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Obé IRL Workout!

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY! I am over the top excited that it is Friday because that means not only have we made it to the end of the week but it is time for VACATION!! Yes friends, we leave for vacation tomorrow morning and I am so so excited!!!!

I wanted to pop in today since I won’t be on here during our vacation, but I will be trying to stay active on Instagram, so you can follow me during my vacation there! 🙂

Yesterday was such a fun day for me, despite feeling so lousy from this cold I am suffering from (it’s not pretty, my eyes are puffy and I feel like my head weighs a million pounds, and I may sound like a congested man BUT that’s okay!) I had briefly mentioned it in my last blog post, but wanted to talk more about it today because it was so much fun!

If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for a while, you probably already know that I am obsessed with obé fitness workouts! I’ve been doing obé since the end of November and have been doing it every single day since…literally, I can’t go a day without obé! If you don’t know, obé is an online streaming fitness studio in NYC. The classes are each 28 minutes long and can be found both live and on replay, ranging from HIIT, Dance, Circuit, Strength, Sculpt, Power, and Yoga. Every single trainer I’ve taken classes from (pretty much all of the trainers) are my favorite. Literally. Just ask Michael and he can tell you that whenever I always say she/he is “my favorite trainer”…hahaha. I just love them all so much! If I had to pick a favorite class it would be either Dance, Sculpt, or HIIT. Those are definitely my top 3 favorite and I can’t pick just one, obviously. Haha.

You can imagine my excitement when I found out about a month ago that one of my favorite trainers Sarah Grooms was coming to Boston to teach an IRL (in real life) workout class! I was SO excited and signed up the second I heard about it. But, I must say I was a little nervous too because hellloooo I’ve been doing these workouts in my apartment and haven’t gone to an in person workout class ever (other than just going to the gym to do the treadmill….which was yearssssss ago). However, I let my excitement overpower any of those nervous feelings.

Tuesday morning I started feeling not so hot with a sore throat that turned now into a nasty head cold, so I was kind of disappointed that there could be a chance that I wouldn’t go to the workout because I felt so trashy. BUT, Thursday came and I was determined to GO even though I was feeling lousy and even though I could easily have backed out because of nerves. (What was I even nervous about?! I have no idea. It was SO FUN!!!) I took it easy during the day before the event and actually took a nap on the couch before leaving.

The event was held at The Street Chestnut Hill, which is about a little over an hour away from us. Michael was so sweet to come with me and just hang around while I worked out, but I so appreciated his company on the drive there and home (I told him that if he didn’t go with me I probably wouldn’t have gone either to be completely honest). I’ve never been to The Street before so I had no idea what to expect, but there was a little courtyard of grass in front of Shake Shack where events are held, it was really nice!

Sarah taught a 45 minute dance and sculpt class and it was everything I could have imagined! It was SO MUCH FUN to work out with her in real life and with other obé members (and some were probably not members). It’s so funny because I felt like I had already met her before since we talk often and I workout “with” her a lot! She is so energetic, motivating, positive, and just SO NICE!

I was literally beaming with joy when the event was over, but was sad when it was over because I had the time of my life!

Sweaty selfie, of course!

I was actually really proud of myself for going because most of the time I shy away from things like that, even though it wasn’t “out of my comfort zone” because I have been doing her workout classes for months now, but it kind of WAS out of my comfort zone! I don’t ever actually “go” to a workout class since I have it all on my laptop right at home! I’m proud of myself for giving it my all even though I felt so yucky with my nose all stuffed and my throat all sore and dry. I pushed past that and had SO MUCH FUN and didn’t hold back at all! Being able to dance and sculpt IN REAL LIFE was absolutely amazing. My heart was so full when I got home! Just ask Michael, I couldn’t stop talking about how much fun I had…haha.


I hope you have a wonderful day, a wonderful weekend, AND a wonderful week! I will be back after vacation! XOXO

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