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Currently 5/15/19

Hey beautiful! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week!

The sun is shining this morning and I am feeling SO happy about it! We have been having some winter like temperatures here in Massachusetts with lots of rain, so this sunshine is very welcomed today!

I’m coming at you with a little Currently blog post for today, because you know I love these on hump day!

Current Book:

Own Your Everyday came out yesterday! I had preordered it a while ago and was SO excited to know it was available finally available for me on my Kindle!! I have been following Jordan on Instagram for quite a while, and I am just totally in love with her. Please do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK!

Current Work Out:

Monday: Dance, Sculpt, Sculpt. PM express abs & express legs & butt.
Tuesday: Sculpt, HIIT, Power. PM express abs & arms.
Wednesday: HIIT, Strength, Dance. Maybe Sculpt x2. PM express abs.
Thursday: Sculpt, Circuit, Sculpt. PM express abs. *IRL dance & sculpt in Boston!!
Friday: Dance, Sculpt, Dance. PM express abs.
Saturday: *Travel day!* I plan to wake up real early to work out before we leave for the airport!

While we are away, I am still planning to continue with my normal workout routine with classes in the morning and an express class later in the day, either before we head out for dinner or before bed. I’m going to try to not put pressure on myself if I skip something or am late for my “normal” 7am classes….because I know a 6:30 class may not happen, so I won’t even try to tell myself that I “will” do that. But who knows! Maybe I will surprise myself. I’m really excited to obé on vacay, but also relax. I have been working SO hard to be my best self, so a little relaxing will be good too!

Current Excitement:

VACATION! Obviously! Okay, but I am also excited that this week is a week of beauty for me! I got my hair done yesterday, have a lash and nail appointment this morning, and have a pedicure later this week!! Guys, it has been like a legit whole year since I’ve actually gotten a pedicure. yiiiiikes. I am so excited! I am also excited because tomorrow is an IN REAL LIFE workout with one of my favorite trainers from obé (okay, they are all my favorite) happening in Boston tomorrow night!! I can’t wait to dance and sculpt it out in person!

Current Annoyance:

Want to know what is REALLY annoying right now? My throat started hurting really badly yesterday afternoon. Like REALLY??? Why is this happening a couple days before we leave for vacation?! 🙁 But, I am trying to stay positive and pray that it just goes away with the help of burning it with coffee and tea for the next couple of days. I woke up this morning realllllly hoping it would be gone but of course, morning’s are the worst when your throat hurts because it is SO dry and it hurt so bad. So yup. Pretty annoyed about that one! It can go away now, thank you much!

Current Happiness:

I am ACTUALLY pretty much set with every thing I “need” for vacation, and that makes me oh so very happy being only 3 days out from leaving. For once in my life I am not going crazy stressing out about all the things before vacation. Who am I?!

Current TV Show:

The Bachelorette!! Anyone else watch it on Monday?! I have a couple favorites already, but I’m sure my thoughts will change as the season goes on. My one question was WHY did she keep John Paul Jones around?!?! Does anyone else get the feeling he is kiiiiind of serial killer-ish?!

Alright, that’s all I got for you today friends! I have to get going! XOXO

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