaming of some HOT HOT sunshine and trying not to complain about the cold rain…because it looks like we are going to have more of it this week.

My weekend included lots of workouts, lots of snuggles, and lots of time spent with Michael and my family, and of course time spent with the queen herself, my Mama! I hope you got to spend some time with your Mama, and if your Mama is no longer here I am sending you love and hugs and hope you got to spend the day with those you love, and if you are a mother I hope you enjoyed your day!

In honor of Mother’s Day (I know, I know, a day late, but I didn’t want to post yesterday) I am taking today’s blog post and sharing all about my beautiful Mama!

When I was little I did NOT want to go to school. I am serious. I cried every single day in school from preschool to 1st grade. In my defense, my first grade teacher was absolutely horrid and all I wanted was my Mama! Thankfully my second grade teacher was MUCH nicer and had much more compassion and love than the meanie the previous year, so my tears finally escaped my eyes and didn’t return….until the next year, when I encountered bullies and all that lovely stuff. BUT my point is I was THAT child in school who cried and cried for their Mommy because I was lonely and was super attached to that beauty! Sorry Mama, now that I am older I could only imagine what that felt like for you to leave your crying child at school to know that I didn’t stop crying until you picked me up. HAHA.

No matter how old I get, I will never get tired of my Mama’s hugs. Don’t you agree? I mean, I get lots of hugs every single day from Michael and everyone else around me (my sister, my nephews, etc.) but there is just something about being hugged by your Mama! It’s the best, and can cure any and all icky feelings you may have prior!

Like any Mother, I believe my Mama gave me the best advice, and she still does. Of course being the sassy girl I am, I didn’t always take her advice, but now I definitely know that she has the BEST advice. I think one of the best pieces of advice my Mama gave me was to always believe in myself!

When I was little, my Mama would put me in my highchair with some jello (red jello, with cool whip…yum) and would sing “go jello, go jello, go, go, go jello!” and I still sing it to this day (singing it as I type this out, no lie)…especially when I see or think of jello. (Like the time Michael had surgery on his salivary glands, I got him jello from the cafeteria and was singing “go jello, go jello, go, go, go jello” to him…in the hospital. HAHA)

My Mama would tickle my arm every night when I asked her to, and I’m sure that got tiring since I wouldn’t let her stop until I was asleep. Haha. *Luckily Michael now has taken on that role of being the arm and back tickler, lol.

When I was a baby, my Mama would put me in the little baby seat on the counter as she would put her makeup on. Okay, obviously I don’t actually remember this because I was too little, but I can imagine it since I’ve heard about it many many times. I would just watch her put her makeup on. I guess that’s when my love of looking at her came about because I remember growing up, I would just stare at her and she would say “don’t watch me, watch tv!” jokingly (we would all laugh)….but I don’t know, I guess I just loved adoring her, and still do.

There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t talk to her at LEAST twice a day. I talk to her in the morning, and right before I go to bed….every day, no matter what. But who am I kidding? We talk way more than twice in a day and there’s only a few days that go by in a week (like if we are on vacation or something) where I don’t see her…we are just too close to go a couple days without seeing each other.

I think my FaVORITE thing about my Mama is how she prays for others. It is so powerful. I mean, it’s always powerful when anyone prays for anyone, but there’s just something about when my Mama does it. She plays a huge part in the reason why I have my faith and my relationship with the Lord today!

No matter what, my Mama is always on my side, supporting me, encouraging me, and being my biggest cheerleader. I think her love and kindness shines through my siblings and I each day. Our pastor discussed mother’s yesterday in service and I think it is so fitting to describe my Mama: The Godly mother is reliable and responsible. (Proverbs 31:27), The Godly mother is compassionate. (Proverbs 31:20, 1 Timothy 5:8), The Godly mother lives by the law of kindness. (Proverbs 31:26), & The Godly mother knows the tongue has either life or death. (Proverbs 15:4).

She is one special Mama, and we are so blessed to have her, that’s for sure!

Have a beautiful day! XOXO

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